McMinnville City Council Work Session 9/18/19

is going to give this a topic in interviews first-half again as I say it’s good to see family faces, and it’s good to have you in front of us this evening so far and welcome them, the FISFSOATFBIFEDFSEIA Harris-ESA focusing on MVS-C a ME- E-U-SFSIFUL a SSIBSIA Knopf SS NN ba that you believe likely mean economic development is incredibly important-EA stories and a SS in some parts are overwrought FFSAISSE starting NT the license tax rate at sat alone is not finally started in the process to evaluate the review average over ms ba-ba closely is a holdover viejo’s the S.F. Council of its kind at SSSIS Elwell the council S24 TSMIT D’s S how they feel SSI is on MVS aimed at it’s really important for a visiting ongoing dialogue sos, and some were really excites you continue the conversation have a conversation in the U.S. and Japan I think that IC 4 SM Ortiz and all I say that if there are SMS SMS SFS A’s FG lodging tax S, we really believe at OEM ongoing dialogue between two relief for SSA-tossed out in our minds S-I-ivory team-the-scenes out-of-the lodging tax it can be used as a great things to talk about my hat-Oregon today as the issue as company uses a harsh and 18 U.S. house in the eighties to create the greatest economic plan is a four-E is down from his lights as afraid of her station a little bit busy mean we’ve got some really amazing how the fire here tonight to share with you and I Semitism fat ground bands and some of the fed is it enough and we’re going to get started is the name of satisfying to hidden actions and having everyone on top of the not what the relationship is to you and I just visited about councilman SU 2 and two-by-hole found Mr. FSU and if if the FMLN F A M SFS off if if if if you would if if if the S F -off if tough if F and if you if if if they if if if if if if if if if if if if FFINF F U- N- if-if-if that if if the FF FAF F – to- off in a MSUSAIN FISLAINFISL a NYSYUSII ISFONSFISL a USFS-FM to the MSDN MEAICM A’s SLFMLESSLMUSFSFSN a MSNTL a NN a SSISUSS SS SELSMISSFSESLAFSARSINTSSENI to place where NFINFISMSUFSE SSEESFS F- LSLLSFLISS a LSETENPAARSSS a N a LLSESM SIABATSEFY SS USFS Su the lights as communities S.F. And if not in the air in CS and IBM-born and raised and nicknamed our hometown bear all had started a vast range of three K-12-ADSL FS them until sat on the navy and enough and that the jury is not high in 1987 when often year’s eve Arden and unlike a lot of my fear is that he’s add-Ins at like a lot of ideas and signed-off to college is done right away and did it every¢ insurance not like that was not my past and if that’s the case of the leading 85% pay cut the time it seems to have a subdivision without-unity and in acting executive director for an evening bill Guerin had a tough as any for about six years last day to stand up for Sigel where similar time. On the insanity be acquitted job and SSI and after each device which specific has ever sat out any mention of a beaming programs has a lot of opportunity and as its name his NT me off and Wayne cancer was working on putting together a trendy lodging tax and any advise a committee has taxed here that they think are the reason I can’t answer to this day forward for not always because I had a background that has a great writer has a demonstrator and emit any original city of Hebron was a great program is a Medan also the logic of the cell line was asked on first until airlines and the fighting company called 65 SS we began back in 2010 is directly involving having a debate among gays, after batting year and 1/2 working for schedule and San Ramon is a summit-I kind of an uncle in so that the company’s day-drying and Brian extended ASCII-HM years later I thought the slides and aimed at Internet sites on that what we always have the trio that woods which is the opposite of Selma high rate here in town that has been has a firefighter and her two young sons-greater at memorial of the other is turning 13 SDFSNC chair he’s and 5/8 on SMS at MMI of that is at its height of a new relationship and to me and it’s you and you can add a evening at my name is there more in CIF-SS AIFOR a NIIIENIM 1-8 AM-S-I did read the story or a ms-ms MVP SNA very strong person in history and so I really am excited to be here and say the word that travel Oregon has been doing in the partnership on behalf of the regional destination management organizations down to a destination marketing organizations like defending NL – S, giving women a scout west and the chief strategy officer for traveling and then, when Sarah, but deep roots here McMinnville I actually broken Eastern Oregon and Idaho if anyone knows where that is a family as sun ranch therefore more than 20 years out of the background of the agricultural industry not in line drives-ago’s on the floor here have warned, and alfalfa we’ve had also come from that background and land , for quite awhile again Tuesday summer come from the south, for these events often coast and then she got my start in my rope of an injured, organizational drizzle perspective on the house and roll into Spanish art as a 15 year old ticket tours of the house and roll and then ran the company after high school and University of Oregon around until is 130 and they got back into the tourism industry will the flavorless role so much like some were died Sunday sure all but about from our perspective jurors and rules say what we do and also what we can hope to contribute to the result perl oftentimes and also to celebrate all the good work that your community has to do the last several years and is one of the places in the state that will look to is widely respected bios, work has been done here but also, other semester to look to the work you doing here, and managing a product of a Livermore, as are a hallmark of the state’s Asian art of the dns on an Ins and you’re off IMS planes here I am report name of this isn’t enough, the last two years old I do consider myself to me, and have the NFL’s SMS the university of the FASB and then decide it’s on its end-of-the-ear and decided that it was sent home and have an awful years my mom and ILE building and a gift store-F. VSEL , call the ballot costs and we’re getting ready to celebrate its 20th anniversary in which we are very problem to be a huge part of an 18-and-a heart of who we are and are on decisions in the downtown have a lot to do with what this group eventually end up doing, we were off behind the three and we’re able to be a part of third street and the community that have come to that and also the jurors and have vowed that has helped sustain us for the last number of years in addition I also saw Wednesday with one-S-going for about six years of my passion there has also on transferred over to not only was supporting the locals and the folks that are hearing in helping them do their next renew the upsize downsize sideways whenever they wanted you can also those folks that are daunting what we have created here in McMinnville much as you have any special and that is my passion and so I’ve been on its toll that convince the people who had a no-and-im I have a number of clients that they said the reason I’m sitting here is because of what you communicate about what this community has to offer from grassroots level F a LIN 40-man, I am a native Oregonian and I’ve been here in McMinnville for over 15 years , and as lifetime is a high school, held each year until the goal of the kids. Right side and the headline in the line is an NFL, if any of you know, as the stabbing and we have made the play an SMS SSL with partners example as the streets that he was only then did president said, I was also the farmers markets manager of us at the Indiana and uncertain of 45 attack-ending as well, I now have my MSN Marketing SS SFS Eliot of the college of design firm FFAM 5 PM universal and hearing-mill and ISL lay off the region and around as teaches recently found that 40 SFSFSS a N-more-Issa Arafat and , though we certainly and I know that the navy lover has done a few projects, we certainly have a great love it if they then, how it has supported loss, and again in return, some people don’t know that we actually have a handful of the Rental Properties as well as the head and literally the car force housing for our employees the reason for all of alder and these provide ms OMSI buildings and important keys tacitly able to offer that to our employees and certainly in her life, but many of us saw PM campaign that we’re an SMS of all employees have featured for you, you play the value of a lot and we also take great pride in the months for all those families O, the U.S. and Britain of Irvine to , I a NNFISLISSFSFL were off SMS-year SFSFSAM L INF-a-half, one industry , if MFN S a LLIMILLINFIL falls worries about an exact same thing you hear OFISSSFSOSFSFIS SS if if if ms and NS you if the half-SNMP and varied as if the his anxiety losses of the existing and so have we have a right to gather really grades and group of people it’s a shared of assets that have what we’re doing and what’s happening is industry Emily gladden stafford and Jeff said that we really hope that this is an ongoing dialogue between is all done simply 17 questions , Azevedo we know that there’s so much mean we can like to say we are somewhat limited by time and so we wanna make sure that we’re speaking of the things that have taken you find, the most compelling and most want to hear got so ticket is out this evening and we are going to hear from the stockings area from travel where again and agony stoppages about Mac root two micro the economic impact of force and this happens and if U.S. And the guys who really for ms-ms- ever go-ahead to have the evidence if if you if if once again there and house members minus the west onto strategy officer was some trouble again denied to give you a bit of the ~ the background on Oregon is how we came to be a little bit how we do our work and sarazen the Spiegel the two were hardworking and raceway of your fund community of Islam to over 5% when Jeff a stalker minute ago I remember we are commission meeting here November, slasher on the street with you that the stone stairs, buildings and you’ve got the best for him to tell the world was down a cell: so , really, again as eventually a postal worker doing here but, little bit about us we are as semi independent state agency, that was created by legislation in 2000379 member commission was appointed by the government, and then those mime Puc commissioners are the ones responsible for hiring toddlers are sealed and bill that Todd responsible for works the commission is made up of five members of lodging industry three members of the, industrial arts and tourism minister large and one citizen a large so one that’s there are those events again below the comforce above the organization of itself is Armen member commission , is to help local committees have strong sustainable, community sources say one other in the mistake to the polymer jobs takes two strong communities and we can stop speaking to the fact that we welcome the diversity of explorers and on again lotion , is there a 72 and Howard and investors to economic development partnerships people and places the liberal classics. So this type of industry ensure that all are still well, and it has in Portland has all of them is to make sure the way to care of this natural place and we all love and enjoy the values are inter Alia is a drive us, for everyday work this is our structure does it mention before Todd is a ceo I am the chief strategy officer there we have five verticals on how we do a lot of owned by four leftish referral a few consumer level strategic partnership group that handles our regional our region clopper of tourism program is one of land programming can our partnership of the car should work with members with pocket cities and members of communities next we have a fulltime global sales program that deals with our travel trade programs that are both of domestic and that, and in the Americas most are run in the domestic work but also over overseas work in Europe to Asia, where she honored at the end of next week, or in a place we would like to wake up seeing some of the war, his inner local marketing program and the someone can ride back to some mail to jump to the right of him to restore all the pews all have these verticals for us for mobile marketing campaign of global warming, which handles all over: RM and that meteor diesel platforms are inside and planning all the research Data Communications as Walter welcome centers taxes are just as operations as handles are internal operations how we do our data doesn’t send out the far right his status and all has a participation development which produced the database development of a development bicycle into by survivor term sustainable others are all programs that you may have seen error may occur about the bills are that’s how we are organized and that any questions on the reform through this, stickers are many cities, in part participate in the transient lodging tax and an SMS also tightened a traveler to have this two things that were bludgeoned by statewide lodging tax which is outside your fund as 1.8% now medicine sat down to 1.5% in June 30 of 20 28th and local jurisdictions and Sarah region were doing research piece of the right now there is more than 100 and some critics or the neighborhood of 100 cities and 20 county summer the neighborhood that all be out a new piece of research OPS as likely in November and that you need to talk about that as they were doing and received the fact that needed a reason to be sent 2008 that left at a local jurisdictions across the state that had transient lodging tax and a captured what the rate was and what those revenues are being expended on how many also captured fund is a little bit about and history and if there had been a rate changes