Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo – Ep 90 – Full Episode – 14th January, 2019

They’ve selected
an aged son-in-law. How’ll they like people like us? Yes, mom. No mom, I won’t be able
to stay there for long. How’ll I be able to stay
with such a family? Who neglect their
house and bother about others. Yes, mom.
They are just the same. Just below lanterns
lies the darkness. Yes.
Who is it? Mother-in-law, you? Yes, go out
for some cool breeze. Your son-in-law
is an aged man after all. You’re teasing her deliberately.
Aren’t you? No. Jaya, I was just talking
my heart out. And if she felt bad about it. I apologise for that. Aren’t you are caring about
your mom a bit too much? No, it’s such that. Your mom is responsible for the
hospitalization of my mother. You never asked
anything about her. And her whereabouts. Whether to meet her. I was about to go but then the
rush here kept me occupied. I want to go. Let it be. It’s my mom
at the end of the day. If it was your mom you
would’ve gone by now. Shut up, Samar.
– Why? Don’t say like that. I don’t have
any problem with her. In fact I love.. I’m concerned about her. Let it be. It’s quite evident. Keep your concerns
reserved for your mom. ‘Jaya,
I know you love us a lot.’ Jaya! How are you, dear? I’m fine. What about you? Now that I ‘ve seen you,
I’ll be fine. I should’ve come earlier
but I couldn’t. I’m sorry. You came here to meet me,
that’s enough for me. Samar told me about the
problems you are facing there. But do not worry. Samar is with you. He’ll make things fine. And your bond
will flourish again. What’s the matter, dear? Did I say anything wrong? You’re right, Mother-in-Law. Samar might fix all the
problems of my house. But he won’t be able to fix the
bond that you and me share. I’ll take a leave. Take care of yourself. Oh Almighty. Reunite Jaya and Samar. Brother-in-Law, your
destination is in front of you. Go and tell her everything. You’ll have to go and pretend
in front of her to be good. Where to, Samar?
Where to go? To meet our mother-in-law. Go and tell her everything. Samar, what I’m saying is. If I go alone,
I can be tensed and afraid. If you come along,
it might be helpful. Come with me. Brother-in-Law! If I accompany you, you’ll never
be able to stay with Richa. Do you get that? You are a tiger. The deadliest of the lot.
– Yes, tiger. Okay. Go and hunt the tigress. Go.
All the best. Go. Samar.
– What is it now? Nothing as such. It’s my first time
so it’s difficult. So if you accompany.. Do you want me
to come with you? – Yes. Your presence
will increase my courage. Yes, I’ll come with you. ‘Oh no, what to do now?’ What are you doing here? It’s such.. Actually I’ve bought
a new house. It’s nearby. So I came to the market
for some sweets. Man! It’s such that
I live alone these days. My parents are not here
to interfere. My parents are thinking of
settling down in the village. So the situation
is under control. And I live alone. My salary has increased as well. If I had a family, I would’ve
taken proper care of them. And my new flat has
a big garden at the front. Get to the point. Kids can play in that garden. It’s a perfect place for them. Superb place. I mean, if I had kids,
they would’ve played there. Where did she go? Jaya. Jaya, I’ve been looking for you.
Where have you been? How does it matter to you? Such attitude. Sister, what happened?
Did Mom say? No. Mom has been
still deliberating about it. Why does she need to deliberate
so much about it? She has to refuse, right? Let her refuse fast
and end the matter. Then we’ll bring Punit before
her and she’ll agree. It’s so simple! Jaya!
Richa! Relax.
She’s going to refuse. Jaya, Richa, I have taken
the decision. Don’t worry. I consent for Richa
and Balraj’s marriage. Richa, come here. Nothing is more important
to me than your happiness. If Richa will stay happy
by getting married to Balraj what else do I need? Richa, call up Balraj and ask
him to come tomorrow. Let’s proceed
with the marriage talks. Marriage! I am already married. I have two kids. Yes. I’m going to be a father soon.
But my mother-in-law has turned everything
upside-down. I had told you already
not to listen to him. But none of you paid heed to me. Now the plan has failed, right? If one plan fails, we need
to come up with another one. Just wait.
L-Let me think of a plan. Think fast. Or else, Satya Devi seems
to have a lot of plans. And if her plans
become a reality then we’ll be totally ruined,
Samar. Don’t worry.
