Meet Corliss Archer: Beauty Contest / Mr. Archer’s Client Suing / Corliss Decides Dexter’s Future

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so we try to be here scripts father how many times practices blow-ups were used in a few camp them
open ocean with your bare hands for you we’re going to remember last year how
they didn’t have a contact for everybody community service girlfriend in a poster
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the certain foot of the young man and an outfit like colonel up indict unless
i win this time overwhelmed estudio well it with a look at that place between me
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detective fuhrman in a very that photo of me phased out mommy most triumphant emerged callers emerged means all wet another what how rider off the acting defective the again if the everyone knew that they
were friends in one year is the fourth of the of entry by hack motivated by this cream back and growth
for the plaster starts falling uh… down of for a few minutes him i’m getting at and i can’t make the
injected and thomas dr hello dexter franken whether you’ve been i’ve
been waiting for you almost all only cal college i mean we had a date honestly dexter sun-times really putting
up with you required more than a girl can put up with sometimes because i really don’t
remember making any date well where are we supposed to go one way
i guess outlined several weeks ago we plan to spend some time together on a
very important and dr partly through my memories you must be
getting bad preventing disconnecting the boating town if we had to be here
translates into you’re having anything like that louganis why didn’t you in my leading economists well really picked up
reason can just rush up to a person and practically fought the person i think it could happen if something
special in bolivia being admitted that we have a yahoo com i mean really thick enrolled r_c_a_ it
isn’t too late into the picture is it i mean the body isn’t until tomorrow
when this is only kidding me dexter plans you show a rare gift
formalities uh… we want to handle this cause i don’t
have a good picture of you every time you get really so let me make
me giving back to you it infected etc have one of my pictures right he bars
while congress now but we’d better start bashing
advances will be closed in little over an hour bearish union this fund for the
campaign try contamination holly how cry newmont com given that it is this
picture and just flying out all well gosh it’s a wally currently a justice who wrote the
truth even i can see that really dexter kept up with a girl
dragnet strapless white bathing suit is no reason when you think well mandy our holy cow
and get mad and i think that commute well i know but does cause a you’ve got
lots of other pictures haven’t you effect effective bright colours i don’t believe it’s proper for
graduates to have a picture displayed in that kind of dating single but not if i
can at the foot height eddie and for their mothers ride for lunch uh… ali now will be able to enter the contest
netdate cameron is going to win again too contracting should be able to show my faith in me
would correlate you must have other snapshot but mother i have no one please note further close one eye on no
cause i’m frightened tom daschle anyway i dot picture of your comments it’s the
one that mallory except in the weeks and all of you and me together i’ve been hearing it would never see
fifth birthday right here next to my heart doing tonight that cockpit and here yeah alma expert dr ian creek unknown i’m sorry like the same because i thought we didn helping and he’s doing it magic that i think that could be a lot
of epithelial right now does like the all kind of any anne ao maybe we could have a plan to
meet with just you and already afoot ideas we have the time to deal with the
events as will be close enough okay waxman outside the photography got
technicality alpaca contact except that right over there at the end half of the health alert for you take this picture every piece of the
best is out family cars leaving yeah that’s right wing that he can you do it fifteen u_p_s_ awfully busy right now i applied
scientific ground making if i were to nearly fifty up at the
bottom an explosion i thought coming out of this error the other day applied important anywhere i didn’t say i want well crabtree sank three one billion say
i think i’ll very down but i think it down this road but i think i have it and
a half hour particularly so many places in other words anne prison in the world will confound your
problem yesterday you agreed to extend well sure you have the only one he had
you holy cow what do you driving out c_e_o_ weekly allowing picnicking fights is fifty six-year-old like him and i ran into you know you
need on a giant fifty cents for this job they’ll be done of course i’m not going
to charge fifteen fame hijacking out dar holy cow dot get i get a little
expensive even for you’ll frightened after all
this taking a leave rain and aimed at times
when you are positively dot etc i don’t think i’m aware of chronic diseases mary down time for you and felton camelot remember how about seventy five
cents and my pocketbook that fear now huh yet moon blades acting hand of crack can’t you back to you yes it’s a bad guy bechstein a big deal or or or oprah bookclub but
or or a it was never track marriott old thing to do a good job in the picture i don’t know diallo plan and i got a chance to see now that i don’t snicker let me just
enough time to dash down the basement and he said i think there was a lot of
that so we put it in an envelope and tell me not to talk to my hope is that
came out like that determines how to be tough enough to do a bad job on purpose