communities from 2003 to 2008 it’s been a decade later and say we aren’t doing a study in GATT and can set an hour at 2018 member is wholly free stock to cities and counties and are capturing similar information we have additional information now also about intermediary is charger rentals and trying to understand that you know which cities are getting tax compliance ways for term rentals were doing its basic research on again and what bad tax rate is White House exchange for 2008 state what excel Wallace every change on and on again when it is revenues being finds that that’s tantamount in the slate clean until late November and I’d say it is strange city and county sat its own rate sell areas and Friday across the state of what you’ll see up thank you for it to a little bit about the two of two would serve until the TR-night talk about other AIDS, Steve Largent ever talk a little bit about the industry itself and, in 2003, when, tourism industry matures and towering and, as it is held out of that hole, evolution is to start in 2000. Some of the summer, dynamics behind the changes are happening, and $2.00 for was traveling and the funding for state tourism was a 47 to match in the nation of Oregon was losing market share to its competitors and if you recall that was the time of a pretty deep recession and Soviet the economics of the timer really difficult, house bill 20 to 67 was introducing household tourism investors’ proposal during the year and at that point it out of implemented a 1% statewide lodging tax that was directly made travel as a minute that image is 21 percent say what lodging taxes and attributed two most traveling on, to dress it up and in trouble and ends, and then what are also does it create a framework for our local funding so local funding at that point in time whenever that whenever the rate was one of the distribution to where the tourism and other services to those were grandfathered so Francis of the community was given at that point in time was in a 70% of tourism and 30% to other services when a man was it the fourth for tourism all that actually moving forward had to be a minimum of 70% from the loss of that and then what it said also was that have some mappoint four, if there was an increase in the sale of attacks that incremental increase would mandate, said that 70% of the detergent proposals 30% would go to have to go to other services some minimum so I was really a great example because they are 7% of China both some bunch, go back to the first of those 50% of 15% the first case for travel through time that 50% as a minimum level was added on afterward haven’t had a minimum of 7% so vast the structure that week, every city and still today announced as the addition was in 26 gamers and additional, posing increase and to the sale of intent to 1% to 1.8%, and then some suspect 1.5% and on July 2021 and also did was a dedicated 20% to us to implement a result of tourism program and then 10% above to better address from those other programs existed before but they were mandated certain percentages of these were mandated has sunk so that’s the environment that we are today said the taxi environment which is how you can increase the taxes are what those with those percentages go two and then you also have the mandate of the state level that’s a 20% of all of our revenues must go to racial terms of the top of tourism program and 10% must go to the director of the assault occurred, economically or that over the period of time, over 62000 interagency that the changes there that have been made, but from the employment and earnings and spending and taxes on most notably all students and local taxes in the midst of a new employer in time and I think the other important thing to say they are also spending is serving up when he also sees a maturation that unemployment space at long pond has roamed the 37 at roughly three times that decorate and in the map itself there are 10 upset when the economic impact of that comes from and where the job coverage of the release of a 7 to 7 tourism regions that were on the part of their established for statute, and so the result of tourism program, a little more about the Shoshone from said that the resort operators of programs part of the nation’s show explain more surely this is to the tourism industry as visions of the 115,000 Oregonians that the work in this industry they do these kinds of things many were having spoken about many are represented by some of the folks at the table here today but I don’t know there’s any big surprises in most cases but that these are all these folks are the ball across Oregon that the work in this industry and as I mentioned before, around the stock of our pillars and how we work visa than specific kinds of programming assistant in all of our, our departments, result of a global SP strategies of the partnerships cheese specifically the racial pop return to power outages to not talk about those little bit earlier than happy to answer your questions, state: down. Officer of the questions I went through that fairly quickly that writes the island NBA inside the result operators and as a reminder this is a 20% of our budget that we cut so basically department reading it collects from lodging operator is 1.8% for every state and that’s also campgrounds for term rentals and motels that any of that sort of activity and an outback we get the full amount for a deal are the date keep the 2% administrative C and then we add that 20 of that total 20% goes out through every child operates forth and programmed selling the map on the screen ray Nash as the different regions and Mike Scott said these are established in stack two entangled in a double and a valley rage and and we have an outside the bit more about this that we have a plan that basically ties into are agency strategic plan so he said these regions is managed by regional destination marketing organization RT an hour and a party and outputs to gather at two year plan that our commission in prison and that plan has different sites that they’re going to show on return on investment all the different projects that are investing and any work very closely with stakeholders to develop that were considered as tax charge shows the allocation at cross the result operators and programmed cell in effect for Ron and distribution said depending on the mount visitation game and lodging states in that area and that is the amount that is reallocated to that region seal C Portland has a large a share is there about 40% and visitation and on down the coast is the full coastal rains and I’m the Willamette Valley on the dishes and what was it distributed from 2017 to 2019 am and what will be distributed from 2019 to 2021 and the total amount on the hands and these are our resolve destination management organization so we do a bathroom eight competitive bid process in Iraq P. Conte select these are TM as we’ve recently completed one has passed Braman said these are on contract for up to six years and a foreign B. Alana valley until Ana valley visitors association is the D and succeed as receding does RT in the finest doesn’t reach as an award like the destination and that management marketing organizations such as visiting make the envelop this structure really helps as connect to the local communities because there are over 150 D and as across the state and so it really helps as having better network and better integration between our word and I know that work that’s being done on the ground by local communities their dns they can extract that there is a range of DR thien as they really added stand as a base at a seven or selected cell for the Portland natural reach and I’m not as troubled foreign lands and in the Central Oregon essential or igen on this is a Zen and any in this out there’s trouble southern orient said each region has their own it on Martin and that is assigned to connect to take the money at how the plan and allocate-ending D and as the bacon ranging from question about that, in the process so what’s that, the process for getting those of the city of a six year and in that it’s an open bid after six years act silly hat and a red T go out and I think senior and this past year and said that if we had a selection can any of that back all the applicants and not went through in the final decision two awarded contracts was at the Oregon tourism commission on an as is the first year that you’ve done your TMO contracts are you getting previously had dreamed of those since their inception that June 2000 through the wizard of oz and Hersey have the problem with the time we have offered marketing program are the fans to two and 60 was a change some definitions to allow resource to be spending tomorrow and the management side so developing products during the kaiser research unit to do to actually build programming war, and so will, without contracts and some point in time but , Sermons with Republic process two actually we didn’t request for one, a proposal on the air and silly as we have a very thoughtful contract with a one to liver bowls and all of those shares are listed, it is the nineties Carries because I know how many of these types of organizations exist so is it the case that there’s a lot of turnover from over a secure. Or he pretty much stay with the same pity stick with the same sex and had previously all the ones that we did offer was a two year contract is part of that was that the full senate for the receipt EPA funding with a 20% didn’t pass until 26 seemed so we wanted ad rights in your bed first to make sure we had and the concert at me how to program established and then once we have that than the campus at R.&D. at administrative because that have gone up significantly in amount that was going back out to the hearty and as a lengthy at our program established we’ve been sent out for the stakes here are empty and it wasn’t the same six servers of different entities in what is the same sex that day to get the awards but there were additional applicants in the process , thank you and I say axis ion dns cities and a station management or marketing organizations for example visiting envelop on the Cal city chambers of Congress on for the there is a C. Stennis there’s a pretty broad definition on a WINNT in a game is that there really a work on the ground working with a local community is and I’m you can see in a sack sign is really this is how we do our statewide communication as a week at the statewide level go down through the hearty and as an downs began as your monthly connecting with the local businesses individuals the city council’s planning commissions on and sit back and are ideally need several east Brad the work that were doing and making sure it back from the tourism industry partnering we actually have reversed to flow where we would work only if they resolve an Aztec GATT instruction from the DM as the local communities so we really like to think of this as any guesses me down one and B gesturing messages to talk down and really want to hear from local communities like they’re interested in terms of product development in terms of visitation letters and the challenges out there seen on a specially invited that visitor management side so we do why make sure that we’re listening beltways as is ever really does a taped by this, says that he does this town of stakeholders and so we do a lot a stickler engagement letter three agencies or a stickler meetings in local communities on three surveys and we always work a lot like businesses through the rest of lodging association three Oregon on 38 billion as they’re called manes and-as our destination association has ota at nine and tour operator is as well as products survey SNA to tour is entrails and then always that the visitors and ninths said that’s our presentation is a dish a little bit of the workout media anacapa Laurie Gannon and make sure it be known for clearly defining how to mean dates wave visiting and Allen had erred on DNA as in the Willamette Valley region any questions from council that have denounced like to just open up a S-FM in the end of the biggest where have you heard a lot more of her L a SY SSCI AA at his wife and his wife process and if it if it’s just as if every SMS of the half and how critical that was if you go back to those slides and how the communication we have a gap between the states and Indian mall because we did have a regional partner and if they contend that limit on acts you one and then what other reasons that overnight scores in a cell essential to our community needs any community is because it overnight guests spends three times more of a day trip are so frightened existence of making all have been a destination in the party organization destination management organization the NL was completely out of the late selling software game was moving resources down that same manner for example have the ability to two accessing grab those resources said to be finally not bad at me at its extranet that we were just there at the game have been the one we were not dissipating the thing that was not represented we’re not we’re not able to play and as a community that means a lot of many on the table and said it is there so many benefits to less than a nanosecond of the zeppelin little bit for so many benefits to the fact that we were very meets tennis game, in terms of scene was doing it well and licensed by the other was a huge amount of time when Aikman to just didn’t exist within the subnet at all and end Jeff his words and Jeff into two both have worked incredibly hard to establish a strong relationship as travel where a game and as for incredible fruit for our community in terms of the number of visitors we’re talking to each and every one of those overnight visitors a stinging three times more than somebody who just want to steer me after that if any other questions that dynamic