Meet Your Wedding Planner: The Event Planners | South Africa’s Top Wedding Coordinators

The Event Planners started in 2014 and it
consists of me and Nikki. We’ve both been in the wedding industry for, I think, over
10 years but we started the Event Planners in 2014. We basically do coordination wise
everything ourselves. You have us. We don’t send you another employee, you directly work
with me and/or Nikki and we are also at the wedding. We don’t do that many weddings a
year, we rather focus on giving our clients a lot of attention. So they would receive a questionnaire from
us even before they’ve booked us. So that we have everything they want, all their preferences,
their style, their budget. And then we would create a budget proposal for them to say “this
is approximately what your wedding will cost you in South Africa.”
As soon as they’ve booked us we start with the venue. We are very capable in finding
the correct venue for our clients because we have been to many, we are in contact with
a lot of venues in Cape Town and throughout the country, so in our questionnaire, we can
easily match our client’s personality, their style and their budget to a specific venue.
Whether they want a winelands venue or a venue at the beach or somewhere deeper into the
countryside. After the venue has been booked and confirmed
it’s usually on to the important aspects such as photographer, videographer, decor, food,
music. Our most elaborate and challenging wedding
was at Val de Vie, not that long ago. The couple wanted everything luxury incorporated
in their wedding day, so we had to incorporate helicopter, ballerinas, acrobats, fire dancers,
horses, pyrotechnics, even Cheetahs. The other challenging part of this wedding
was that the couple was French-speaking, so the communication was quite challenging and
difficult and we often had to read between the lines to understand what they want. And
the whole wedding was in French as well. They had to have a French-speaking minister as
well, which was also a bit of a challenge to find. But I think we pulled it off very
very well and they were very happy afterwards.

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