you know he better not have united in pay and yet i guess gave you my packet night right
now i’m thinking i’d pick carat diamond creek might do if there were no win that kind
of thing type no brand raining and if you watched kind of thing about
me i’ve gotten those feelings block raman if it’s fine nothing will
lessen but again thank you very much i reached
down i guess came over to give you back to a
pocket knife can tell you that you don’t have to pay
me seventy five cents anymore plan name don’t tell me you know have
gone far tropical it’s just a matter of business i give my client what they paid for it but given that their money set might in fact the costume well soaring a picture of course yet but i happen to think i would expect on
the way but uh… doing circumstances beyond my
control i mean a kind of dexter and through your weight lowering uh… mistake after you know even
experts like macomb but no we have been trying to tell you steve what raymond angel at felt as though happy adult not bad that he might be true gastritis now i’m not in the condo after all an
expert dot blotting betty cameron is going to win again st louis u rules against them and waiting if we keep doing enough votes
effectively he might get elected wavy lines the uh… well you cnn s_ we hired a million times last
year which means that happen well by project at yes hang here but retract much first of all those that were the
souls of visions of grandeur the third coast use mushrooms as the crowning
touch of flavor for many of their choice is the issues some serious thinking emotion makes your
mouth water issues all its yourself because i saw a plate of campbell’s
cream of mushroom soup bardera lots of false standard mushrooms
blended with c three several wreaths palm full just filled with delicate
flavor of choice young mushrooms and you’ll find lots of standard mushroom
slices to make this venture and faces tested sin missus alot of or more people were
asking for is the wonders to some america’s luxury suits to be a fine idea
this ourself or tomorrow with place of samples screamo mushroom soup as well as the next day of the arches
resurrecting physicist of signed finally i think i can tell you
carry a mother’s connection not very hungry lewisburg refused florence
daddy’s it’s been since we had a few years
contests financial impact it’s a wonderful places like and cooperate to the senate
housing assistant economists we’ve had a few years synopsis and i look forward to
social security you have called before this syracuse yeltsin’s fast are nothing out of the way length
emphasizes for it was the only daughter instead we need
fixing life is not hardly say that’s the first
i suppose as usual baxter’s committed some best of the crime scene for the use
of the faithful that he gets to that field each passes feeling that i don’t think arraignment
for what i meant fewer engagement cement and co uh… effect in iraq picture and expanding benefits please have your
contact obligated at all in six to one say that does that fit into this vessel forces phyllis practice tests is that you’re not in the
contents after all of you couldn’t be sure you’re going through you have any chance that only the scars
that is mails dear there’s always next year it’s cheese leslie whether bill clinton colliding
definitely read to your left for dough worry about that for lists in
accomplishing my next christmas present to you will be a complete face lifting so the north side of the philadelphia
solicitor as a result of amazing it’s intolerable machinist physicist phyllis family this is just
that’s nonsense that got a lot of people of india technician confidence incident happened
and i think this is worth them all of these issues is the same cold-blooded on
the shoulders reasons on your sources of these faith is new year’s that lift off more
than the few and uh… mary our babies bookstore devil shopping let’s at least thinking electrodes
evading although i think they’re you don’t have anything but friends pak
castle wishing confusion during this costs and painful get understanding
daddy in the hall why you but is the fit for you proposition kisses had enough of your face competition from
last year lifetime left let’s not waste late june it’s you that’s happened with four give you my
diet rubenstein sleuths let’s relieving i don’t think i can say i did not see
how they should be at least concerned of your fine basis so my view sounds essentially pieces so far with the from authority sql you mentioned something about it so it
looks a lot manifest itself on what about flannel in egypt live concerts away from the agency or
some of you fees briefers who listed above are not
sincere five cents about seven sloth which is because i have of carelessness and kenneth feel keeping cameras in these are your
comment hello icon for thank you sol and i think you i know that i’ve
never felt different about the explosion and how how how as you can afford to take chances for neha pal there’s nothing to do relief society specify here but you’re not seeing these kinds of well i’m not and i
decided i don’t think they’re running about nine slash and thankful i fear
that can only be night darling little brother raymond scholar city for one of
his tricks on you score how it could possibly have been an iconic
simple-minded mistakes but his main earlier leader sir yesterday i learned that film on the may twenty-eighth street office manager believing that we can loving father
thirteen nine seasons imagine even instant analysis dances practically
the same thing there is a hundred times at the start
setback raymond must account for that long enough and states so i think the
way scholars find still aren’t speaking truth to that us because he’s standing in the doorway but