zero-life I had indeed a good question actually about end of the them the money and how it flows down to the community the fact that I’m a relief for like grant applications with actual structure of how the money flows down to the local communities the accidental an indictment is the sensation of mixing an area and strategic planning guide is all the stain anyone to be tested on our web site within the next week a retail at eight have on the thickly development initiatives and marketing clock rate is eight doing the basically sample plan on how to find a use that invests in an end to do that planned a work very closely with their foreign aid the stakeholder meetings they meet with ad as in the airy axis C kind of like a phony data on the ground and many put together that plan that basically shows how that resource will be expanded and then we honor what saying we have eight th that says if it’s an event very competitive and tracker as sorts retain their lead going to each project and see how much has been expanded how much as 8% to completes the eye and said that is all track down nine and reported on every two years and great thank SF SA there are NE a NS a S a minute faster of dollars from an all- actually brings up the second question I have a tough time with regards to you that, how how is it made so there’s not redundancy to their selling lawyers for the has also was covered Elster with the Diablos in the product, folk of folks that are also talk about where they are more than 10 resource are spending so imagine that really rich conversation is the opportunity for leverage the limelight and I and I think the game changed residents in 60 innocence is more resources involve him a broader reach in that space that some of the opportunities are Barbara deep-water and bring along a local perspective because this is all about the local perspective and were oriented your means to an end with a real of transactional site the real business happens in these communities and so we’re really do listen and take time to do find that there’s redundancy other savings to be made in the deficit is demanded the state level harp to those races can be used in another way and identify the land so really excited about the conversation about alignments of growth as anything else, Jeff is involved in the process of ideas and at seven me as an agent CD two year strategic planning at grades and the reason on estimation management organizations to two year strategic planning efforts on the back of our is so we’re really trying to make sure that when we do a lot a stickler outrageous and surveys and missing sessions at the local level and then it kind of time that have been some larger and mission as an unplanned block a deadline of Lenin of the businesses Asian cuts their plan to gather in those items are captured and then there’s a clear understanding of what each agency is doing said there is impacting the city and I think additionally front are the marketing arm and making sure that they’re working very closely and wait till an Italian as it is a sensation and 10 major were permitting them to read end of life and threats and familiarize a entire aviation tranz-& M way to earning the ad ran the reporter is doing a lot of guys onyx be at all and that is kind of lee Alana two year cycle and now we were also labeled any response and because of the tourism industry does change very quickly and sell half the money came from a transportation infrastructure background redial 51015 year strategic plan is having on a two year cycle I think really allows for a deeper conversation and then you can kind of tweaking figure out what is working ways and working where the cat-fix that in exile- and thinking of the interesting question, is that a good life Mages F brief question as I’m not sure if the council understands where needy as the year because studies to determine you several times . And that’s what it is defined in the area of them in their articles that LOUNIS- one for laid-off the mid-to-face advertising to gather that for us, SS they’re all of that the rear of the united SS Jose law earlier in the way of investors to win a qualitative and I saw a man so it’s not a lawyer in only one of the status of homes Ashley said themselves there are some redesign of Callaway more value and planned for us to secure the cover of the , L.a. Times in the travel section finals in fact to medicine and Ivan the region, sources as do some local perspective Soros which people in a report that there’s some some call it a deadly we look at that also some tough ticket and any other questions from counseling and head-end up problem for just a baby and IE is both mention that McMinnville was missing, the boat before the DN up to and then the word had that things got on the second is run by the chamber and then you know county was, unlike support the time of set their cells eight and has a channel valley is that the Mo come back around as the eye week blending what them only operating independently of the pie in the back of an established in having the best rates are reaching the way things are one of the busy association level, there’s a receives a remedy able to represent the salesroom and you will balance is reviewing a cells will be able to say, that organization of a SS a S4 years ago it was in our position as a team of its three-for a operating effectively of. I didn’t try to figure out a big one for tax and a live at the phrase-often enough, L a NI a whole has the resources low-level for-all agree that we realize will be happening to happen the presence of one of his peers level we have ever as a representation of a high level that table so big that if they resources were made for the half-hour drive is-half that of the opportunity the entire having enough to knows that if a strongly-us better for all of us to be traveled to the MSUF FS U a RSS a SS a year SSI-O-S-SMS a FAOS SSOS Z currently a county teal tinge that’s also what the state mandates a , your seat on the linoleum as a cessation that’s done by region voted in by the 30 numbers that make up that are indigent his wife to have as the two Rivers a lack of SSA gotten a because of a war between that the board is allowed me to live in or a bigger share of the SS get off the -N-S. We play with us for a really and doesn’t make it invisible until the Network Media together with the Newberg sun, two regional breach with our estimates the toys like knots and media but he does share expenses on media city-operated a bit of rain is that it exist in the SSI really a financially a week over 1/2-hour more expo Y NYSE FORSSN-roll the at the table process is a community when you have to abandon something that people artistes you after sitting finding frail and stop backing the litigants and great direction times we were fortunate that need to do that we’re able to you look around to see what we wanted to do as a community and make it a decision and where we are a lot. There S only as a bug one to the U.S. on a show that they came to visit with some visit McMinnville Board meeting Jaffe content reward very involved, mayor reached out to me I help them understand the value so that they can go back to counsel because they were taking the TTL dollars and then been one of the city and the hander redistribute that out to help support the Dea mall any other questions OK we still have a program and so will things ms-ms and then over to that sat in amps SMS a sinkhole to the ecstatic, retain things over to Mr. Cutler a little bit about economic development MSN inside and out of the wood is it made on tourism N La that means an end to stop this for a second because those smaller mikes on the side of the Dutch sold whoever’s presenting it to the golden books in the Middle I think this is a being recorded in the woods of the thick of everything that’s been said so stop thanks and those are those are good mikes and just put in front of you and your voice will carry yelled out¢ in, wanted to end the tourism and investment and invokes know what that means to me that the nntp and international economic development with business of traction does retention and expansion workforce development, in my 25 years and economic development it’s been it’s been pretty clear the destination promotion raises a community’s profile and opens the door to enhance opportunities for traditional business relocation of business expansion in new startups and more people investing increases the need for more jobs from hospitality and retail banking utilities agriculture Health Care, use all this from skyrocketing and it certainly includes manufacturing to the destinies promotion also contribute substantially to highlighting the quality of life issues critical to the relocation decisions made by companies and people as well as our residents attitude about where they live on it like that I’m a little bit about my story ended in howling that the Macon villages fresh, and we’ve noticed that we were drinking a lot of wind-alongs into correct or 101 from the land out and we had certain to visitors because of our location to Northern California was using to two, but would get tired of it and said the only real of this region months: checking out , so where do you go you a taste our final destination with all we know the department’s Lanier and we LL only son that we could be close to home, Portland and stay anonymous city, which was never in the Bowie said a little further from the web sites on information and decided to track up to make Manville, a couple of times over here and loved it and essentially can get much as jet set about trying to find a way to get your lawn was fortunate enough to find an opportunity to relative to come of time, and it worked out those working out so far, you can blame just into tree and some point the future of a dozen were enough points out, it’s a it’s it’s finally goes in there really was a movie that are some ideas and most of its oldest on the Kennedy for a familiar , I come from an area to a standstill Arizona there have always labeled in tourism for obvious reasons although I’m the inverse of that because I doubt if that’s the guy is a reason why we get there and they use destination promotion to resume a largely for their business attraction efforts, quite by accident Nam 2030 years ago CEOs are just come out there for the golfing opportunities in the weather and the winner and a vacation than they would buy a house and then they would find so staying there for six months of the year and said Wiesner company higher and eventually a server relocating companies may be the West Coast the division may be their entire discusses the quite a few corporate headquarters in and those because of files of tourism and the opportunities they became of that they all souls in the last 5 to 10 years are using it for talent rations for job, and then workforce development, they go to various trade shows across the country and they’re selling the community and then selling it was the jurors and people a local example, predicted to nominate bought 70 employees here in downtown their ceo, Brian fights, when and Dave relocating the company and Sam says, legitimate than with his 11th year, and that’s it, something happens it’s happening locally now, that’s a real economic development store so in the DP look forward to, to our continued, relationship with visited memo I think these opportunities, two to grow up and expanded, special incomes each additional economic development and I think are really fortunate to have, this organization are fairly and then in the DDS, disposal of partnerships thank you any questions fish, thank you scrap Mounties at St. Paul-and- deprived I’ve started things about this in my earlier comments is the meaning bats and I’d really like two to take a step back and talk about some and check the lodging tax in McMinnville and our community’s history of this tax and because it I think it’s actually affect the interesting history I’m not sure how much you’ll know about it that’s online community has voted this tax down when it has come up on the ballot, council has I believe Tyson voted this tax down , over the course of the many years and speech on historically that opposition to two having attended lodging tax is really been Germany by evergreen on Mr. Smith posted a lot of easing travelers that occurred when a page D a higher founded in one of the need to sell fees and taxes when he was testing people at it as local each times and so every time this issue came up there was a huge pressure from evergreen in two at shutting down immediately and are very successful and his efforts I think that that changed when they die suddenly had some tours interests and their coach and me and said back in 2013 what is and I believe at least the fourth the efforts to create sustain lodging tax in McMinnville came forward the City Council and after it was lagging jointly by D and DP Paquin Da any deep C chamber of commerce at the time it was the NL value visitors association and hands and also in a certain day networking on that effort on behalf of the county’s economic developments and economic development city that she oversaw for the county and sell an act that’s the name the council really stopped at a NS and Nellie medicine gone down many times before I counseled ascended to the D assembled players and decided that this was indeed a time of two make this a priority in our community and surreal E and knowledge and C to value in the economic developments aspects of what this could do for us as a community so what can Sunday at that time as they created a grant program so during 2014 have an agency lodging tax advisory committee was formed a chair that committee on network that can tailor over the course about that year two put together a grant program, that was and that’s at two words he’ll T dollars to organizations who have a program that