My 420 Colorado Wedding

We’ve been looking at Colorado’s groundbreaking
experiment in legalizing recreational marijuana. [MUSIC] We’ve all heard the news it’s everywhere.
Now that Marijuana has been legalized for recreational purposes in the state of Colorado,
all facets of the marijuana business is booming in Colorado. The legalization marijuana is bringing more
people to the state and considering colorado is already a destination wedding attraction Colorado most likely will
see an increase in people wanting to have a destination wedding here in colorado because
of the legalization of marijuana. Here at Affordable Colorado Weddings the gears
in our head are always turning and we had to ask ourselves if the l egalization of not just medical marijuana
but recreational use marijuana is cause a boom for Colorado business will this boom
find it’s way to the wedding industry It seems rather logical that if there is a
demand.for alcohol at weddings there will most like likely be a demand for marijuana
as well. “All of our cakes are made fresh and from
scratch are unique ingredients” The multimillion dollar marijuana industry
will probably most likely find it’s way into the multimillion dollar wedding industry. Not just smoking marijuana at weddings but
more likely than not having marijuana treats at weddings, Azucar Bakery owner Marjorie Silva is not
opposed to baking marijuana treats for weddings but right now Marjorie has some concerns. “Well, as far as involving my business with
medical marijuana I haven’t done that yet and we’re probably will have to get more familiar
with what rules the insurance.” If Marjorie decides to go ahead and start
baking marijuana treats for weddings as a business her #1 concern is her customer’s
safety and health. “There’s always kids at weddings grandma’s
so we have to be careful of that and yeah we’re open minded and we will love to look into it. Probably something we’d
have to also make out of a different kitchen as well so
that would be a different business and a different kind of
investment. because we don’t want to you know use medical
marijuana where we’re doing cakes for children as well.” Yes without a doubt couples are going to want
have marijuana treats or their selected guests. In our next video we’re going to rake a look
at who is a going to be liable if they bring marijuana to the wedding and we’ll be taking
a look at use of marijuana in a public place. What’s the Colorado Law.

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