MyBudget – Empowering Women in Tech: May 2019 Event Summary

– Having more women in tech means there will be more women in
technology leadership roles, and that might lead young
girls, like Lara and Maddy to think, Hey! This is for me! Because they see those role
models in front of them. Tonight, really the crux of it is about creating awareness to
support women in technology and why do we want to do that? Ultimately, we’re doing it because we want to create a better
world for everybody. – I think one of the most important things we can do to help girls aspire to roles is to show them there
are examples of women, so that they can aspire,
girls won’t aspire to things if they can’t see them. So having women stand up, women with grace accepting awards, women with grace standing up to be acknowledged as experts. Amazing men advocating women who have expertise in the tech sector. I think that would do a
lot to raise the profile of this amazing sector. And really it should be
renamed, Careers in Curiosity. If you’re a girl, and you’re curious about how do things
work, how do people work, how to make things work together, how can I make the world a better place? Tech is an amazing place for you to be, because tech is a forming, shaping, and influencing every
single part of our lives. So, be part of that movement. – I think we should encourage these girls that they can do it, because
there is no such thing, that’s it’s a male or a female career. We can do whatever we want. – And so if we can inspire and do that through describing the power and the reach and how it can change
the world for better. How we can lock people with disadvantages become advantaged and use
their diversity of thinking, their skills, and bring their backgrounds and different knowledge to
the play, and to the fore. How we can help them
understand that the power of the way they think
could help shape things like our search engines. How it can help in our medical sense, drive amazing new advances to help drive better quality of life. There’s just so many ways, and we think about technology really, as a backroom coding job. And it’s just so much
more, it’s so powerful in the extent that it can bring
change and a better world.

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