was in some way she performed on promoting tours in 22 McMinnville D. Atkins a lodging tax advisory committee that time was made up entirely of lodging and retail which was it an inch esteem, which is interesting proposition would be given the fact that it left doubts have entirely whining dining which are too large a strivers for for tours and in our community and I might take on stopping a little bits two talk a little bit more about the impact of oregon’s wine industry and a sadistic of its two types of jobs that were some creates not just in terms of of jobs on at the hotel by Jan mentioned the number of people who are moving here buying a house building a house but have you that economic multiplier effects of tours and these huge within our community outside objects consumer spends so many that we did as of the course of 2014 we created a grant program we play at the community we received offers the proposals that a mapping the decisions we permitted and we presented the council council ask a lot of really hard questions about these grants, that we recommend being at the end of that process we went back as an advisory committee we sat around and looked at each other inside in our army of sharing not for that I think we’ve spent $130,000 extra memory Mac-old was it more than 200 I don’t think do we really feel like we moved I’ll be spent his nights might think what did we spent say that to mean really think that we’ve got one more gas five or 20 more gas people were coming to our community and spending money because of this elite as French are we really felt like this was a substantial enough about and many that it’s served up thoughtful conversation about how do we best leverage these funds for the greatest impact for our community psych impact accounts at that time was that he would like to take a step back and I’d like to not make the assumption that a grant program is the best way to studies dollars for not having seen any ad on what the best cafe is we just feel like we need to have a conversation are really evaluate how can we best leverage these dollars so council agreed we put together strategic planning committee at this time we made a committee to look a little bit of difference this time we rallying dates with wind dining and lodging in. Sort of in our community said of the three big pieces on evergreen at that point was not involved in a conversation because they were in the next state that wasn’t the point which they’ve lost their leadership and there really wasn’t that a clear person from evergreen to participate otherwise you certainly would have been planted them in that process, adding only if we also wanted to bring in our regional partners and council and so we all started on this journey together we began with a two to add a strategic planning process we broadened and speakers, Chelsea money and light is uses the same trouble Oregon visit bands , and we really started going down the process of evaluating the was doing this really well and is not doing this really well at the time and other city managers spent a fair amount of time and the phone talking to other cities studied some really fine feedback about how effective they thought their programs where we’re not have it was a really wonderful process that we went through oaks, by the time that we have completed the first day and we incur the presentation from does it bends and they had described being signed get sick growth, not just aimed at transit lodging tax dollars and a number of visitors the community but the economic multiplier effect on that road every person around the table felt strongly that this motto was the model that we really needed to let back and see if we can experience the same level of SAC success within our own community that model is something that is called that ers’ and marketing final and essentially what candidates greatest actress use topnotch creative and it’s you and channel people to visit the web site and to get people as quickly as they could to visit a web site and not to the individual businesses in the community to make tracks that as I may have been incredibly successful without model the marketing in this scenario is not the games it’s just that vehicle it’s the vehicle that takes you two that economic growth again looking for the kits you two that job creation that retreats businesses to town bats and cats year tax base that underwrites all the things in the community that is locals we left to enjoy as well so that’s how we were looking at that process, we continued to two research a wide variety of different programs to hone in on how this might work best for McMinnville and that’s high in our strategic planning committee agreed to meet 4 hours a week every week this is the beginning of 2015 we did back from January, once a week for our meeting every week for January although we have been taught July 1, we aim to visit McMinnville, came into being officially entered into a contacts with the city of nicknamed elk and throughout the process council was deeply engaged and 100% a partner in every decision that we were making hands and I knew it we continue to see this as an ongoing dialogue and partnership which driver subsided said to have this opportunity to really stop on a deeper level two nights on a really important pieces and add all of this was bats we knew we had to have a really stop attacks staff this is part of visiting success and we knew that it was was going to be part of our success so our first fire ways with staff and as executive director second hair was that its marketing manager and we’re really proud of the team that we’ve created times and the job that they have done over the last four years has made it may involve we haven’t made it into a special place McMinnville is always been the most special place but they have made McMinnville a leader in the tourism industry on a statewide level and that’s really quite an accomplishment spend a small amount of time, we continues to B and married outages and organization deeply focused on being a very responsive and looking at what’s working and what’s not working and ingesting is needed as we move forward Jerome fanning process, we’re getting here from the on the marine shortly on how was it until fits into the overall economic development strategy for community and Alan it a little bit more on which had some of the individual accomplishments within the community bats, but there is a lot there and a part of this overall process with the creation visited Intel was also engaging with our community and talking about tours of which can be a scary thing sometimes, you know my of my own data when we started moving in this direction which talking about some of the creation of the destination marketing organization decided to them as surely one of the events of the tomatoes really want more people coming to make themselves at what are we in nine weeks to get a cup of coffee each night when we allowing when I go out to dinner for bringing all of these extra people haven’t had a sat down at the many of restaurants were there making Bellini moves here in 1972 or what ever done a nice restaurants read any sidewall there was one is next and I said OK and that was the line got no longer act makes all our dear now have greater diversity now you have Nixon have the bromwell you have the survey signed up. The died in office so you have CP and I can’t say the list goes on and on so I think part of this process is to seek a little bit of a fear factor out of this for our community each had two C back a it’s not a scary thing it does it mean the line gets longer innings that we have created for IE it means that the businesses that we object enjoyed every day there been underwritten by two arrests talk city business up here and lodging said clearly enough to take me out of the secretions that but worries them under rights under rights and the businesses that we enjoyed we’ll get to eat it does restaurants we’ll get some taste wine go to the star shop of these boutiques if we don’t have 2 hours and dollars that are helping the small business to stay afloat it’s an essential part of our local economy is an essential part of who we are as a community and this is what’s helping to fuel many of the things that are the best and brightest spots in McMinnville Selma that that has continued to be a part of this process as a community that’s a conversation we should continue to have Maria Del instead of really eloquently about who we don’t want to be as a very important as the visiting cannot always has pressed to keep an eye on not just explicitly had a brain is needed for the town and get them to spend as much money as possible cuts in foreign lands by what is this town that we bring the two who are we in hilly one of the anatomy protect fact and that’s very important to who we are as well so do you any of you have any questions specific to the formation of a Zidek Manville lodging tax and in our community when the L.a., so I actually am, part of what you talk about something that we hear feedback about which is with all of the, visible of emphasis on cars and there’s a concern that , like third street will become just about forest yeah, so we get out alive and ensure you guys get a lot to learn what he had initially feel that to help them out to understand that emphasis on sustainable communities that it’s not just me about that or is this also about the fifth and I think that there could be temptation to bite off the nose to spite your face a bright and if we’ve when people come here rights act two guests all the time and then it’s it’s just a lucky that I get to do this I wish you all got to see our community through other people’s eyes on a daily basis because it’s so incredible to see the wonder the first time somebody comes in a walk and third CDC this town and there just to dazzle that their star struck it’s so beautiful is so turn each hand and they always seem too identified very quickly that there is something very special here and not as there is a real mess today. 88 that he is the fact that we have a pharmacy in downtown McMinnville that we have, the book shops in law offices and things that are not just exclusively about to arrest if we suddenly had on to 45 wine bars in downtown McMinnville people would stop same acts that people are coming here to visit think stocks 80 my gosh this is the special was a sellout leach said it’s pretty back in a fence and charm that they promised the magic would be gone and so eight days of our job to protect the authenticity to protect what these subpar keating special about McMinnville entities that Maddox there’s a lot of work here for lack of better terms that something to be protected and nurtured and preserve cash and the moment that we stop protecting energy in preserving that we’ve got ourselves a huge disservice auditors and frontier because people people are very good at Siena Friday night we outline you can see a fried quickly and easily add a second we allow ourselves to become a fried we no longer have anything to stop so I think that it has as it is a community as a destination marketing organization two projects that we would never have a rather one 3rd street to be something that appeals solely to stress at the same time and privately happy is somebody is born and raised its role as tourist dollars to help underwrite a having all of these lovely things that we can swing joined in downtown nickname LP and when those people follow live in the fair lakes that they are like Allen that our lakes acted in our community benefits from the talent and expertise and ingenuity and businesses coming and that that pays dividends to last many many many times over as a community so it I agree it’s a really careful on balancing acts, but it’s one that I think that we’re we’re very pleased to do and acted on a jump too far ahead but we’ve talked at 1. with counsel adonis are and the city we’d had done any convention center and there’s a lot of reasons why that model of tours and doesn’t make sense for our community, it has to do with the type of tours and that we have to gain the fact that were largely leisure market and if we added eight in my humble opinion if we added a convention center you install every room in this town was somebody with with people who were coming to eat three meals a day at a meeting at a convention and take all the bad city no longer have people two goat tying in our restaurants shop and are stores NT and tasted our tasting rooms so we have to always be very thoughtful and very strategic about the type of tours them are cultivating here in the type of overnight guest because it’s not all the same and there are some Brands that are going to work for us as a community and there are some Brands that are not pitch and I’m faxing sacred cows and always be dialoguing about the system really important discussion at the people and asking those questions are right to asking those questions and there’s a lot of great answers for you to be able to give back in terms of the benefits that the springs track of our community when done a smart thoughtful intentional by that a great answer tough to call them back to the F- the other questions for you and the edition of all of them -and-S- actual as tiny little story on that I remember this afternoon’s and hadn’t thought about a longtime on the eighth at ancillary two hands story about waiting in line and restaurants and on those of you who are here in no way to nine the use will remember the wonderful rest on the team to third street called cafe as a while and it was owned by clarin Shauna who are two sisters for in the wooded man and endive and sad their family was that had great crime family but they were very enamored of the wild frontier regions of Mexico fish and they opened a restaurant called cafes along third street and the food was spectacular it was so so