Maroon 5 – Crashing Weddings

Ladies and gentlemen,
Maroon 5! Adam:The “Sugar” video
was special from day one.
The only people that knew
were the grooms, right? Because they had to agree–
we had to make sure that they didn’t hate
Maroon 5 because– You never know.
‘Cause with the dudes,
we’re very polarizing. – That’s true.
– Could you imagine
being someone– especially if
it’s the groom.You’re getting married.
It’s a crazy time.
You know like every decision th – Yeah.
– …is extremely crucial. You get one shot.
It’s one day. This is it,
and you have to make sure– But I guess if you know
your wife to be
is a fan of the band, I’m pretty sure
that was, like, a pretty
incredible opportunity, so you take it. But I think we were
probably the most scared. Thank you, guys,
for being so cool. We were
a little bit nervous. James:‘Cause, yeah,
we didn’t know if it was
gonna come off or not.
There were a lot
of amazing moments. When at the last
wedding that we did, which was the craziest party, like, they’re actually pouring
Hennessey down my throat while we’re
actually performing. – Yeah, and actually–
– Like, I actually got drunk
during that shoot. It actually
wasn’t Hennessey. It was the most expensive
shit I’ve ever tasted. It was–
I didn’t know what it was. And the same thing,
they handed to us, and we had never
had that before. And I’m like,
“What is this? This is the best drink
I’ve ever had.” It was Louis XIII. – Really?
– It was this really
expensive cognac. – Wow.
– And it blew my mind. Yeah, and thanks
to all those families
who let us do this, because it could’ve gone
horribly wrong.( music playing )Yeah, we got stuck
in the elevator. We got stuck
in the elevator. Oh, and then
we wound up waiting behind that curtain for,
like, a long time. – Yeah.
– And we were just
sitting there like these caged beasts. It was ready to go,
but, remember, there was,
like, the delays? Like, they didn’t want to–
the timing wasn’t
totally right, – So we were back there
thinking about our decision…
– Yeah. …for, like,
a solid half an hour. And I remember being like, “I
don’t know if this
is a good idea. Like,
they’re gonna hate this.” And it was, like, a song
no one had ever heard, And, yeah, it was just
this whole thing. So, I’m really–
I’m really thankful. ( cheering )


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