that’s life unless he gets when you don’t talk to him for a minute uh… before he died asshole sparks o’conner ninety fancied meeting you here harvests it was a crisis lessons yang no no it isn’t afterwards fiscal issues what is the third level
shankar landfills what’s the middle class i’d rather not since the fewer people
know about a setback for young kids dexter has not been seen holding hands
and they didn’t think i think it can take it from really alpine detail everything in our trustee dolly how far less than what you’ve done while she was bound to find out sooner
or later to guide you might get so much as one
vote one of our outlook science just ignore it and sometimes he does away
scott i want to thank you cut welfare simply still trying to make a stand for
anything have really gotten it’s about five minutes nothing’s definite at the wheel is
turning colors i’m just not returned man hannah montana and i think that’s
absolutely not inside twenty-two thankful cut the fat fish handedly played cast saturday thank you itself lance i’m going to take a pulpit to
prevent if i have to wait for your call last yes causes so much cases plants i i i think the air faithful dot dot that’s through dot settings have absolute ninety fall can start with you there was a violent peroxide while never give up land then let people
see in her versus overs and they are part of the
things that you saw this is a lot just waiting on the final let us now but thought about that still franklin
five oh two projects here three times might sound that battle i’m not smart enough
casanova good for me if you think that match acts i had a good guy six a gifted
in the running martin’s i don’t see why not he’s a sweetheart i ever saw one engineering that had talked to qualify
for pete’s sake you got to get sore about the franklin say the least we got
here next year well perhaps you can safely i want my
contact no here missiles not qualified to adapt contact
outside we can all wants flailing his arms probably ended some rocks or call our
listener true fifteen m but they are dewberry salmon herself
aren’t you coming over to show off of the office ethnic nowadays magnus behaviors as nations have failed at it looks like he’s outside the
body of the game duets with mir no herewith photographs outside wait
years lebanese ul cul de sac our father thought compliance i didn’t enter the contest a i think is the only way anybody ever win
decisively waiting lines friends to vote for one went back to the states if any notion that after last year’s kon
tiki decided it was all activity hopefuls no i have lots a lot of c_n_n_ how people can see to hilton mean dollar-thousand for the defense will be in the night determined to get his playing and they
want and here comes another package if one entrainment games i demand to
know what happened while grievance argued regarding the october lack of thirteen thousand second thirty
found it if u bradford hopefully figure high school crap but varun you know that we can assume luke
involvement concert filled through five bs i feel like thinking about the way i wanted
protecting baguette aaye but started about to happen violently to
recruit ho fiato finally said the defense and me
how to be a contest are at fault phil and found that the other people dot if that doesn’t mean head ting for set flapper throughout their lives fighting hard laughed out loud finally all for another nine holy cow with his family that may have
with the other than thirty-fifth floor philadelphia health and fitness may not
have the air it’s except magnet all heart catalog radio antennas that member
temple stream of mushroom soup for here though simply give them to be a
little luxuries after party touch sada pace at which the life of flavor flav
yamaha pulse mushrooms blended with sweet cream souls and their slices of
mushrooms he good filemaker soups or five years of
oxford eat it’s and experienced in good live failures are travel prima mushroom
soup at your house lately how several hectic and more dexter and i’m
happy hours later reminded made out of the year taking advice for a five to
find a semester i can’t think my own and to find out his only son here
because we not have the area where i got up and have a don’t worry about it that
this is obviously in pain yet holy cow malaysia magazine narcissistic
that you actually feel all use any part of the habit filter connectivity consider true tried even and six mccarthy and almost
every picture handle ended up turning qualified things out of
all the work on it leningrad the vilified ruby longer term the land deal with the withholding the
notes that i am joe five there is a very very rival american atm bank golan american at right lol i’m married and not that we
have developed again michael americans forgetting is back
america’s favorite the fidelity extra good thoughts ready coke to get there
and put eating but quick phillip and i think the american forget
a federal hand right all-american back active voter
that ad isabel charvel inviting him with men and
me qualified her again next sunday at baby you good night from holly what one well out there that then look at your family budget electric
service does so much that costs a little your electric
service is the biggest bargain in your family budget debate it’s low in price high in value that’s
because america’s business manager electric light and power companies
manage so efficiently because that thousands of employees work so
skillfully because you with your neighbors use
electric service so widely yes despite the higher costs of
supplying it to you electric service is still the biggest bargain in your family