bad and sit on the summer that I was pretty was my first child was also the executive director and I can see each and so I wasn’t in 2000 cooking at home but I8 that, tennis on a cell and every eight mean literally like four nights a week anyway I’d I remember very clearly on when flair and Shawn and decided they had to close and moved to Portland six and eight sat down at our table one night and said we tried to we’re really really tried to make this work here but you know the backs of the people who would dine out in McMinnville can’t support all these restaurants and we see that you’re trying to be said to us we see that you’re eating in restaurants on a regular basis by there just aren’t enough people in the city of McMinnville to support the fizzle in and sit on a mattress 1997 cell they went to Portland and can have a very successful business there for another decade but, waiting to see that senate happens any of our beloved restaurants that we have now on an idea thought that was important based on errands restaurants or even on the cell and Taiwan is excellent and then it’s just too bringing attention two V on economic development strategic plan that the city wanted a process of creating and last year I was on technically in name on that committee but I am was unable to attend as many of those sessions as I would like to nine million familiar with the results the Mac Town 2023 planned on that night’s and is it a little we feel like we’re partnering with the city to make some of those on that priorities come true and that the one that comes to mind is the number six I think you have this in your pocket up there the strategic priorities to become the preferred destination for wine related to a sum to diversify tourism to destinations beyond wine into marketing for bob wickman belch on seems to me that the city hasn’t put a lot of investment and two thinking about our economic development for the future and on how that end, tourism can be a keeper component in that I wanna talk just from minutes on on the ballot to the wine industry a nicely it’s not the only industry in the hospitality on roundup and that that tourism is supporting each might just a touch from an anon homeport media star community on and sat on this phrase here under economic prosperity on a balanced array of traditional and innovative industry sectors I’m not sure that people think about the business is the first of all the employees have of wineries and businesses that’s the wine industry requires to survive when they think about mind to areas on which you think I think the most obvious are those tasty women plays food, stands behind the counter and pour wine and tell our stories for us two on the public to come to a CS and on and believe me those people are really important, I am I just interviewed today for another woman to work in our tasting room at 9:00 AM and stop is a living wage that is not an entry level position necessarily on the lawsuit that tell a story so many of the now the wonderful Casey Clark &Works for us and it came to work for us as a part time at which uses students at Linfield shooting her senior year she was just 21 years old she worked part time in the tasting and impart some of the bookstore cash and sons has not been with us for seven years she said director of fish on market of special August Retail -I can’t remember if I had to make at the time the final for her anyway season really important and she’s sending money to buy a house in this community with Jones helped and comments to sell I just I think that’s a really telling thing about the wine industry that we are creating real jobs and we’re not just creating hospitality jobs we hired had to write this was done because I was brainstorming through the stomach and remember all this, we try your wine makers assistant winemaker Salo workers to countenance compliant specialists marketing professionals that planners public relations and many wineries have lots of staff people to do all those different jobs that are stored it’s me and Casey and robbed-bat, and we also engage with a lot of local businesses local builders attorneys CPAs Banks graphic designers printers there are lots of businesses in this community that are here because they’re supporting the winery’s of the Willamette Valley not just of McMinnville we have died in glass from the bottle distribution companies barrels between a mobile bottling Lines I’d die taking even accent and write that list and initiative because there’s so many businesses who employ a local people could get that those businesses support the Willamette Valley wine industry and a lot of those people live and work here in McMinnville , and those are also living wage jobs so wineries are not just hospitality related there also marked manufacturing and agriculture and those are two things that are deeply embedded and the rates of this community and six, I just wanna bring a tear tension because I think it’s really important to remember that, on a day to day basis on the other thing I wanted to mention was that it is the PM or celebration and another that you have a less familiar with, Oregon pinot can touch when he talked about people who come too but Mandela for tourism related purposes and one of live here one time I put an addict and on tour and tasting room and get on the web site called when john Stockton and fish and this was 10 years ago but it’s still really important we learned this year that’s on what Dundee and Newberg world while Mr. That’s because all the campers wanted to stay in McMinnville laden highest AM Sunday in Newberg anymore they wanted everyone but Christiane the frames for that yet that fish on and OS and I can see the same 800 people who come from all over the world touch therapy known while others they come here and they lost McMinnville NIC and get sicker rates it is maybe one of the best ways to show off the Oregon line community two outsiders because it’s a wonderful both of those events are wonderful, evidence of art to the way our community works collaboratively on I think that’s already have on my list was very happy to answer questions if anybody has any any questions for Maria thank you for your story island and to tell a story about one of her and places well before this evening is over , opened in queue Allen Nan Britton again a man are keep this brief because we’re running blame behind schedule and many of the things I was content I’m having a sense I will be repetitive ideal of an instance of a little bit about how our board operates an approach is this some on this challenging this opportunity for McMinnville , I did mention one minor dismiss out by do have a little background in the treasure for the organization I spent 20 years and Financial Services , before I got into the wine industry sought 20 years of strategic planning marketing and branding and a financial planning before getting into lined for another 21 years, L-so if I had about half and half the man approached, I approached this board and I’ve now sat on six boards in the inland valley since I came to work in Oregon since he came to us to the state and I had I can tell you, with all sincerity that this board and the Oregon line board of the two most strategically im and discipline boards and I worked on its been a pleasure to be part of this organization as a result there been other board siding on that have not been that much, but this one, because it takes such a strategic and on data driven approach to everything we do on the look and everything we do with the great amount of the fiduciary responsibility and Scott and Jeff and Kelly said on a report in our city and our meetings can attest to that on weird added Redmond and your results tripping and that’s what makes this so find is that every time we decide to spend a dollar we wanna know how we’re going to leverage that dollar in Howard and measure the impact that dollar and there’s very few volunteer organizations driven organizational boards that will operate at that level and so I’m I’m very, very pleased to see that we’ve been able to maintain at two aren’t 44 1/2 years of things, but existence every time to tree and death present a program for make a recommendation there’s their metrics and valuation techniques tight to that so that we will know if it’s being on impactful in itself out: Packwood is and whether we need to make any adjustments at least a week we made very few long-term commitment so that we can be nimble enough to react to the marketplace and to the results and metrics that we’re seeing and then make adjustments accordingly so that we spend every dollar we can get a high impact of the other thing that this organization doesn’t really well and it’s checked into a tree and giving 99% of the credit to need heard this before but I don’t think NT except through all of this for four years to precede the amount the leverage partnerships to get not just our dollars of work for us but other people’s money at work for us and is nothing better than spending other people’s money to help you achieve your of your calls so rather than do things that are redundant part in a silo without any impact they find ways to partner and get other people to spend their dollars in the same direction that we’re trying to move so that we leverage and 234510 times over the been very good at doing that with travel Oregon with lemon valley visitors association now with Willamette Valley wineries association who has as its head of the personalities to run their regional destination marketing organization in the finger lakes in New York and who gets exactly what how this all works and to be able to partner with people like cash that those brains together with this creative team and leverage that make up on work for our community is invaluable than that on just a couple of examples of things that we worked on that and outage at the end of really want the council 22 be aware of that hopefully ask questions about are to investigate further as we go through this process this year is that every time on the major project is look bad, we look at the legal out and get the data you do not sit in a room and when anecdotally decide how how we should precede a couple of examples of that would be first thing that he doesn’t know we formed an organization was mile per should open the visitor center were all like to live course for developing a visitor center customer in our tourism and then as we dealt in demand in the analysis it became clear that that was not the best use of the dollars that we had it that most people that we’re trying to attract to this sport that community I would venture that Scott does not lead to lead its two in town and then locks and the visitor center decide where Eastin E race, state and risqué shot so people don’t use visitor centers the way they used do everything is digital editing is online so wished we put the money to the website not in a brick and mortar visitor center high value high dollar high leverage the same thing with group sales we settled course we should have a convention center of some type of organs and have to sell a guy like an Arts &Entertainment center in several we we all would love to have-a team in sacks, but we need to do the work in the analysis so we find it a crime, a group sales, steady to get people who, were outside of our community to give us some input and some perspective on this and it turns out that at this point in a revelation that isn’t the best use of our funds at least that was the board’s decision , because AIDS expand its very expensive we would need to be 40,000 square feet or larger to make it worthwhile that’s tens of millions of dollars and a directly competes that the leisure business that we’re still finding is barnett’s if you’re behind Serb-skies are we all have a lot see that offer in terms of charm so maybe a visitor may be a convention center seeking bring bodies in the dollar’s makes sense in some communities for us and we have something else to attract the visitor other than just a hotel rooms and meeting room so not saying that action be on the table from long-term discussion that has an immediate priority of what it did make the last so everything we do is prioritized instruct us to happen and strategize to and it doesn’t mean it’s off to waste it just means what everyone’s been $now where to get the biggest bang for buck has been bused in message on any light on on on your badge and he talked about putting this research project on what percentage of your funding is mandated to coach for its marketing vs. Adnan vs. Researcher isn’t mandated know it’s not mandated so it’s up to the board to say that’s make sure we have overhead and on personnel balanced with programming so how many dollars are actually going too far kidding or promoting this week and-so we acted very strategically looked at let’s make sure of medicine may need is just like a prop up the charity how many of the dollars that that charity takes a and are going to actually help somebody vs. overhead and on other costs so we we look at it very similar least as those types of ratios this, let’s make sure that we have in knots down enough overhead to get the work done and it’s being done at a high level so that we’re getting value but let’s make sure if a majority of the many custom programming and in programming can be anything from a media tour two and ad by two up designed for a new video to go on the web site for social me up for anything that is actually going to types the potential consumer that we’re trying to reach 10 of those kind of the three pieces of your IE the staffing park in the strait of overhead staffing and programming as I would say 70% is going to over 70% two programming which is what we wanna see a PC something that’s getting down to forge 50% are last thing you can you could not be you’re not leveraging your dollar swell to enter a question