My Cafe Invite a Friend Event

Hey everyone, I’m Ola, and today we are
going to play My Cafe: Recipes &Stories. In this video I want to tell you more about
“Invite your friend” event in My Cafe! So let’s go! Update 2017.11 offers a lot of new features,
I hope you’ve noticed that already:) One of them can be really profitable for you,
because it can bring you up to 1500 diamonds if your friends install the game by your link
and join any township. I’ve been talking about that in my previous
video about the Update announcement, and now I want to answer some of your questions about
the event and to show you the mechanics in details. So, let’s go into our township and here
we see an icon with people and diamonds, this means that the event is active. We click on it and see Kevin who offers to
get a reward of 500 diamonds for each of 3 first friends who install the game by following
your link and joining any township! You need to click +Invite a friend button,
and choose one of the preferable communication means on your device. Let’s say, you use Twitter, so you copy
the link there and send it as a post to all of your followers:) Very convenient! To make them interested, add your note, for
instance, that you love the game a lot and it has a lot of Christmas decoration ideas:) Or, you can send the link to some certain
friends, if you want. A very important message: the invitations
will be valid only if your friends have never installed my cafe on their devices previously. If the game has been installed previously,
it just won’t work! When your friends open up your link, they
will see a message on the landing page. They should press no, and will be automatically
channeled to App Store of Google Play. Then they will be able to download the game
and meet the first condition Now, when your friend installs the game you
will see a screen in the game, that the invitation was accepted. However, the other condition should be met
– your friend must join a township (may be, yours?). Tell your friends that they should upgrade
to level 7 and find a town to join. As soon as they do it, you will also see it
in the game, and you will be able to get a reward for each of the first three friends
who do it – 500 diamonds for each person, and 1500 diamonds in total. Now you can get a reward for three first friends,
even if more people fulfilled the condition, but we’ll see how it develops in future. So, actually, this is it, thank you so much
for playing with me. Invite your friends to the game, it’s much
funnier to play together! I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, if you
did, then please put your thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Don’t forget to click the bell to get all
the news about the game from my videos! Here’s the list of authors of 5 best comments
under my previous video about the update, thank you very much guys, the pink gifts will
be waiting for you in the game. If you also want a pink gift, please write
your comment with ideas about the game below this video, don’t forget to leave your player
ID – this is a combination of numbers in the bottom left corner of your game settings,
and the winners will be announced next Friday, in my video about Christmas decorations. Till then, see you next time, bye-bye!


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