budget because electric said it does so much yet comp dot time last the by the delicate typical summer doing at their
house sold reactors mister and missus and that the other callers are having breakfast mister rogers
trying to read the morning mail and policies usually crackling away about a very serious
problem pete so what’s happened we’ll have to the competition for three
different week i do have to look for planning i’m sure you’ll think of
something rereading fallen letter from oil related law
school med brown remember him very well i would be inside the writing to thank me for a favorite
id prime last month and want to know if you can return it practicing washington give doing very
well to right maria and like the rest of it getting rather late tortora i’m not going to the office this
morning trying a case number director court from
everywhere and i’m very well grounded accountable notebook it’s a case of a client of mine try to
collect the money that’s really view it the plot of land bone and dont new plant is doing a man who was in back rent quite a bit thrown we have no money what do you think clean to left when i was even it as well as i’ve got a judgment against this man
then give and when he does have some money is ordered by the court to pay what happened to that and that he’s he’s held in contempt of
court and we have laws for people who former
courting contempt on benefits that one whatsoever simple what we’re going to get them af arc the and felt like it thick hippopotamus but the doing coming indian company that makes
they’ll be meatballs not now they are putting them back at home and actor
holiday betfair interacting dot outside our front door there’s a
little button abutment connected to a switch which in
turn is connected to a copper wire when france through the button link that
they have in our kitchen he went in any kind of your mouth no dexter it’s the same doorbell
repentant up until twenty years ago that there have been ringing ever since he doesn’t get on your nerves k and the going i know you actively on character bright colours i don’t know not hanging out dot on the site so long that fit but i’m afraid not for
too long on that about you know it u_n_-backed only aline kidnapped come over here so
early here dude york wine i think a little with the fact that black people that
have been one i mean having babies enact them what do you mean having babies for
nothing back again that money for having babies do you think thinking dividing line there share a lots of time but i’d rather be a doctor i think line sellers medicine living under my dad and i think you’ll ever be about intricate a_t_f_ agents are likely to be
a big issue detachment planners always things about me when he said i didn’t have a brain as
big as a peanut highline man at the end that’s hard very importantly when i was
just thinking thing why even will fill up application nearly
one point about the final on yahoo tell what kind of interior it’s a very
distinctly different william wrapped around the courthouse unwanted also may be different if i’m looking for
permanently competence how can swell idea maybe i can get something watsonville are elective and finance doctor lobby fact
within our power not not here and i just got back up kit gilda having become a doctor everyday having
children everybody out something into the water the him and reform needed are there without her thankfully filipina back how lawyers act like that
before i don’t believe i can tell mr you mean about your father is doing yesterday became okay even telling the truth your father couldn’t electronically i don’t think you’re probably can get on
the court again look pretty so are the way you acted like him i really did what should be something personally you mean when you yelled out again guide my t_-cell i don’t think spectators as opposed to
object out loud why not anyway that exhibited by itself if you remember that’s why we were
kicked out of court when i get my children yes idea ideal is proud of you parents with your hand held at that time i
looked on your face here and i think you have dignity as a share magill out the
door cat i don’t think cabinet so not just because i do while a lawyer potter asking whether
they contain the background unthinkable couldn’t subbu and why did he ask lampoon i think that it was just deliver a
kinder marketing firm they want hold your fire no therapeutic tilton group practice wouldn’t tell me happened aptara still great throughout the
country unhelpful people i will do you know iconic with them but cad on it wasn’t that bad that they it it isn’t funny right can’t even get mad about it what happens
wealth while i was questioning the defendant that jenkins wallace vendor didn’t like my line of
questioning socio tried out in a loud voice aya object i don’t know but then what happens at work writing
through a record technological not to be a pain so i think that she was
a complete stranger well underway issues almost anytime probably thinking of a good explanation
for actions import at the top in english and i’ve got to take the case big do you think they’re going sake born of fear that it and start i’ll put it on the fire right away might not get involved uh… we should get it into a crowded
with his face when he recorded by popped right out of a peripheral yes i do uh… treated me that the voters spectacular like that needed at that
point i don’t know their but women are so
absent minded sometimes larry argued outside funny i thought that they called my own hand
and put it in your thoughts differently than l insecure you know which is the grosses and and threatened don’t tell me about that state at the
franklin couldn’t bear the thought of dexter
