Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo – Ep 57 – Full Episode – 28th November, 2018

Thank you..
Thank you, so much! Thank you! So, ladies and gentlemen.. The Abhushan event has begun. So, let’s start with
the dance performances. What say?
– Yes! Yes! Wow! Not bad..
– So, coming up on stage is the best dancer
of the family, as per me. Aunt, any guesses?
– Oh, come on! It’s me! No, Aunt. It’s not you.
Sorry. It’s my adorable little sister,
Sarika! Oh!
– Wow! ‘I’ve planted a bomb
in the oil lamp.’ ‘As soon as it’s lit,
the bomb will explode’ ‘and no one will survive.’ Satya..
– Yes? Dear, are you all right?
– Yes, Mom. Everyone..
No, I’m okay, Mom. You’ll get the job. But shouldn’t I get something in return for that? Sir, what was the salary
you had proposed? Sir! My salary! Oh.. Salary? Salary.. Double than what you get
over here. Double? Not enough? Then, triple? I’m really generous, baby. Akash! Mother-in-law, you’re here? What are you doing here? I came here searching for
network signal on my phone. But what are you doing here?
– Me? Phone.. I was checking
the phone network. So, shall we go? Yes, please go ahead.
I’ll be there soon. Okay. So, on the occasion
let me recite a few lines. ‘When you arrived,
the ambience lit up..’ ‘When you arrived,
the ambience lit up..’ ‘I used to do ab-crunches..’ ‘Now I do sit-up!’
Wow! Wow! Sir, you are impossible! Really impossible! Thank you. This wouldn’t have happened
had it not been for you. I wouldn’t be here,
if not for you. And this wouldn’t have happened.
So, thanks to you. ‘Your daughter is in danger.’ ‘If you want to save her,
meet me at the outer tunnel.’ ‘Don’t waste time here,
Satya Devi.’ ‘Rush to the stage
and look for a note.’ ‘That holds the key
to save your daughter.’ J-Jaya! Here are some more lines
from my new poem. Go ahead!
– Thank you! ‘My heart longs to meet you..’ M-Mother-in-law,
what happened? – Well.. Is everything all right?
– Samar, Jaya.. There’s another message here.
I’m looking for the same. What message? Somebody said that..
– Mom, listen.. Let’s go downstairs.
Explain me there. I’ll listen.
– Please.. – Let’s go down. That paper.. – Easy.
– Mother-in-law. Relax. Let’s discuss this
downstairs. – Come. Uncle. – Yes?
– Just a moment. Ladies and gentleman,
actually, the next performance is by my mother
and mother-in-law. The misunderstanding
is that somebody told her that her performance
is now. She isn’t a professional dancer.
So, she was so nervous with her performance
that she just came to the stage. Jaya, listen to me.
– Jaya.. Mom, what happened? Please..
– Nothing, Sister. Go and enjoy uncle’s poetry. But Jaya..
– Grandma, please take her away. I’m here.
– Okay. Please come. Jaya is insisting. Come.
– Go, Mom. Go, Shikha. Jaya, please listen to me.
– Mother-in-law, what happened? Why are you so nervous? Tell me as to what happened. Samar, something fishy
is going on here. Someone wants to harm Jaya. Mom, why would anyone
want to harm me? Somebody must’ve played
a joke on you. Yes, Mother-in-law.
Someone must’ve played a prank on you.
– It’s no joke, dear. When I was going outside.. ‘I’ve planted a bomb
in the oil-lamp.’ ‘As soon as the lamp is lit,
the bomb will explode.’ ‘Nobody will survive.’ This is the letter.
It’s got the first clue. Mom, it is a blank chit.
Nothing is written on it. Nothing?
– Look, Mother-in-law. There is nothing on it. This isn’t possible.
The chit.. Come with me.
I’ll explain it outside. Please come.
– Okay, Mom. Come. Jaya.. Samar..
This is the place. Hurry up! Follow me!
– Mother-in-law.. Here.. This place.. Where is it, Mom? J-Jaya, I’m telling the truth. It was written here. Mom, listen.. As I said, somebody
played a bad joke on you. Don’t get stressed
about it. Everything is okay. Jaya, definitely something
wrong is going on here. Mother-in-law..
Nothing wrong is going on here. Everything is fine. Mother-in-law, Jaya and
I are fine. Even you are okay. Everybody is fine inside. Mother-in-law, please don’t
worry. Don’t think about it. You should be thinking
only about your performance. The next performance
is by you and mom. No, dear.
I’ll not be able to perform. Mother-in-law,
please don’t say that. I’ve been waiting for you
and mom to perform. Jaya..
– Mom! Remember you’d told me how you performed in college?
You used to dance so gleefully. You should be performing
like that for everybody. For me. Please, Mother-in-law!
– Please! My family is inside, Mom.
Please! Okay, dear. That’s like my mom!
Come. – Let’s go. Nothing could be seen
on the paper because of the magic ink. And I’d already removed
all traces from the carpet. She likes gathering evidence. Start gathering evidence
to prove your point. Enough of the game.
Now the real battle starts. Manoj, Satya Devi will be
performing on the stage. This should be the last
performance of her life. Bye-bye! Mom, is everything okay? I’d like to call upon
my two mothers whose performance I’d been
waiting for more than you all. You know, I feel so blessed that I’ve blessings
of two mothers. Mom.. Mother-in-law.. Please come on stage. All the best!
– All the best! Manoj, better be ready. Satya Devi shouldn’t be alive. Why didn’t you shoot her? I didn’t shoot her
as I didn’t have a good shot. The moment I was
about to pull the trigger her co-in-law
gets in the way. You need not worry. I will shoot Satya Devi
at any cost. Manoj, you missed the
chance to shoot her on stage. She is now sitting
amongst the audience. If you make any mistake
our plan will go in vain. Wait for
my further instructions. But it’s for sure
that you will kill her tonight and very soon. We are proud of you, Mom. You danced really well. I’m so happy! – You
actually danced really well. Great, Rama!
That was great. You were amazing. Thank you.
– Great, Brother-in-law! Where is Jaya,
Mother-in-law? Where is Jaya? Where is Samar? My dear, respected elders.. Coming up next
is the performance that we have been
eagerly waiting for. A huge round of applause for
my dear, beautiful Aunt Jaya and Uncle Samar. Good job, dear! But not better than you. I’m picking up skills from you. I hope you remember. The ramp walk is next.
– Yes. Of course, I remember it. Are you ready for it?
I’m headed to the stage. I will meet you later.
– All the best!


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