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Don’t Be Shy! Hey You! I’m Mr. ShyGuy and I have a huge collection of special magical shoes that I call, Power Shoes. And each pair of these magical Power Shoes possess a unique power hidden within the sole of the shoe. And every time I put on a pair of Power Shoes then activate them with a special Power Charm, the shoes energize me with their magical powers giving me the ability to take on anything! Today, I’m going to share with you my very festive Birthday Party Power Shoes, and show you how I made them step by step! Turning them from these… To these! Oh, I love a great Birthday party! Welcome to my show, Mr. ShyGuy’s Power Shoes! (Music) Almost everyone’s favorite day of the year is their Birthday! Doesn’t the day just always feels more magical and special. I mean who doesn’t love having a Birthday Party, and getting lots of birthday presents, and balloons and of course getting a big delicious Birthday Cake! So I wanted a pair of high top shoes that would make it feel like it’s my birthday any time I wear them! BIRTHDAY PARTY POWER SHOES Power: Feel like it’s your Birthday every day in these deliciously sprinkled shoes! Power Charm: The first big Slice of Birthday Cake And these simple white high tops shoes were perfect to become Birthday Party Power Shoes so we can decorate them like a white frosted Birthday Cake! And this is how I made them. So the first thing needed to make these high tops look like a delicious Birthday cake are of course confetti Sprinkles! So since the shoe isn’t made of frosting, I applied glue all over the soles so that the sprinkles will stick to them. I found these rubber sprinkles that look exactly like confetti cake sprinkles! If I used real sugar sprinkles they would start to dissolve in the glue and would break off way too easily. But these rubber ones look pretty much like the real thing. I covered the entire sole with sprinkles like the base of a real birthday cake. I mean look at that. You’d almost think the shoe was a real cake if you didn’t know better. There, the soles are completely sprinkled and now it’s time to decorate the shoe like a real birthday cake. Next, I applied different Birthday themed stickers and cut outs all over the shoe to make sure it feels like the perfect birthday party. You definitely need a birthday sign to remind everyone it’s your birthday! Now the rest of the shoe needs birthday party themed items to make it feel like it’s a real birthday party. I added some extra confetti, noise makers, and stars all over the shoe to make it feel like a real party. Ohhh cupcakes are yummy too! Balloons always help make a party feel extra festive. Presents are one of the best parts of having birthday. You never know what’s inside, but let’s hope it’s something super fun! And of course a you have to have a giant birthday cake, so you can blow out those candles and make your birthday wish. And another Happy Birthday sign to remind everyone it’s your special day! Last comes the power charm. The Birthday Party Power Charm is a big slice of Birthday cake. And you always get the first piece because it’s your Birthday! The charm will activate the shoes powers and make sure that your day is extra special and sweet. And both shoes need a power charm to balance out the shoes powers. The Birthday Cake power Charms have now activated the Birthday Party Power Shoes. And that’s it the Birthday Party Power Shoes are now complete! And now whenever I put on these Birthday Party Power Shoes, it will make it feel like it’s my very special day, everyday! (Song: Don’t Be Shy) My birthday wishes are bound to come true in these sweet Birthday Party Shoes. Well thanks for joining me today. I have so many more amazing magical Power Shoes to show you. So you’ll definitely want to keep checking back to see more of my Power Shoes videos. Plus, why not make some Power Shoes! It’s always so much fun! I’m Mr. ShyGuy and I will see you next time. And until then remember, Don’t Be Shy! Gotta be confident,
Don’t Be Shy! Gotta be confident,
Don’t Be Shy! Gotta be confident,
Don’t Be Shy!

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