Meet the #WEC16 Events Team: Anna Stubbs

hi my name is in Anna Stubbs, I’m the program
coordinator here on the events team at MPI I oversee the execution of the call
for proposals and I also do all the coordinating for the communication with the
speakers here we work pretty hard on here about 90% of the time the rest of the
10% we do like to have fun last Friday with national it was definitely on my
idea because I love him cakes I had to get my co-workers on board for it but it
was fun someone brought in a great all somebody
else made some bacon I made some pancakes it was often so we’ve been
working really hard on this year’s World Education congress these things that we
really want to share with you the first one they just announced the train is
gonna be performing at rendezvous I hear they’re really good life and I can’t
wait to hear it also really funny to meeting of leaders to their hosts for
this year’s WEC she’s the former Miss New Jersey and she was often the host
for the Miss America pageant last year while her she’s really funny wow I gotta
go back to make magic happen it wud I hope to see you there in June in
atlantic city by now

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