My big fat pricey Afghan wedding 💍 |🇦🇫 NATO in Afghanistan

People from all over the world are reportedly
spending more and more on weddings and since the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan is no
exception. “During the Taliban regime, weddings were
very different. Music was not allowed at the ceremony, nor was dancing. In the last ten
years things have changed and now people can celebrate their weddings as they want without
any problem.” It is these venues that were warned by the
previous administration to put a cap on their prices, in a bid to cut down on the pressure
poor Afghan families face to match the elaborate weddings of the country’s small, rich elite. But still today in Kabul, a single rental
of a wedding hall costs on average 10,000 to 20,000 US Dollars. This does not include
the expensive dowries expected of the groom’s family, or the costs of the traditional henna
party or the engagement party. “The reason that many Afghans can’t get
married is because the bride’s family has many requests, and the demands from the groom’s
family are so high that a person cannot afford to get married for many years” However, where the Ministry of Justice’s
efforts have had little impact, the recent popularity with group weddings seems to be
filling a void. “The reason for organising today’s wedding
was because many families that are living in Meer Bacha Koot and Kohdaman districts
of Kabul have economical problems and their young sons and daughters are single. So we
approached Khair Khowah Organisation and they agreed to support us.” The Khair Khowa Organisation is one of many
organisations throughout Afghanistan that are funded privately by wealthy Afghan businessmen. “Fortunately after two years of waiting,
I am getting married today. There are other grooms – 32 in total. I was engaged for two
years, but there are other grooms here who have been engaged for up to five years. But
today we are all getting married.” It’s not just the hiring of the wedding
halls which costs Afghan couples a fortune, the bride’s dress is pricey too. Most brides
begin the big day wearing a green dress. This can cost from 100 to 700 dollars. For the
ceremony, they’ll often rent a white dress for anything up to 2,000. And that’s to
rent. Because of cultural sensitivities, this is as close as we can get to filming a bride. “I feel very happy today because I am getting
married. Marriage will make my faith strong, that is why I am very happy today.” This is Lauren Muchan for NATOChannel in Afghanistan.


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