sinking his teeth into it why i didn’t leave it at the franklin because at the beginning i thought that did that go out to dinner join because i know i think it is but i want
to go out anyway women out to dinner in ages who’s who of miami life and landed but i’ll take a quick shown by that time
growthorbit one wouldn’t go to mars at max there are one of the truth the works uh… plan i’d all man and i think that that bill and and what that uh… high-grade that one uh… right hilton european happy piling up year with few you’d expect senator dorgan of rosenberger eyes should hold you in contempt of
court after what you did today i’m looking that’s alright that’s all coming to an
m_i_a_ cases anymore you’re forgiven goddesses right well yeah i know you couldn’t keep your
feelings to yourself know them or more so for dinner print although i don’t know who threw the fact
that her mother mislaid the tapes you bought for a better job yeah lemme noe valley happen compound around a bit baby mad might suit my here too didn’t even know you nuthin but uh… saving it for surprise gone i_q_ you didn’t leave it at the table you know how at minot sometime of
appeared in the bridges of joe and i can sightings well then where is it may be unlawful enough to be pretty hungry gate the
buttons through i can’t find it that run some errands
they didn’t night tell you i did not reflect back on
the right here in a closet not gone and that therefore that you put your
clothes recorded men not what do you mean old ali but yes or was it was a great one a new great one comparably please stop saying oh golly panel promise i suspect from your attitude
that you know something about the disappearance of my new suit surreal well as hubble valuable frankfort predicted exactly i think
uh… hello there do anything that many found time to learn villain but nothing really you know that lawsuit in mind i guess
jenkins should know what the way causes mixed up in it maybe courses writer for all will win what it seems that the reason johnson is
suing jenkins is not for the reason i thought of or
really now johnson knows about this invention he’s doing so that the court will award
in actual satisfaction of the death knell told me today except the plans of the
invention of the complete settlement of the day there doesn’t seem fair you’re darn
right it is unfair mentioned were then i think what about
that more than a background and johnson must military would be too
anxious to get it seems to me dont antibody invention for
whatever it’s worth it ended up in the needed to know that that
you are correct well really hang out and people you work
with them and silent i didn’t know it wasn’t reviews and and we’ve been is very long bundles of the kids have to legally johnson’s not suing for the
invention of the just thinks that by squeezing jenkins he can get it for next
to nothing the with him memo maybe i can right pregnant mom interactive below where you’ve been called a around the beginning elite how they got more colleges almost everyone has extended thank you i
think that going to happen today often even canvassing the neighborhood
printing what about my through camelback at gila ass i know that the extra nat king cole is
if you got it back now i don’t think that can argue parlance a little bit narrated diablo even very grateful yeah began exactly where lifesavers between
if you had holes in your head he was right but rental activity would be grateful while stephanie take into account what
will happen if you are currently done something light if i had nothing to
michael either wheels uh… out of the deck and like the idea
of accepting gifts from the daughter of their persecutor molly criminal process yukitoshi here and i think probably kick
around the house will really think you are exactly but i’m really proud vibrato well you mentioned that monument who let
me know bathtub make it happen to know photo department of this is the end first i have my dinner taken away then
my new suits are not my own daughter you’re picking racquel what ethically happy and i think a lot
of panel facing right and he said he never use it anymore so we can take them
to do you think may i add what mister jenkins is going
to do with my fishing run managing continues he’s taking apart use per carton rack dl product tomorrow i will bring all my
adult clubs that internal about find a way to make a
new tactic beer out of them well i’d like to say anything mister archer i’ve seen you play golf and i think
you’d they’d better weather will be here but
cataract dexter that’s enough dot gov liar it wasn’t not they continue that now about half day really having left overs dot we are killed by allen st other people’s leftovers and
much more interesting in your own aa it’s unfounded yes i think leftover
found in a don’t let it happen quite and they’re doing it won’t be anything
left over in this hospital barrett necessities of life the and uh… biome ok uh… janet great news the decade things finally set data that
between the two of us added for that matter that product by the jury would fill out deccan got
word of his invention has been patented and a manufacturer’s any but check for
five thousand dollar that my branch yet but wanted to do with on johnson’s
speech when he heard about it with the man furious now all the candidates have the money
the court of the war didn’t think it could well afford that now i think that well didn’t drink and funded by a patent
is intensifying out earthquake adapted if you’ve got to tell
me what happened that night i think it will be mine okay to me they are not the only ones
are excited rather pick up his pants when you made wonderful here passes if
it doesn’t have his money with we’re willing to help other people in
the meantime all your help venting this problem enough to take a look at the mystery of
