Models Share Their Horror Stories

the one time if the earth could swallow me up whole it would have been that moment my name is Jess Adams I’m an actress and a model I’ve done a bunch of campaigns I love doing skincare and beauty I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes at a sorry mom and drink like a sugar-free Red Bull like every morning and everyone knows that when you have caffeine in the morning if you know everything’s working correctly and I’m on this photo shoot and I had to go so I said excuse me and I just kind of like walked out and just you know wandering and I saw a bathroom and I walk in and do my thing and then all of a sudden I realize there’s no water in the toilet and then I realized the toilets not attached to the wall and then I realized that in the sink is not attached to the wall and that there is no water and there was also one sad paper towel in this bathroom and I start freaking out I am panicking I already have anxiety really bad so I just like pulled someone aside and I was like I don’t know what happened like I think your bathrooms broken and she goes where where when did you go into and I’m just like well you know my god to that and she’s like as I said bathroom that’s not not real and I just didn’t I’m like oh my god like what do we do like help like cleaning just like it no it’s fine she looked so bummed out and she was like I’m just gonna have to call someone just like oh let’s just keep going I’m like I can’t do it’s like I don’t exist after this moment like I’m so sorry who doesn’t put signs on your fake bathroom I’m surprised I didn’t open the bowl in there were like 10 hi my name is Alexis Turner I went full-time Molly only like 6 months ago and I do a little bit of everything I do editorial I do runway fashion ecommerce Beauty I’m on this shoe and it’s if you shoot I didn’t meet this makeup artist she’s really sweet she has a lot of accolades she’s worked with top brands and clients and so I’m like oh my god I’m so excited but then she starts opening her palates and like all of her colors are mixed in like it looks like a third graders watercolor palette and I’m like oh my gosh like I will be this girl cleans her makeup and Lord knows how many models she’s been working with so then she goes to the bathroom and she like wash your hands cuz she’s gonna touch my face and then there’s no soap in the bathroom we’re kind of like in a secluded area so there’s like nowhere to also get soap she has these long nails there’s probably like things all up in her nails and she’s about to touch my face and I’m thinking she’s gonna use a brush but no she starts like with her finger digging into that palette and then putting it on my face and I’m like what and I don’t want to say anything because like this girl she’s like worked with top clients like I want to be like that like sweet chill humble montano would come off as a diva during the shoot they were taking like BTS photos and she like posted on Instagram and one of my other fellow makeup artist friends season she’s like girl but like all the ours all the else and she’s like that girl doesn’t wash her palettes and I was like I know so I wake up the next day go into the bathroom I look at the man I’m like oh there we have it there’s like pimples I’ve like broken out I have like a little bit of redness going on I’m just like oh my gosh like I knew anybody I said something cuz this is my face this is what’s making money right what can you do hi I’m Lani Nicole I’ve been modeling for I would say about five years now I did high-fashion like back when I was a little skinnier but now I do a lot of fitness modeling this was my first Fashion Week Charlotte Fashion Week back when I was like maybe 16 I was so excited I was like I’m just gonna rip this runway I’m out – Kelly they were about to be Tyra Banks like I got this when I tried on the shoes one pair was too big and one was too small so I’m like you know what let’s just go with the big pair just stuff some you know tissue or whatever in the front and I got this when I was walking it was good at first and all of a sudden like my shoe kind of you know flopped off like at the heel so I’m just like kind of like hopping and then the end of the runway and I see the designer I really want to work with and I’m like this is my chance she’s gonna see me she’s gonna be like you’re awesome I’m gonna book you right off the stage just jump off and into my arms I make a turn until I come back around after you know posing for the pictures at the end and I felt like a crack and I look down and the heel cracked so I just took both the shoes off and just started walking down the runway like I meant to do that the good thing is at the end when I came back she was like oh I gave you the wrong pair of shoes I meant to give you these she’s like oh it’s okay I was gonna throw those out anyway I was like lady you almost ruined my entire life in my career I’m like whatever you know what here your shoes I got to go to this other designer whatever bye I had decided to do a photo shoot for fun with a friend of mine who’s a photographer and he kind of casually said oh and you know we found this drone operator I thought that was pretty cool we drove out to Malibu and we got really lucky we found a beach that was pretty empty a photo shoot goes really well the pictures are really cool and so it’s like hey just like wanna you climb up on this giant rock and start posing and I’m like alright cool so I climb the stalk so I’m like locked into this camera on this little flying alien spaceship just like I banging out of this drone because I’m a professional the drone was like maybe like four feet away what I didn’t know is that a drone is never supposed to be remotely close to your face you’re not supposed to feel the wind blowing from the drone and then all of a sudden boom right to the dome the first thing that I remember is going and then I remember yelling how’s my nose how’s my nose by some miracle it hit me straight on so the blades miss my face and got caught in all of this hair I got a little cut on my forehead but that was it the designer who was who had made the clothes that I was wearing he had taken BTS on his phone and he had caught the exact moment impact when the drone flew into my face so I put the video on my Instagram suddenly I’m reached out to by TMZ and they’re like me we want to interview you like we want this story in like ten minutes later I’m like on the TMZ live with a big black eye and like a bruised up nose I’m okay so I’m laughing about it at first and they’re the ones that are kind of urging me to be like this is serious and I’m just like oh I got him to face the robot like he okay I am terrified of drones to this day I get asked to shoot with drones Allah and all I have to say is you can’t afford me


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