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[singing] “I want to share all my love with you.” I was sitting in the audience and
Cheryl came out on the stage. I turned to my friend and said,
“She’s going to be my wife.” I always thought Claire was absolutely beautiful. From that date that we had, our first one
ever, I went home, laid in bed and I said, that’s the girl I’m gonna marry. I spotted that white suit and thought he looked
so handsome. And also thought he looked like the ice cream
Good Humor man. All in white. [laughing] She was actually the take out girl. She worked at the take out counter
at the restaurant. She used to try and put ice down my shirt. We’ve been married for thirty-eight years. We’ve been married for forty years. We’ve been married for forty-seven years. We have been married for fifty-three years. I’m crying, balling like a baby,
and she’s crying. He just looked so handsome. Nobody could have looked more spectacular
than Claire in that wedding dress. I was so happy that she was going
to be my wife. I just remember feeling so loved and special. I walked down the aisle with tears coming
down the whole time, the whole time. To this day, I still think she’s the prettiest
girl I’ve ever seen and that hasn’t changed. You have been my husband, my friend,
my protector, and my defender. I Jim, take thee Nancy, to be my wedded wife. You have been by my side as we created a family,
a home, and a life together. Performed by the groom No [ laughing] Is “Never My Love” “What makes you think love will end, when
you know that my whole life depends, never my love.” I love you Claire. That song is more apropos than ever. If I was giving us a grade,
I would give us an A. And here we’re still standing, together,
closer than ever. You still have the power to surprise me, as
I just saw, with how much you care. I will always love you. I believe in this marriage. More than ever and I reaffirm my love and
commitment to you. Aw. You have been my biggest supporter. My confidant. And most of all, my very best friend. I have to say that eight days a week is not
enough to show my love for you. I love you Andre. To love and to cherish til death do us part. And therefore I pledge you my truth. I love you! [laughing]


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