My brother’s GF asked me to choose a wedding dress for her, which I don’t care.|ep32-1

Hello there Hello, is Wei Yang here? She is inside Thank you You came! Do you see our dress Or do you think the white color will look better good looking There is something else in my company I’ll go up and change clothes first. Business matters Do you look at this for me Still think this looks good jiangsheng Which one looks better? Miss Jiang Do you have any questions? I want to rent for half a year. no problem Shall we sign the contract now Do you have to sign these Sign here too, right? Yes, you can move in it is good Thank you Thank you You want to rent Aren’t you living with me? I didn’t hit you again I can’t rely on you all my life Although the flower shop is gone I’m quite frustrated but I need to hurry up First of all I have to take care of myself first To take care of others Your bowl of chicken soup is really strong Why did you beat the chicken blood? I don’t want to be dependent on others all my life Besides, my brother is getting married too He will soon have his own family So I think Rely on the sky It ’s better to rely on yourself Facing a new life with optimism I give you a hundred points! I have no way back jiangsheng you have grown up You have experienced so many things You have suffered so much It’s hard not to grow up Whatever you decide I will support you behind my back

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