Melody and LaTisha Put Aside Their Differences | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

– So, Tisha, do you
think that you guys can get back to what you once were? God, I feel like
I’m so emotional, and I hate that about me. When I’m hurt, I’m
really hurt, you know, and I just want to try to
fix it or try to resolve it. Like, OK, what can we
do to move forward? So– thank you, Martell. I just hate that part. I don’t like that part because
sometimes people are like, “Oh,” and I’m like,
“No, let’s fix it.” So it’s going to take some time.
– Yeah. Yeah. I hate to see us
at this place, too. Before we took the break I
felt like I wanted to cry, because I’m like, this is a lot. So, I get her feeling that,
and I’m sorry that you feel that, you know. Because, like you said,
we were close friends that hung out all the time. So, you know, I
apologize for my, you know, involvement in
the friendship not going the way it should go, you know. Because at the end of the day,
I can be honest and say, yeah, I’ve said some things,
too, that were hurtful and, you know, I
apologized for that. That’s never– that
was never my intention is for us to be at this place. Thank you, Mel,
for apologizing. I receive that. I do. That seemed heartfelt, too. – Yeah.
– And I definitely– [APPLAUSE] –apologize for the things
that I said and done, you know, that was hurtful towards you. The hurt is deep and
it feels like forever. And it’s still raw. And it’s still raw. It’s not gonna
happen overnight. It’s not going to
happen overnight. But at least we heard
everybody’s truth, yes? This seems worth saving. Yeah. It seems like both of you are
finally connecting on, like, a basic human level. Forget all of the
other silliness. And you apologized
and you accepted it. That was heartfelt. [APPLAUSE]

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