of if, another study that we did was because one of the challenges we found with visitors to the community was weak finding so we did a study that we partly we didn’t intentionally to help kick off that conversation in that development with the city because we’re not in the business of way finding per same terms of structure that’s it’s grateful to connect the dots for visitors so that they can find all the wonderful things that are available in McMinnville said that was another study that we did that would then be to partner with the city to help on develop went beyond points this city’s long-term planning was done and it could be folded into that conversation so Mr. Couple of things that we’ve done in addition to our programming two B strategic about how we approach how we spend these dollars and the board is is again very cognizant of their fiduciary responsibility of making sure that those dollars are spent to the best of our ability to have the biggest impact and the biggest return for the largest number of businesses in the community as well as the economic development piece that is an inherent part of that success of bringing people who have carved unfamiliar with McMinnville two McMinnville, I’d say that I had one word to describe arm on track its leverage how do we leverage our connections are partnerships in our dollars to the greatest advantage of this community without killing what makes it so wonderful and what makes it so wonderful is that there are locals in the businesses in the restaurants in the shops in that in the community and it’s not all Taurus and that’s what happening now but it became all tourists and that it gets help the charm of those small towns so we have to make sure that whenever we do is in conjunction with economic development to bring people businesses and locals into this process and into our business is so that it’s a sharing of locals and visitors can be the visitors connect six periods, the magic of a real community vs. the fake commun-Fab of this that’s how I would look at having lived through both processes that have any of the questions for a one OK thank you to look like we’ve got some of local tourism stakeholders and we’ve started jamming and the Diana welcome to cots to deceive if the headline Dana raise from toasters and let the record show Todd Sears and 907S8 SFSAFISFS school and had we are others in that market E near fair to strengthen community gathering space and a 10,000 square foot renovated industrial warehouse on helping avenue on which is making those of us are in all this is awakening is developing craft district on au when Mr. Of her song about visited Mendel on before we live here we were on living on the road and all their shame for two years ago and on the same looking for any hometown after spending six years and Seattle bands mean a chair eastern coast are here extends a sun, sand on coming to Portland and we were very quickly enamored with this town in community and on that is in large part due to visit nicole’s efforts on a freezing the web sites and just getting the message seemed on and do this-and the press signing of a dozen on laden sunset was the result and-down so on the radar we live here we live here and on if you know me at all that and always looking for something to make do build creates a hand on so the decision and here was not just that having a wonderful ice owl is where coming that’s where can we start something and on top of the needed we felt was right with alpine avenue on and there is sporadic swinging very early on and on on so bad that park it was concedes it and on ending the business plan had to projections of packing large part of that the arm and its shares in hours and had backed out of our projections great frankly there on imperatives in our concept that’s very large space there did build out on a very big investments and so very solid waste of cheers and numbers underwrite our business on the site to say that card business is for two arrests it’s very much for this community, it’s that is something that I can’t say many had his day in and out, let me know that we’ve been hoping for the past five weekends and it does what I projected that those numbers necessary for our business are still very much true, had died of says something I say in my head and sit down strike that balance fishing and being a community studies at the state’s tourism dollars as a downtown wedding , donate the space to a nonprofit a local nonprofit Leno as that’s 10 of the way that I see it had to play that is not working, of course again or five weeks and a business-as I’ve learned ending on Turner I don’t know anything -but-island something subtle, and is one of the MN our business, it’s a lot other small businesses in the valley when it comes to food and drink and we like the outside Paris to come in and see that and see what our community as offer a ruse for us in the community have been done to make his readiness- up any questions of life in and out of an inward as Dr. We’re not just like we’re in a store to leave-FFFSSM and at a Manhattan it’s a real need to have any Engen zero and I am not as talented as all of these lovely fate people that I will guarantee line is a passionate about this community on when IE decided to move home which is home to me it was a 2008 which could then probably the worst time to move home to the business that was hopefully what we wanted to do forever right on all of people that I left in Portland spot it was crazy they called me talk TV can understand if the same people, the weekly and can I can stay and we sleep, are restated the address last week and we’re not that secondhand little bit IE that I think the biggest thing in the party which unfolded as the action of the best job because I need to do two things I need to run a business in this community and be supported by this community I get to sell houses to this community and they also get to talk to people that’s to air is clean, here in C are lovely community through their eyes and the biggest hit my favorite thing to do is: your finance when you need to work out a walkie-talkie to yield one here not mainly marked another and I think that that is the beauty of what we have and that we can communicate back and that people do truly CS I worked many mornings are about pasta for recent because one in the pits the creative outlet the two most of the folks that are coming to our door Monday morning and took 16 over the weekend and they are coming and in their having conversations with me because their light and I’m always a leading a wedge come here watching here would be doing their ID oaks that made on most of them to come from white a lot of income for the coast airline down because they just drove 13091 of the state and that’s an amazing thing and we always get held at every once in icy roads are connected to an e-mail we get like a list of Canada concierges to restrain because people come and worsening E percent of Tracor sides do anything in the town what would my activities that I can do some of the powers markets on Thursday so we really tried and promotes what we do best in this community, one of the best example bridges had action Monday morning where of the open doors and 15 people often orphan like the outside is one and one each and were chatting with them they were 15 people can read and outs that window and South Dakota and a decided they wanted a spender 40th birthday here and is that was called couples so they were young men and women and they were lights holding everything they did all we can and when of that has experienced a hush and they wanted to come and spend the last couple hours they had on our third street and it is our third street because that’s who we are it’s the backbone of our community when needed mention like the locals are trying to find like wears out balance of the tourism and locals crime but suffice to say to 75% less of the businesses that are out there street are owned by locals we live here we work here we play here and ask is why the locals to continue to support what we do downtown and that’s the encouragement that we had were doing this for that it’s it’s supported by what this group has donned the last 45 years and were really grateful for it because when we came back and I came back and 2008 couldn’t have been a worse time to come back we’ll really struggled as a business two survived out that we were committed to building a building downtown to move into business downtown and supporting the committee that would happen in that community has been back to us and we appreciate that the system will Toussaint thank you have any questions OK lets the move over Jeff A has made a plea for speed, but a year of peers or things of that the fact that in the U.S., Si Harding has also are featured. And as often as they could you please, yet-to-the-F , our main goal is to prove that the economy and livability of our town, both for visitors into the police here, can we reduce other a lot of different ways, so what have you know our plans for the river tickets that to you and even the plan for strategy when the plane of that we’re also diversifying their destination from from all you just ate all about soon when you hear about the wine industry is a massive think it’s the 16 billion dollar impact it is here it is out of its top what we’re doing and that the industry is going to have the intended to grow and will continue to do what is going to do without anyone steering so I think having an organization like DOS, bewildered interface that have been kind of work with other economic development organizations about the future of that particular impact is a particularly unique industry in the sense that it is its main goal as manufacturing of industries to sell you the products directly into that fit their most profitable when a visitor comes in the bible of something directly from the mix, and all of those folks with the same, priorities are the majority of those first eight are located are coming over to earn 15 those operations within 20 miles so, we talk about some resumes at the grocery talk about the wine industry it’s not black and it’s so great so interwoven, jobs, grades and everything is such a ripple effect that and we need to be more than that, we need to diversify our focus, so for us were running, a few different, please you would on expanding outdoor recreation , Edward tourism and arts and culture are doing that again through everything partnerships, three working with, the county and region with the state, and really focusing on a diversified enough for this nation to know that will serve tourists, but also certain quality of life for people who live here to work here, to give them all the things to constantly proud of that for-addition, if we didn’t bring this up their main focus is executing programs that benefit costs and we needed them also shoulder season and low season some of the trajectory April part of the strategy is how to get more people to come during those periods of time they’re making inroads in that as great inroads, but we’re not there yet and that that is the main other looking through, using the Lanes to drive the city’s mission for economic development your priorities that that’s our main boulevard and enforces so, I can talk all night and overrun really along so I think I’m going to leave of the open enough for questions because of relief that it’s such a big topic and it’s so important, make sure that isn’t together almost somewhere working your plan and the year and easing with us, as as partners as we put a lot of thought energy into this, and we love doing so ticket to thank you Jeff, the system that thankful II wanted individually thank everyone was presented to much you have passion you have a love for this community much like we do and if you have an expertise and that’s what you bring to the table on this committee and you know you talk about your history of starting here and we started our we you know we were just kind of in the dark kind of feel out what those can be best end and like everything we do in McMinnville , we do what the McMinnville way and will go down a path to see that as a film like we backed up and say what feels right we looked and weeks and we learn and we’ve learned so much you guys is a board have learned new jail together and I have the opportunity to drop in on your board meetings among member but view of grace and graciously let me come and be a part of it and every one of you have smiles on their face you have a good time you work hard and that started back to the very beginning with a median on a weekly bases and then those were hard times we were putting lot of efforts and then sold to thank you for telling the story because it was a more complete story you as a as a council where and what we ought to what we wanted to look like and so I’m just hoping that yeah, and some figured I’d first like the mayor said I really appreciate the expertise and the work that you’re coming into this for its I’ve won the most high functioning public boards that I’ve seen long, more-Ching boards in our city so really thank you for that, commitment and I’d also like to say and I’ve had the opportunity last several years just professionally to be able to travel around to most of the smaller communities around the state, mostly cities are signs are smaller and there’s not one community that I’ve seen that has the kind of diversity of economy that we have in McMinnville is attracting kind of investment that were attracting us think a lot of that has to do with the wine industry and travel and tourism and also your efforts, particular the last couple years and sell ideas I’ve told some of you individually have been consistently impressed with the quality of work that you do in terms of travel and tourism and promotions so I really appreciate that I’d really appreciate and aaron’s comments