copper last season’s we’ve never had a within an appropriate and with them i think this line of me dapm inside uh… then it’s been he loves nothing and i like but i think that means it moving forward well i had the cell phone the other day and the
toll charges were unusually high month went back to do with that protestant
about my suit and for what that would be at the back
now the rich lampoon five any defect this with either department did open
from but never unit well i can have an ordered back to my
size twelve px it summit two thousand anyway yes perhaps with some great other people
living happily would benefit alma within benefactors that minute to rumpled antibody meaning that fear dexter prank on take off my throat about what about your family and at the
moment for you and your family now of report you are worlds you meet for the doctrine
sunday evening or america’s business managed
tax-paying electric light and power company each is a separate company directly
responsible for the customers in the area sir and to thousands of people savings are
invested in it these companies joined to bring you this
program in these friendly talks to show you how through business management your
electric services kept ever ready ever dependable the biggest bargain and your family
budget now the and uh… wonderful no i think i will be spent in washington
critiquing pollutants not even if you didn’t know and that any hearings as well that why do you know when i gave him back
there soon he just looked at it then looked at me and said mel dexter okay apt anything like that we can do it approval no he could have minded those response my
bicycle asap that would explain we could never mind the botanical print
card are because i can be made maybe just didn’t make the car and anything like that about that evil spirit because he wanted you know yeah against iraq he here is a wonderful time uh… the requirement docu starring janet waldo is
based on characters created by at the weather visiting felt that their production
directed by thomas a naked basement was written by midnight actors played by sam edwards ann
mcdermott doctor by fred seals and i think that uh… music with the bulletin conducted by
bill bon pain part of doctor play-by-play temple will
be seen on the screen very shortly inductus performance missus johnnie body could join us again
next week when americans but the managed electric light and power companies again
invite you to meet father thakkar captioned do the the radio news re for literary we are the hearing room and then we remind you
america involved and starring janet while dole here caring ranjan again anything friedman what it is what happens conscience wouldn’t let me here because or was just because i couldn’t sleep was
no reason to keep all those sheep awake very urgent wearing is no uh… where i’ve never had a case like this
before the entire question of legal ownership of a valuable piece of
property hinges on one just one obscure point lol yet connected to
exit worrying tomorrow you go to court not bother the finding that obscure part
of london when you started or i wouldn’t be too sure of the for
review gary you’ve got what you were looking
for you know use that word incomparable it is that’s why it took me so long dealing with was an unusual weeks on the telephone i guess i must’ve called every law
library with opposing one of the year yesterday and for me when i finally
struck paydirt a reference work that those everything
there is an old old old old optional and gravel and lands on its way air express littlest free has something personal
against gary archer vehicle arrived here this afternoon well now when you got a card tomorrow
you’ll be able to prove that the stipulation to the point of the
petitioner based on hearsay and should not be admissible in evidence victory too much money lol werner you mean i think frankly ny having a negative impact and have an
impact pineapple landlady line is only one of the reporter is what well i’ll tell me however that you know how much about
anyway well when i first knew that i was going
to be the wife of the hands of the an attorney and i made a point to review
books and i don’t know about the law he had when they have to get married courtroom was and when she first new that’s at least six months before i
burst you down black monday when when you know lemon honey it and how wonderful i think
i almost every woman’s nightmare in a little about her future husband were if for no other reason than to have
intelligent darkness when he’s talking to well golly i did not contain that is very or dot like a any ground now that it’s high time someone broke the
bad news to him know-how compelling i don’t know where to begin
idea what books to read but i can understand what he’s going to be i’d suggest something on abnormal
psychology down there part of your dad and anytime you decide
what you’re going to b_y_u_ built practically john and i think i have had and are intended
to be patient whiny quarters only me one reason anyone would look at baxter’s
plays a second time because he wasn’t able to believe what
he saw the first cut please behind and he handed behind what you’re
going to be when he goes and where for the weekend get many boy and don’t forget rulers of the world is
going to have a little time to get ready for an extra two data panama uh… and using and something special you want to
talk to me about crime gentleman ever where do you think that he’ll be
coming unneeded really couldn’t figure something like
that might happen down compared to what i’m doing it again the doctor whatcha gonna do when
you get to me so what your life from where he could be and we’re back with my parents and i
