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So this is my ring. Ewww! Hairy fingers! I should really not show you my hairy fingers, but here they are. Hey guys, it’s Wengie here welcome back to my channel, and I thought I’d address this already, but I got engaged! Uhm, this was like a little while ago actually But I thought I finally do a video on it because I was going to, and then I got sick… and then Uhh… I just wanted to tell you my engagement story because you know I see you guys as family and my best friends, and I just want to sit down and tell you guys how It all happened. We started looking at the ring before I got engaged because I wanted to choose a ring that I’d like and my Boyfriend is kind of nervous about Choosing a style for me because you know being a style person. He’s like. He doesn’t want to make the wrong decision So we discussed it and everything that we Going to get married of course and then we decided to choose a ring and I decided to choose an oval diamond. I actually didn’t care about whether I got a diamond or not. I even looked at moissies… or moissanite rings Which is kind of like a man made diamond. It’s a lot cheaper. And I would have been completely happy with that, but I just wanted an oval kind of style stone. So we were looking at that then and his mom pretty much said you have to get her a diamond. Family is really important to me and the respect of his parents are also really really important to me. So why not? I will say yes to a diamond. *Giggle That’s pretty much what happened! We looked at all these diamond whole sellers online and my gosh, they were so confusing. I spent three days researching all the different characteristics from diamonds. I want like the cheapest option. Really I am The biggest like cheap-ass when it comes to stuff like this. We ended up visiting a lot of like jewelry stores Locally. Then we found the perfect place in the city, and it was Armand Jewelry, fine jewelry, and they are really helpful They kind of walked us through the whole process we gave them the budget and they stuck to it. So we rushed the ring purchase because we wanted to get our 10% tax back when we went overseas And that’s something Aussies get. Ten percent on the ring is a lot of money So we took it to America with us on our trip. Even though the ring was with us you think that I wouldn’t be surprised But I actually was like insanely surprised when it happened, but like previous to it I was looking at the ring cause it was so pretty I was just like can I visit the ring and then I’d go look? At it and then put it back in its spot. And I think he was thinking maybe I should propose to you because she keeps looking at the ring and so I didn’t expect it So one day we were going up. We’re in Yosemite National Park which was Amazing and everywhere we went to had a lot of like tourists because it’s a very touristy area. So it was really crowded everywhere We went and I didn’t know this ’til after but my boyfriend was waiting for a private moment And it was very hard to find a private moment with all these people So we ended up finding a little cliff face that we went out on and we took some really beautiful shots there And I was just excited to get some awesome shots with Instagram, and then he was kind of like Oh, let me take a camera. I’ll take some shots of you oh can you turn around please and then i was like ok so he was I was thinking about taking like these awesome Tumblr shots with my back to the scenery and everything and then I turned around and he was like on his knees with the camera like my phone And I’ll kind of like that’s a really bad angle this angle is never a good angle for a picture And I was thinking that the whole time, and then I saw him with his box and I was like OH MY GOD HE’S PROPOSING!! I was so nervous. I literally giggled the whole time like you know when you see those scenes from the movies where the girl cries And everything yeah that didn’t happen to me. I was just so nervous. I just giggled and laughed and giggled I don’t think I even said yes He was like saying all these sweet things and then he was like will you marry me and then I went Nyaan ~~, I just say Nyan ~ and then patted him on the head because we just act like that when we’re together. But yeah, that’s literally all I did I did not say yes, because I was so nervous And I was just laughing and then I didn’t hear anything that he said because my brain was just like oh my God and I Was sitting there holding the ring and then I was the awesome girlfriend and went Are you gonna put that ring on my finger? Yeah, that’s kind of what I said to him if he was like I am so nervous and he fumbled and put the ring on so yeah, that is the Engagement story, and that’s how it happens And then later on we had lunch And I basically just asked him can you repeat everything that you just said to me? Because I literally missed all of it because I was being Like busy being nervous in my head so yeah, it was an interesting Moment. I can’t say it was a fairytale, but it was very us, and I was really glad that it happened that way and We just got engaged im so happy 😀 were in secluded spot not anymore people have overtaken it and yeah this is the ring im now off the market happily and I’m really glad that I found my soul mate going to get married soon But I’m a very bad event planner, so I’m kind of avoiding and planning the wedding and if anyone enjoys planning weddings Please hit me up because I am I’m not good at these things and I know you guys are always asking for a boyfriend tag and I, I will give you one eventually but he’s really really shy, so Please help me convince him to make a boyfriend tag. I’m not gonna make one ’til He’s comfortable so yeah. I just wanted to create this video To share with you guys idk what to call you guys my family if you guys have any suggestions on what to call You guys I would love to hear it down below because my name doesn’t go with anything I see all these youtubers with really cool names for their like subbies And I’m just like my name would never work because I would call you guys like Wedgie or something I don’t know Please tell me down below what it should be or give me suggestions, but otherwise Thanks so much for listening to my engagement story I love you guys so so so so much😘, and I will see you guys in a couple of days in my next video. Bye !


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