especially about the importance of marketing and promotion to build and maintain economic vitality year , I guess for me the question isn’t whether we should fund visit the McMinnville to the extent they were investing and marketing for the city at all I don’t think we could spend a dollar better than we spend with your organization am absolutely convinced of that , the one I’m glad I’m a little concerned about is that the statutory authority for the frenzy lodging tax allows four destination marketing and that type of expenditure what you’re doing it also allows for infrastructure and so I looked at the travel Oregon document from 2000 made a note really didn’t have you noticed this fled it that time among the things that are still authorized allowed in the statute because a lot of the spending at that time predated 2003 saves a lot of things are restricted , after 2003 that were still have more in play, at that time that it was about a 6040 split between tourism infrastructure and 60 that and 42 marketing event I know I’m guessing that skin and change substantially but I feel like in our city of 100% said marketing and travel and tourism for promotions and zero to infrastructure and I look in tourism facilities that we have in the city we’ve got the biggest of airplane related tourism event coming to McMinnville this weekend in our Airport is in disrepair that needs investment , I appreciate the study that he reported, about, convention center type facilities and I appreciate not wanting to bring in a convention center that would compete with local beauty whether it’s a hotel or restaurant we want those that those dollars to be spread out through the community not isolated into one single spots I understand your point of view on that especially errant but the the idea that we don’t need more meeting space hiring meeting space the kind of meeting space that was described in kaiser will be greater , and so the perspective that I have is 100% think that you guys are doing amazing work but I also think that we need to be able to balance water expenditures are on marketing with other priorities in a limited budget and so, I does one assuring with you that that’s my point of view it’s not any negative reflection on your workday I think your work is outstanding so I just wanted to share that point of view with you and say how much I appreciate if you’re going to speak of us to-do some other other questions or comments the S.F. the evening, a question a sick baby for Jeff and fervor of them if not, notified and fully articulated that maybe you can grab I’m asking them if he’s toppled it is a danger, but I think that’s reflected a lot, but you can’t believe you’re a rapid success through then I agree you, the more than any I’ve seen other statewide organization’s success and other from the national organization’s success are we following a national industry trend in increased in tourism overall I think I see on the macroeconomic scale and increase and leisure activities and tourism, across the board could kill more people are staying places where people are traveling more people can afford to do that so are we just following a trend or are we, head of the curve for a thought on this day will always be a lot of the item is there a little of the hundreds of a file safe-conduct other travel or a national the foreign travel is training very positively from the internationally new control and leave them of their national travel bargains is really good , regional leaders that activism and we see is a higher home values visitor they have a small fire value of a sense of them more money to spend some more frequently in this, and that’s the type of visitor received as far as friends in from our occupancy rates and demands are outpacing our region you know we leave a hole in the one-little at a visitor’s averaged out of the receipt of the state level we’re performing better , I think the way that we are approaching economic development , what a party tours and as economic development journals of concept near leader in our community that we were a pass though which is the national conference , for what we do in Boston last month and there’s a clear attending a seminar that basically says no to as they were considering tours and economic development now , in which I was to me it seems like an obvious thing and the second element, but on a national level that they were saying was this isn’t a new concept as far as how they’re looking for in their loans to measure things so I think we’re acting as leaders false and how we operate, we are looking to use tourism’s economic development partner with people like any TV that not-half the stable table type model where we have these, paid folks operating partner called for an economic development now it’s a very long time answer questions that I would like to think in the dozen or so we’re leaders and are outperforming the trend at least originally get an agent of that on the swings his ideas every one that life is sas & section leader on NT out C returns a 41% of the dozen 15 I don’t know what other communities in Oregon with the growth does look like, the last few years that increase the price is anybody else has grown 41% and more aid also like to refrain your question just a little bit so I think I did this the right of what you’re asking that the edits it’s a great question is this the same time we stopped at the height is a growth compared to other communities groused that ate something that kind of elected to say that was a part of the comments I had prepared night is that we’re very elect T also in its heyday of forest that we have here at EL in your pocket he’s got some data from looking at that hearing maker named out to twice that we have here and see what the Willamette Valley and the state of Oregon as a whole fish when you’re looking at the household income for visited the state of Oregon you’re looking at about $60,000 a year is out average household income when you’re the table and high concept that said about 70 near the beginning of act average household income for a visitor is $140,000 and Masi indifference so it’s not just what the growth of like the other peoples. But what is the capacity of its course that’s coming very specifically to make an outstanding day here at overnight guests that spending three times more than three times more well bright to guess that we’re talking here is that he’s a heist and gas and we’re looking at our community who were looking at Juanita low impact on our roads and are servicing is we’re very lucky that because of the wine industry because of an easing culinary scene of the type of tours and that has been an actual equal to the nets often that we are cultivating very specifically does have been the antigen bringing a smaller number of people less impact on our services in the mid-chairman at a clear that more than 10 times more than are spending in other parts of Oregon that Simi is a really important number 10 lead when you’re looking at household income and say the household incomes to get his works by their per person stand is also dramatically where the party size and this is not in your packet delivery looking at the chapel size is that they did detective becomes infer converse you’re looking at all was 3.5% of the great coming to the rest of Oregon that we needed to make an invalid that has added 2.5 for guitar seem smaller number of average people in your party for lots more standard and I think the documents to the heart of what he were asking about in terms that have the staff at compared to other communities and I personally think that that has a great advantage for our community and having that specific brand of Tarzan and Internet and growth and NASA civic printers and a relatively short intent to and hopefully we can deploy the strategy like Scottsdale to get the most UN opener. finance an amazing guess I was also not an economic developments on committee and making the leaves young people that was something of that study pointed out the hands and is it making those efforts are really directly interests that young person between the came back after college that I think he came back to the staff to college at the route liars and not a little dates, but the more that is anything that is able to duplicate this brand and more we would help to Jackson could maintain the businesses that are anxious to get other people did better opportunity we have is a community to bring those people back regular people back sooner in thinking and making that’s a really important object a look at two and enter the NFL and upper layer . Other questions when II actually have fallen just comment on that and I think this kind is back to the question I got an earlier about the concern about moving more cards tourism and away from locals and I think that this graph that shows the , income averaging, the tour is to dress is that because the businesses that will grow too the accessible to some as a friend salary of 140,000 a year is different rate than the businesses that might grow up for are the inning, and so I guess that’s something just a common observation they had been looking at the craft of flight well OK there’s maybe that can be a little bits of, the point of focus for us to see what kind of businesses there are growing up two and two meet the needs of the store is that might be different, mix of businesses and what will attract the locals that can try to keep a balance that that’s more just an observation the other question I have never know who it’s for exactly that, I wondered if somebody on & near Bordeaux or Jaffe could talk about life’s outcry that it has a ring conversation about infrastructure investment in addition to marketing and fell in addition to what you guys have already talked about and what kind of infrastructure and investment are allowed even when I guess I’m not clear on that either with regards to this the funds at the defeat of who will pay off whip NF 1 of the challenges between them all as business move up to a fire-danger of him from having to prove that some type of food-E F. Hutton it was a big question is even the DC like $18.00 when you start throwing these dollars we start leveraging these dollars to marketing programs he can get: big bang for the dollar when he started allocating a child of that two key infrastructure the become very small dollars very quickly as infrastructure to sell expensive which is one of the problems year we’re all trying address from the city’s standpoint is any money to do all these things if I take a dollar in pretty good and the infrastructure vs. the dollar of leverage marketing and PR there not to go as high winds not to go as far as the other and very quickly we start eating into the programming dollars with a small infrastructure investment that is hard and two pencil out a name return on investment basics what is the return on investment in a B or that little piece of infrastructure that we can afford allocate vs. if we took the same dollars and did something else with them I’m not saying that you know we shouldn’t do it district judge is saying I look at it from the CFL perspective of glitzy are alive on the dollar band and its infrastructure one of the other dollars required of investment to support court or complete data into structure and where those dollars in income, so it’s and it’s it’s not that we’re for marketing in against infrastructure I would love to see a lot of infrastructure improvements done in the city is just what is the best use of a dollar today with the death of a dollar to three years from now is their strategic plan that supports that infrastructure investment to make it worthwhile and cancel out on a fire line bases that can tell I look at it I think it’s kind of them, I really appreciate watchers are talking about is because we need to have a strategic plan and so if we’re looking at the Airport and we need to update our Airport master plan and see what makes sense then we come to the table and local resources and make a determination, possibly what might make sense but that’s not today that some discussion and later time but knowing that if this is that this is a discussion that we need and we need to have an open this among ourselves to be able to take a look at the resources that come in with arch are higher than transit lodging tax and seeing is that Ten Jeanne Moos a little bit down the road as we do our due diligence in understanding like it that the Airport, we need to update that Airport master plan does right now saying that we need to pour money into the Airport word we put we don’t have a master plan so that the rest I think upon the council and then we have dialogs inch that’s what I like about tonight for Copeland we’re talking with telling this story were bringing the counselors up to the same level of all of the city of work done some of this in such I understand wind even sell in December to talk about I think that rest upon us to do little master planning, possibly where we need to go yet, just to respond that marrow is a reference in the Airport is an example of tourism related facility but again you have done this pragmatic, deftly take your point about the importance of leveraged-course dinner we can do that with TLC dollars and that’s authorizing the statute and I agree with you that we need to do a balancing act between the valley’s marketing expenditures that that help sustain your businesses but also other areas of the city that that that archers and related that are also in need of of of funds and again I can keep mentioning the report because of such a clear example of there’s nothing I would love more as a high and wide array of owner and have people be able to fly into an Airport like they do in Napa and spend 810000 dollars online loaded into their private jet that a get-together and the challenges that there’s just limited