were talking about it is the other day and according to my home and my life’s
work is all cut out for me trying to graduate from high school do yesterday period heidi i’d love to talk with your
life so that i don’t know what you think it
might be you want to write p_m_ retired needed now ac go hello came in a minute here on the band who
knows centenary coming nine minutes did
mediocre meetings that when i leave a note for carmen spandex to bring it down
to you when i get home from school song old hair you really get it back and it’s just occasionally and handling
on his mind don’t xx on my past riding car past knowing where you really have constantly
again or our home page last word expiring clash stop don’t holler colorado housing now well what do you want me to do with his walks trains are all compaq responded right away the binding the and are he was processor and gary treatment
using going on us forget because he suddenly decided to
give it a little bit he may call it a little history test mike boorda sneak attack from him indelibly liking g_r_u_ the test is going to be mostly on the
origins of the thirteen american colonies the last time i open my history book
negro had just returned to fail po home eleven atencion topics where you can here only three thousand years behind
them in yeah external coming up on thinking i think that we get home okay thinking that he was doing i haven’t that when wealthy you’re going
to be campbell he really economy which for us nonunion they’re going to make that much money i
will know what to do anything well according to my only and there are
only two way things are going to get rich these days the person is just fine for now nearly however did manage to run into a
mob organization with my hydride the american area most of them and i can do that marry you sharon that the other way here wendy gee-whiz you gotta be pretty similar to
be a lawyer don’t worry about that loving one carolyn o’neil religion happening on the
car poly count one partnership not from where i’m standing did whose but one actor and and mom needed paramount brand builder agreement rendering
neighbor primary you’re going to my own dismal
record don’t tell me reading all missouri or
didn’t even three thirty no and is going on and a little work married and having
to clean up the addict once we get all the old books together
and send them over to the servers men’s club also removes pill also more books of
dexter driven we’ve had not been around the idea for
years says words like jack the giant killer the gingerbread boy and uh… little red riding hood bill i don’t think any soldier or sailor
would care about reading those non-muslim rewriting rose eighteen and
wearing a bikini kill her now we want and need help in winning dennis ross and i think i have a lot of
the moment or you can become a lawyer dean purple i’ll give you an example edsall originally well now and i have to remember the
pentagon and they’ll too international hunted illegally let me
know what do you must feel of these things
have been welcoming jenny it went in the bookshelf
and anything sick have a wonderful idea holy cow my life why don’t you worry eight employees love it loan like for us but they got a couple of pictures c_b_s_ radio brings you win on the
fabulous adventures of insurance investigator johnnie dollars just by decoding the cryptic items on
his expense account you learn how a dime’s ventana telephone booth and lead
to a scene of the wildest suspense issue expenditure movie is the story
forward to a dramatic payoff when johnnie dollars solved yet another case
of arson broad or murder well back to waters archer pam our world and i’m thinking how many catholics are
keeping and anywhere fairly well baby have a lot of work to
do our boardgame we’re often intention seeing overestimated my reference work
done from the book she will be giving you market any kind remind astronomer for a moment and i don’t have
my guest tonight is how do you agree to be filtering out affect it will be the
first night in the world but you’ll be a hundred behind it taking a wonderful time accused of your went on book your when in heaven’s name you’re
babbling about weird your career i’m trying to tell you how wonderful
movie when you look at your apartment partners you meet me on that me and that brent constricted poindexter really is is something that
can never be proven down getting out to you worked well are you you wouldn’t have our goal and what was i wrong in my mind as it is and i’m not going to
cloud up for the reports of an incompetent dope whom danny if you have no intention of thank you with him on the part swing alone at night your romantic movie with him team in the balcony middle-level employed with the idea of
kicking him in the mezzanine down and i was i am of existing about i have
to prepare a brief by tomorrow morning and and what your
mother comes home soon tells me what you did with a book under me in trouble bugger the book i’ve been looking for all this
time the reference i made from a brief algonquin strollers next is that you’re not look good interpret the mission weinberg wanting to know more about what i would
like to be a minor w carry-on maybe you’re right next door
there’s a minute and bring back to work on the ride universal marine you can’t remember who
else bring baghdad teenage clarence darrow
anne-maree dash han many here apparently all right if you have to like the thing
is getting high the economic growth you know i don’t mind you interrupting
me when i’m standing and i think that i don’t mind of anybody
interrupt me when i’m studying nama items you have been taken down one of them and any packages something with it
pretty brief delivery lawyer hollyhead something ready to do
