Meet Genevieve Lopez, Head Digital Engagement at LunaDNA. #MeetLunaDNA

(laughing) – [Interviewer] Tell me… Was this strategic James? Join the first people pow, oh shoot. Just kidding. Frick, okay. My personal motto would have to be when there’s a will there’s a way. Whenever I have interns, or I’m working with other fellow colleagues, one of the things I
like to think about is, we’re at point A and then here’s point B, and whatever it takes
to get there, you know, whatever your journey
looks like, you know, be prepared, because it will
be worth it at the end. So, for sure, when there’s
a will, there’s a way. I think what excites me most
about working with LunaDNA is that we’re honoring the individual. So LunaDNA is solving
very complex problems with world changing solutions. And we’re doing so by putting people first and at the center. Be a part of the first
people-powered research community. Join LunaDNA today.

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