Hello everyone welcome to my channel! Someone on Instagram suggested me to record my teacups collection. I have a passion for English, rustic and Shabby Chic style, I love white color and floral themes, so I collect a lot of things which match this style. And today I’ll show you my cute, romantic teacup collection. I would like to show you my favourite ones, which I like the most. My mother already feel enough of my collection because there’s no place to keep it, haha. and I, when I see another beautiful teacup, I can’t resist buying it! I noticed that many women and girls who adores Shabby Chic style also have a weakness for cups and collect them! I am definitely one of them! So… If you feel bored or if you are interested to watch and listen about pretty things, keep watching! First I will show you a cup that I once received as a Christmas present from my parents. It seems to me that once I recorded such a video titled ‘What I got for Christmas’. and there was this teacup set with cats, in a beautiful box. Next – a beautiful cup set! I love this set so much! is very romantic and princess-like! Just look at these beautiful details, there is a castle surrounded by the rose garden with butterflies! Most beautiful cup I have ever seen! I bought it in my small town, in a supermarket! My next favourite sets are from Laura Ashley x My Melody collaboration. This collaboration is limited edition, very unique and it’s hard to get it. Let me show you the details of the mug. You can see My Melody in a frame, holding a bunny. Laura Ashley-collaboration from 2017. I bought it in Sanrio Gallery store in Osaka. And this is a cover~ Each set included a small My Melody plushie. I’m not sure which plushie was added to which set. So sweet! Now – teacup set. This is the most beautiful teacup I have ever seen in my life~ It’s decorated with pink roses, surrounded by pink polka dots and has My Melody’s head on the centre. and a saucer… I bought this set in Sanrio theme park – Harmonyland in Kiusiu, Japan. I’ve been searching for this set for long time-in Osaka, Tokyo… but I couldn’d find it! But when I went to Harmonyland I was lucky and I get the last set! Maybe you will ask me if I’m using this mug and teacup, my answer is no. I’m afraid to use them… they are from limited edition, very special for me. So… just better to treat them like a decoration. they perfectly match my room~ Long time ago I mentioned that I adore ENGLISH HOME shop. I don’t know if this store still exist in Poland. I loved to spend this shop. I’ve always been buying a lot of things there! I’ll show you my favourite ENGLISH HOME mugs set … I use them everyday, so one of them is little bit damaged. But… I need to use at least some, haha! I can’t keep my entire collection in my dispay cabinet, there is no place anymore, haha~ I love them, too! I like the design! Look at this girly print-perfumes, floral bouquets and a bird. I have another set which I would like to show you today. I put this in my display cabinet. This set contains four teacups and four saucers in a small size. I bought them in Turkey. This is very interesting that turkish people using this kind of small teacups-very similar like in China! I’m not using them in Poland. Only for decoration. I bought them in ENGLISH HOME store. I mentioned about this brand in my previous video – ‘ENGLISH HOME – HAUL FROM TURKEY’. The video will apear above me, so if you like this kind of romantic, full of flowers, pink and white style-you should watch it~~ Next pair of adorable mugs decorated with roses! I bought them in my small city, in interior decor store called ‘MY HOME’. Simple, shabby chic mugs~ I use them very often. It’s time for another mugs set, which I got as a Christmas present from my grandma many years ago. She got them in same interior decoration store in my city, called ‘MY HOME’. They look very delicate! Different than previous two! Different shape and print is more soft~~ My grandma know what I like! this teacup and saucer are my newest pieces of my collection. I got this from my mother 6th of December~ Next set, small plate and a mug. AXES FEMME edition! I got this mug first and then I bought a matching plate. I bought them in CLOSET CHILD store. CLOSET CHILD is a store which sells second hand clothes and accessories from unique Japanese Fashion Brands. CLOSET CHILD store is based in Japan. First I got a mug and after few weeks I found a plate. My set is complete~ I introduced and showed you AXES FEMME store before, in my video titled ‘HEP 5 SHOPPING CENTRE’ . I encourage you to watch it! link will appear now~ Maybe this doesn’t match this video but I want to show you my beautiful glass with My Melody! I exchanged my Sanrio Friendship points to get it! If you are buying in Sanrio stores in Japan, you can make your own Sanrio points card. and everytime when you buy something there, you will get points, and then if you have enough points, you can choose something from the special points catalogue. The stuff from the catalogue are very unique and they are not for sale. I got this glass in October. I hope you enjoyed my video! Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite! I invite you to check my social media and another videos! subscribe to my channel and leave a thumbs up – this is very motivating! on my instagram I’m posting new photos very often~ Thank you for watching! Take care and see you on my channel!


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