with a dream may have been spending a lot of travel holy hell and you are something else a wedding those half a million people get tell me
why does not go today com can outdo him okay still ahead with those things all i remember island on the hollywood
those other books and are brought down from the ad american eagle in hollywood bikini well of course not nineteen involved
more than about humanity holy cow how can you tell me and eating all about
the town in the hallway he wants to do you know how much do me one other halloween that environmental cleanup
delivered well i guess i find out when the book
for the iron curtain indicating there goes my long barloon wound worrying they’ve been gone for our moved first to lose the log book
tomorrow and that was a trial run right now it looks like i was a daughter when what you think they could have gone
home no janice i keep asking myself if i were
incompetent bootleg dexter and i were supposed to be for what i do i think i had at the crime exileofheaven now he repeat i mean don’t well in may not be entirely dexter spot
on religion and i’m so relieved that there is a power probably wind up using
them all according to court was that’s about the
only way anyone can really get to understand the real dexter manhunt no-man’s roger and i a m magazine and we’d never get here a and any decided he could not connect
index to pin down the hall it looks as though she’s in canada i don’t think
anybody community teacher who had been looking at that point i have no idea how
many were on their image nominated headquarters has explained everything to
were lying and i’ll be running on the nine women are not only here but all of
you have either of you any idea how worried
we were annual well wheat barley we’re not worried about
your father blah blah although that’s important in that we were worried about you le and active parent of practically frankly
when you know that they have been where i live on exotica all the time i got here i’ll prob don’t
you hello pop me dexter what so many others gee-whiz problem that we kinda lost
track of time we know we had financial richard bachman and so we looked over porridge areas is
that were in the world did you find in the
middle dexterity warangal hartsfield int here was using it to
cuba’s history book propped open hope all of our love of you mean it was
very rollovers time unique came with a mixture of honey having
death some of the things that happened when i
get you a warm are going to be so funny would not mind you wanted to be a lawyer anyways alma everyone needs a little nit picking on
me i don’t think differently his mother and i sure do put yesterday there’ll be a wonderful idea issue within the next twelve reports if dexter had taken jobs five minutes to look around before
rushing off in all directions univ probably spoken always worry might
have been avoided your hands who runs for a cure thank you and read my learned colleague agrees one of my grandmother my dream is like suppose for example tomorrow morning i
walked into the wrong boardroom and take this book for instance where
would i be if i hadn’t spent two weeks tracking it down marine is committed to
what i’m trying to tell you do with that nobody but up cool fails to make sure
first before he had that we should open the book and take a
look at it it’s a book one got slammed grants while somehow i didn’t think you’d expect to
find in britain and n paula dried italian i hope it is not a literature placed too
much orono learn how to read dot by tomorrow
morning then i can’t find out how long the oldies inside of the new amsterdam
holland here before do you ended that all you wanna know puzzle the tax records of new amsterdam were
granted their land by taking an online perpetuity for as long as they swore
allegiance to the crown of arms providing a hair around areas and assign views the lamp or
production are produce greenberg carol a selection of witchcraft to be decided
solely by via but true look here this is no time for any of
your jobs genuine doctors know don’t believe is the only thing i need time to
memorize for my history exam tomorrow religion or his revoke needed surgery
has along with a lot of other things and i don’t know three thousand years worth uh… b thing i’ve been looking for is banana
hai who it is the real world news died we do veteran looked like i could be just as
much of an incompetent or where you are the men who are here anxious about the nicest thing you ever
seen in this do a is is as exciting as a quiz indeed one
of the even more exciting on strike it rich is the human interest or strike it rich is a great show the
gives folks an opportunity to win cash prizes were worthy causes get in on the trail get in on the human interest every
monday through friday when c_b_s_ radio said on most of these same station donahue one of the matter now uh… orchid came to mind having in mind and he needed to be showing in your name yahoo co us i had a long time for my own mamata you just didn’t think i’m gonna have to
be a lawyer what’d you think he should be using exactly everybody are trying to make a career
out of me enjoy doing the most worried when do you enjoy doing the mob you know mhm a holding them three year do paramount and to make a career out of it but there’s a way to make it possible
light line minded hannah one of the return in a really really by memory advocated elementary production directed
by legally directed by michael graboy that they want their memory and the criminal record field and mary jane differently by encrypting really wouldn’t hold my religion in nominated watermelon again like we did
it may not worldwide the the the uh… dre the demand were and


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