My Super Cheap $300 Courthouse Wedding ?| JEN TALKS FOREVER

hi I’m Jen in case you haven’t noticed
from all the insane store displays Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I
thought what a better time to talk about weddings particularly my own my own
wedding costs about $300 and I’ll get into the cost in the back story and why
we decide to do that and I’m very happy with what we ended up doing my husband
and I met in July of 2008 and we got married in December of 2008 we didn’t
know each other very long I don’t know if that’s something I would recommend
for every couple but it ended up working out okay for us and we got engaged after
we’d only known each other for six weeks and we had only really spent like a week
together so again if you’re out there and you think that might be like you
know love at first sight thing that doesn’t work for everybody in fact
there’s probably a good chance you could get murdered by doing that but my
husband is the good friend of one of my good friends from college so I felt like
my good friend from college could vouch for him you know what I’m saying here
so I met my husband at that friend’s wedding and we were both in the bridal
party although we were not paired up together I believe the bride was trying
to fix my husband up with one of the other bridesmaids and I’m a few years
older than my husband so on the surface we might not seem like the most natural
people to pair up together I lived in Florida he was going to school in North
Carolina and he was from Ohio so I don’t know I just gotten dumped in in some
aspects it was it was a really not good time to get into a relationship but hey
you know what when is it a good time to get into a relationship right so we
ended up getting engaged and I’m not exactly sure what my husband spent on my
engagement ring but our wedding rings were about $70 I don’t think I included
that in the cost of the actual wedding we bought our wedding rings I bought our
wedding rings from Amazon for like 30 and 40 bucks each and in fact those same
rings nine years later are still available on Amazon believe it or not
now I ended up losing my wedding ring like under the fridge so my husband
me a replacement ring a few years later but anyways let me get into the actual
costs of the wedding now I know a lot of people dream about their wedding day
have huge plans I’ve known people who have wedding binders who are obsessed
with wedding dresses I’m just not really one of those people I love going to
weddings particularly for the cake I love wedding cake any type of cake I’m
there I just like cake so I enjoy going to weddings as a guest I enjoy being in
weddings I’ve been in several weddings but I don’t know even from a young age I
never really dreamed about having a wedding I never did any wedding planning
although you know now that I’m thinking about it when I was in church youth
group with friends I actually as like a hobby I would plan friends weddings like
they were kind of they were like really insane they were like really super crazy
weddings not weddings you would ever actually want to plan for anybody but I
really had a great time kind of in my mind planning like really really weird
weddings like you know like just soup like getting married it like Walgreens
or something and wearing pleather whatever I don’t know I think there’s
one girl in particular that probably remembers me planning her wedding I
would be a terrible wedding planner that probably would not be my thing although
I do love the wedding planner movie with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey
so that’s probably I’m not huge into romantic comedies but I did enjoy that
movie so our wedding we decided I don’t know I I don’t really like events with a
lot of attention on me I know that’s kind of strange because I’m in YouTube
but I don’t like parties for myself or like events geared toward where that all
the attention is on you so we decided to kind of elope it was just the two of us
we got married at the courthouse and it was just like a random day like we
didn’t really plan anything out we’re just like hey this day will work and we
actually had to go twice because the first time we went I forgot my driver’s
license so in case you’re not familiar with like how this whole process works
even if you have a regular wedding you have to go get in marriage
since from your county or you know sometimes the county where you’re
getting married and I think so we ended up having to go and get a marriage
license you know and again this isn’t like you know back in the day we need to
get blood tests and everything although I’m fairly certain that my husband and I
are not any blood relation because for different races so we went and got the
marriage license and had a deputy clerk at the courthouse perform literally a
two-minute ceremony and in fact the courthouse we want to had rooms
dedicated towards doing these ceremonies and you know how on airplanes they’ve
got the bathrooms and it’ll have like the little sliding thing that says like
occupied and vacant the rooms actually said like marriage ceremony room and
then it had like the occupied vacant slighty thing so I actually took a
picture of it and the ceremony was super short I think for the license and then I
got I ended up getting six notarized copies you do need notarized copies of
your marriage license to do different things like get your name changed or
like have your name you know have things changed in your life like especially if
you’re a woman and you are changing your last name to your husband’s last name so
I believe that cost was like 111 dollars the ceremony like to get the guide to do
the ceremony it was like thirty bucks and here’s another fun fact I bought a
souvenir photo of us at the courthouse it’s a terrible photo very unflattering
to both of us but I thought it was kind of hokey and fun and it came in one of
