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Breda University of Applied Sciences noticed in the depth of several conversations with the industry, that they’re facing all kind of questions on a more strategic level. It’s not only about developing new markets, but also about stricter legislation about regions who want to use events to profiler themselves. The environment is changing very quickly and you have to have a good strategy to maintain successful in the future. You have to anticipate to future developments. I think the Master Strategic Events Management is crucial for our sector because we used to think it’s not all rocket science, but nowadays, it actually has become rocket science and we definitely need the proper education for that.
The do-it-yourself way of organizing is over. It doesn’t work anymore that way because there are so many levels you have to think about and I think this master will help develop people to make the event sector more professional. The Master Strategic Events Management is very important for us as The Netherlands is front-runner in international Electronic music event domain and to stay ahead of the game we need highly educated students. In the new master programme we offer students really state-of-the-art knowledge on a strategic level. We offer them the most optimal network from the industry and the most optimal expertise and knowledge from both the industry as our side and we really prepare them for a job on a strategic level in the industry. The Efteling has very good connections with BUas. We have The Efteling Academy. There is a cooperation for many years and we profit from that. So I hope with this master to go on with that. Of course what we are looking for in our students is that they really want to work on a strategic level in the events industry. That they are ambitious. They have an international mindset They’re open to new things and that they tried to combine their daily work in the events industry or traineeship with this programme. Well, I think there’s a great future for all the students. The industry is growing and I think what companies need are students t hat can grow towards management positions in all disciplines that we offer like marketing, sustainability, logistics, safety. I think there’s a great future for them. It can be a develop of new markets at the business events company or maybe you are the one who really has to make sure t hat all the stakeholders are satisfied when you organize a festival. I think they maybe in the future are going to have my job. That would be nice. My successor. I’m looking for my successor.

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