I am around. Mr. Balraj, come home tomorrow
to meet mother-in-law. I’ll handle everything.
– Okay. He’ll handle it, right?
– I think so. ‘Mother-in-law, what’s going on
in your mind?’ Satya, why are you making
so much arrangements? New relationships are going
to be established, right? That’s why. Richa, check where Mr. Balraj
has reached. He is already here. Hi, Mr. Balraj. Please welcome.
Please come. Please be seated. Be comfortable.
Please be seated. Come. Balraj.
– Yes. Last night, I deliberated a lot. Only then I could take
a decision that when you and Richa have consented, then
who am I to pose a hindrance between you two? Let’s finalise
the wedding date soon. I have a few relatives. Let’s consult them. Well, the alliance
is a little unusual, right? That’s why. I see! Where have your relatives
landed up from? Samar, you must be wondering
where my relatives have landed up from! So, let me introduce them
to you. Ms. Meera, please come! ‘Who could Meera be?’ This name sounds
somewhat familiar. She is Mrs. Meera. That is, Meera Balraj. Richa’s future husband’s wife. And they also have two kids. Ms. Meera, your husband
is about to marry my daughter. And he’s also the father
of her unborn child. – What! Meera, I can explain.
I can explain. I don’t need any explanation. I actually need.. Meera.. Meera.. What.. Did you marry me to put me
in this miserable situation? How did you find my relatives?
Just like me, right? Just amazing! Do you think I’m stupid and I’d dance to your tune? Well, I almost fell for it. But I met Punit
in the market. What he said and what I could
read from his eyes made me realise your plan. Richa.
– Yes, Mom.. No matter how much one tries,
he can’t surpass his limits. Did you try to make
a fool out of me? And, Jaya how come you were
with these morons who wanted to deceive me.. Richa, tell me the truth. Aren’t you carrying
Punit’s baby? Mother-in-law, I will tell you.
– Enough! Shut up. Don’t utter a word. Tell me. Aren’t you carrying
Punit’s baby? Mom.. Answer me.
– Yes.. Mom, it’s Punit’s baby. ‘Mother-in-law
will leave right now.’ ‘One, two’ ‘three.. Go.’ ‘Her daughters will try
to stop her’ ‘but she won’t listen to them.’ ‘She will go to her room.’ Mom.. Please listen to me. Mom, Punit is a good man. He was pressurised
by his family. But everything has changed now. He has even bought a new house. We really love each other, Mom. And this baby..
It symbolises our love. We want to start all over again. Please don’t be angry, Mom. Please meet Punit once. Please, Mom. We can’t live
without each other. Mom.. Please don’t be angry. Please listen to me. Mom.. Jaya.. Mom isn’t even
listening to me. She doesn’t understand me. Jaya, please do something. Please, Jaya. S-She is just swaggering around. She always does this.
Don’t you remember that she left like this when it
was about Sister-in-law Shikha? And everything turned out to be
fine in the end. Richa, please don’t cry. The same will happen
in your case too. Everything will turn
out to be fine. Yes.
Jaya, everything will be fine. Someone wise had said, ‘One’s
mother-in-law’s silence’ ‘implies a positive response.’ Samar.
– No, I meant she didn’t say anything
and that implies that she was spellbound. That means she accepts their relationship. Richa, call Punit and take care
of the rest of the proceedings. Mother-in-law
will join you soon. Mom.
– Oh, God. Only this action was missing! Is she a drama actress
or what? Samar.
– No, I was asking whether she had acted
in dramas in college? You.. – I-I asked you because
she seems quite experienced. Tell me. Did she do it? – Do you
think she is being melodramatic? Yes. I-I mean if she
were to cry she’d have cried
in front of us. Why did she have
to become violent after keeping quiet
and walking away silently? What.. – People do this
in dramas to create impact. Why else is she breaking things
in her room? Mind your words. Jaya, listen to me.. Understand this. Mother-in-law is playing
the emotional card. This always got the better
of all three of you. But this time y-you shouldn’t fall for it. Especially you, Richa. Do you get me?
– Enough, Samar. Are you done? Don’t you
dare speak ill of her again! Is that clear? Hey.. I am helping you. Mom.
– Mom. Mom.
– Mom, please listen to me. Please open the door.. Please talk to us. Mom, please. Mom.
– Mom.


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