those like really cheap like paper like little folders you know kind of like how
if you’re getting your picture taken at the mall with Santa or the Easter Bunny
or I would also like in the quality I would compare it to getting your photo
taken on a roller coaster and getting that souvenir picture afterwards that’s
sort of the quality we’re talking about here also I’m including in that price we
decided to kind of splurge a little bit for us we’re both kind of cheap but we
also kind of decided to have like kind of a nicer dinner out and we spent the
night at a local resort and then the next day we ended up moving so you know
definitely a real real fairytale honeymoon there sure but I want to talk
about money and weddings because I a lot of people feel pressured to have
this big large extravagant wedding you know all the girls are going nuts on
Pinterest and then you see which friend did and then your mom is in there and
everything and I got to say you know I have no regrets about not having a
quote/unquote real wedding I’ve been married for nine years and in fact there
have been studies that show the cheaper the wedding you have the cheaper the
engagement wedding rings you buy the you know more statistically it is you’ll
stay married versus getting divorced so I think those are some interesting
things to keep in mind and you know I’m I don’t even think for a second like hey
I wish I had a wedding I don’t think about it all my husband to have and I
have no professional photos together so that’s kind of funny we have a few
snapshots but we don’t actually have a ton of photos of us you know like doing
anything so I don’t know there was that of course we do up the souvenir photo
now what did I wear on my wedding day I had a white dress that I already owned
it was from the limited it was like a strapless eyelet dress I wore that and I
wore like a little like little cardigan sweater that had been embellished with
beads on it and had a little ribbon tie I think that was also from limited so my
entire wedding day fashion was a V ala limited yeah so you know there’s that
and so yeah our wedding was about $300 and in hindsight I I’m actually very
happy we did that we didn’t have a lot of money at the time and as I mentioned
in previous videos combined my husband and I had a hundred and eighty thousand
dollars in student loans so I’m very grateful and feel very glad that we did
not like take out any debt to to finance a wedding we didn’t ask our parents for
money and I’m really glad that you know we and we had a little bit of savings in
the bank so again you know we ended up buying and selling houses so uh I think
if you’re in a position where you’re really strapped for cash you’re in debt
and you know you’re you’re starting out in your career and you don’t have a lot
of money I’d recommend not going all out on the
wedding I know that might feel a little bit harsh especially if you’re the type
of person that is really into weddings and you’ve been dreaming about your
wedding your whole life but think about it in this way that’s one day it’s
basically one big party but you guys have to live the rest of your lives
together so when you look at the big picture think about it this way would
you rather have that one big party and spend like 30 grand or would you rather
keep the money or not spend it or not going to debt in the first place and
maybe have a better financial situation down the road now if you are gonna have
a wedding you know that’s great if there’s nothing wrong with having a
wedding especially if you have the money you can afford it you don’t have any
debt you know but if you don’t maybe maybe consider doing something like what
we did or having a very small wedding with just your immediate family there
you know and maybe having like something later on with your friends but don’t
feel like because ever you feel like everyone else is having a wedding that
you need to have one too that’s not true in fact I know several other couples who
have had courthouse weddings and they are still with their spouse as many
years later in fact one former coworker after I told people what I done he and
his wife I think we’re like aerial photographers or something they got
married on their lunch break and had their reception at McDonald’s and then
they went back to work and they’re still together so I’ve heard lots of stories
like that and I think that’s super cool and when I had first graduated from
college I was single and I actually didn’t get married I was 26 when I got
married and my husband was 22 and my mom had asked me I guess she had a little
bit of money from when my grandfather passed away
she asked me if I wanted to apply it to student loans or save it for a wedding
and at the time again I had no immediate plans to get married it was another four
years before I did that so I ended up applying that money it was about $4,000
student loans and right now we are debt-free and I’m super happy about it
but you know definitely think about your financial future don’t see the glitz and
the glamour you know again it’s one day and also think about it this way lots of
couples get divorced will you feel a little weird about your
$80,000 wedding if your marriage implodes two years later you know I mean
that’s that’s something to think about here and you know again having a big
fancy wedding definitely does not correlate with a successful marriage
in fact like the number one problem that married couples face or relationships is
money problems anyways if you also had a courthouse or super cheap wedding feel
free to share your story below in the comments I just wanted to share mine I’m
Jenn and if you enjoyed this video feel free to give me that thumbs up and
subscribe if you like random videos like this I’ll see you guys next time!


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