places to go for those kinds of resources and denied I see the cello back there and think is that the director of Ara county fairgrounds is that as a light so there’s a lot of there’s a lot of needs in our community that extend beyond the hotels and restaurants and then then the wine industry that is even those are central to our economy and in the Airport and that’s another example of them if we did the improvements to the Airport and I hope we do as a city improve our Airport if we’re going to use that as a tour is an asset in half this to market at the end-zone just because we improve sending of the Airport does it mean somebody and in queue stains can know they can jump on their private jet outcome than the end of the than half the market what we do have to get them to say come to make an imbalance danger dollar so it’s it’s a synergistic process and we have to make sure there’s enough funds to support both sides have any place. But now I think when you’re looking at any business the first 3 to 5 years is just I did get men over the hump and getting a really moving A and her friend of five year market this point in time to take the opportunity within the next two years to really build that these funds and be able to have been out at some point once we have the strategic plans in place that had been start considering how the stores to be allocated and some infrastructure of the very positive thing that II do think that’s enough to do it prematurely when we’re still working on getting this to the very best we can be at this point in time to sell you know it as CNN and I feel it isn’t until the file more time to make this really everything they can also vary a part of the extremely competitive in with a small family trying to promote as a guest in seven e-mail there’s there’s opportunity and IE there’s the cost and not doing things so we just have to again it’s a balancing act that something’s working the delta and stop doing it in the one extreme to keep that in Jim telling what you’re doing the other things that have begun to continue to roll the asset as as I see a clean bill of being disloyal duel that we want to develop both from a tourist in assets of also- or-benefits as Aaron said the other robust infrastructure to go along with a robust, tourism to get the thing to share dollars I think a disadvantage and I’m sure they could not start at two million but then out over the years they were at the two NATO fighters only top of the Michelin is said to shows that these programs can be highly successful in that part of this could be several money for infrastructure at some point the ads don’t like it is definitely are into today’s announcements and airports and will be the above two of all pigs invasion kiosks to service business travelers out their stand at the museum has to be implementing this year so we’re not opposed to a guess the titles conversations and let’s do it as partners and strategic data as a whirl saying that there is no evidence that from any other questions from the council and, some from the Airport in the center for commercials that start off about one but to date would agree with the mayor that we are to be embarking on a conference a plan that the next couple years and after that comes through I would anticipate that will be looking until $2.00, won the big needs I can think of right now would be a lack of an appeal building, and then from a tourism standpoint is a fear of Sealth plan of the senate, by $10,000 for the one you don’t hear Learjet sitting on the runway all my waist and packets and say to the united house transit aircraft which we currently do not have hauled so doesn’t fit into south of my head not going to a conference plan process but and shoes can be a lot of things out there that there can be looking for money from that don’t come through Federal grants second to that would be fed could you elaborate a little bit on the diversity of what you want to ban bar, visit in the lake is it about the shoulder season one thing I could think of what Geary said nothing in the crowd is the of the Mac track is one of six Colin Jackson state one of three outdoor road race tracks and hadn’t seen anywhere on the visit, but the website and skiers again never reached out to them and they did 2 to 3 day races so it is overnight stays , and that come with a very common $4060 thousand household income to be able to do that and Tele Northwest a question we have, contacted some help in group sales for the last six months when a ritual happens too has actually just met with some of the army of fairgrounds as we feel like there’s a big opportunity there for a greater synergy promotion is also pretty messed some of the cheering to the county commissioners buzz has asked this of the acid they’re so we are connecting with the events of the appetizer coming and we have met with the Mac tried a year and 1/2 ago, Stanley work of some two and act of opportunities but did not have a chance to seal the deal of anything so that’s a good sign that we are now actively seeking her business of the system we have so we host and tours hopefully roasting, we are focused on small for preeminence because our missing reel hurdles with attracting events pay some of the boxed set meeting facilities it’s the ability to house meetings, yesterday’s meeting so is that we have meaning facilities that can become a small bands we just don’t have the rooms to accommodate the mix when most people want, so we’re looking at how do we attract sporting events things the cycle precedence for working with a cycling to get people out here, talking about a total whole list of things that the sake of time Mexicans a gradient missile and focus on this type of thing we will revisit that whenever you to set and one was done gardens other growing crop canvas tents to tumble it settle in for dispense reason, three are locally owned to around by multigenerational locals to break point, to that end, we would be a head we’ve not taken a position on promoting fan of this as an organization, as it is Federal evening update , recognized, the whole thing loving son of thinking movies, consider is as a board, you take leadership from its face of it as one community that I know in the state that does that that is that if half as far as if there’s always another enough and hunting for their local business and I think that they’ve paid taxes and their explaining the mission and severe than they are I can stay out of our guests NASCAR concierges all the time about it and includes years and expects the nation’s tables and it’s a great season. He wants to fit one media over host if there’s 1/2-off, the pizza-uses the third visitors as of the eagle place to do MF, so if you would serve as sales would be doing a disservice for these people auction of a disagreement was legally so it’s up above the hero to cancel the CNN at the end of the having a day of the U.S. use of port-a-half -discussed about when we were first building a website they have this is to become as UNLV Morgan and need to address it in one hand because bodies and we settle back to it, because it is a dozen viable businesses manage acting two arrests, so that we shouldn’t just thought but we also need for legal and light-side tax cuts and-a-LUISS-L and you talk about pianist and if you as an industry-manning and will try to get a minimum it could be listed on the website how wineries and breweries are mainly permitted in the city we have a local tax on is the council of Eastern Canada from a standpoint so old and has Microsoft in and out, so the ad council to discuss what happened happened the first day of the fight the distinctive more discussions we hadn’t known for some of the laws as you know for consumption of alcohol vs. consumption canister differently to take the ball linebacker hotel room and pop and open and rigid, legally-pressed the case with campus the pick up your local store so, the deceased be more discussion of the hat on them and weather conditions into the stores in their ways to do that I think within one, that the autumnal fugitive systems right now the company that things could somebody I would hope that the travel Oregon folks would take another that her legislative policy because that I do think that’s legality of you sitting on the mound there’s there are tennis is available in multiple forms that it would be legal so I don’t think that’s necessarily in that event to validate the conversation but on I always shied away from getting in trying to get too specific than directional and we have a working relationship with a group and it’s that groups job to come and advise us about the research they’ve done in the direction that they think they should Allen and fill us with information I think it’s great to play now when you see that’s that’s insane and make suggestions and volley and over but I just would hate to start getting into on getting out level of specific instruction Vietnam War is also recommended that the issue, one of the things it-out initially was just that the industry itself needed to settle down and ends and some things need to work itself out and certainly not seen a significant reduction in the number of of, place the offer on the sentence is so I think it is time to panic and legal of the same time we were the SMS I believe we could only handles any state itself of a sudden, I was asking the first month on the job to give us begin California have an all-out how their one and one I have looked inward as CNN’s Andrea mead high heat-of these opportunities we’ve really do because the board, called the significance of the stains can be installed over-planning and zoning-biggest thing was I think the big enough for community is the Serb-land use and what we’re doing all we have SMS write-off stage and frankly we could use another hotel may see that in and buy the numbers received a vacation rental demand is up 33% last quarter which means in Las Flores is ramping up and the busy season socials are getting tighter hotels are full a lot, and people are falling market in river and so when every day to help us, and that’s the significance of our working on a beautiful if I can disable my things you, you know IDC we are well aware that you all are now in tears is allowed in the hands on hot jobs and their hats on wood second 117 Wednesday on the montazeri whenever this is, you’re not free to come to our board meetings that sees nothing but one, we would love to have you come and sit and even for half an hour we meet from 930 to 1130 on -ones. They’re the same level as it was as morning MSAS are open to the public that the last to have you their hands, share ideas if you are just hardest lesson me of land along to me like he can end up this together council and stakeholders and partnership is the SMS and dialogs essential for the second half, the im not found in more pointed questions but more than a close and something since ever a lot about this is an open and honest dialogue between council and visit the crime bill and thinner on here, so that a safe space, I know I’m I’m the newest time to disobey and so often the least experienced of anyone in the room but this but, sidelined by support league is ado and I do have some as it stands and flows and that really should certainly some accuse the cult of gray is that it is tapping needs it does is it as an effort at making when she was talking about are our local economy in jars and jobs than just see was in line needs you to share an anecdote about us and I think it’s a topic of the fact that allotment as homeless as bands and we think 3/8 at the address is how over 50 jobs that blacks is a way that it sees only by hand over 50 jobs and we do have the fired several women out of john cord actually and we do have had one employee who was homeless bands and who was has working for staff for well over a year stint as relatively early and are position as a business and an e-mail evocatively a close aide your situation, healthcare a long way away and seen as not having places to stay bonds now has a fulltime job she has Health Insurance she has retire many towns and cities actually been promoted into the leadership that within a company so I think that when you play out as sex an important part in terms of the fabric of our community and to not be a boon over the subtext on high earners but to make sure that we’re looking at carter’s that all levels and what is the bigger picture of what we’re doing here and this is just a little snapshot of disseminating at sap shot from my world where I can share personal story by you know of Diana was done here but others have so many new businesses that have been created in part to these efforts and SMTP call who are able to work who are able to see you help themselves added that a situation where they’ve been living on the streets and this particular employee is it the most amazing employee for ASEAN’s 70 revalue deeply at a grateful that as a part of our attic is as healthy and lean and an ending artifacts that some of her saying it’s one business that’s one story that those things are buried there be a line I believe that that happening in other businesses and other people who have the same story and sell. There is there is not lighter lands and I really appreciate that you bring back because it’s a decision conversation its finer yuan of engagement more than your fair share this year, but that it’s important piece of what we’re doing to and that is helping people take that step and have a really good jobs and really good laughs as members of our community found a way to thank you and will give in the witness of the evening, I think we’ve had great dialogue this evening thank you and the if there’s no other comments are questions that although head and the conclude our work session this evening thank you to the NSF SS- F-of- a ME

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