Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo – Ep 56 – Full Episode – 27th November, 2018

Mister, you have to put
these lights behind the curtain. Not there. Why haven’t you fixed
the bulb yet? Hurry up! – Aunt, everything
is looking so good, isn’t it? It’s beautiful. Jaya,
everything is so beautiful. Ms. Jaya, someone has
delivered this dress and he told me
to give it to you. Yes. I am going
to wear this at the event. Mother-in-law,
this sari is for you. Jaya, it’s very beautiful. But why have you got
the same colour for everyone? We are a family. So, we will wear
the same colour. Mr. Lallan, this is for you. Ms. Jaya, you have got
a new dress for me! Why not? Even you are
a part of this family. Thank you, Ms. Jaya. Excuse me, Ms. Jaya. Check these jewellery once. This will go with my dress. Jaya, this will look
good on me, right? It’s beautiful.
– Yes, that’s true. But, dear, these are
for the models. Give it back to her. But, Jyoti is no less
than a model. This jewellery
will look good on you. Hello! But, I understand that they
are bound by the contract. We are ready to pay them. What is the problem? But our event won’t be complete
without the models and the performers. It’s okay.
I understand. What happened?
Why are you upset? Samar, those models
and the performers are bound by a legal contract
to that company. And they can work
only through them otherwise, they can’t. Oh!
Now what? I don’t understand. How will the event be complete without the performers
and the models? All right. Don’t get upset.
I will do something. Let it be, Samar. We are facing troubles,
one after the other. I think, we must cancel it. Jaya, don’t get upset. You tried your best. A few things
are beyond our control. Samar, let’s go. Let’s call up everyone
and apologise to them. No, Grandpa. There’s no need
to cancel the event. I have arranged for
the performers and the models. What! How?
Where is the performer? We are the performers. The way we had performed
on ‘Teej’. The women of the family. But.. The models.. We will be the models. But, Jaya, how will we do it? Mother-in-law,
father-in-law, Grandpa.. Tell me something. Who wears these jewellery? The ones who do
the household chores. The daughters-in-law,
their mothers-in-law, mother.. Sisters-in-law or sister.
– Right. Who could be better models
than us for the launch
of ‘Abhushan’ jewellery? Right. Right? Father-in-law, tell me.
– Yes? Would you find a better model
than mother-in-law for the jewellery? Not at all. There can’t be
a better model than Rama. Uncle, brother-in-law..
Tell me. Will we find better performers
than aunt and sister-in-law? Not at all.
I was about to say this. Sister-in-law Jyoti,
tell me something. Should we rock our event
or will the others do it? Obviously, we will. We are the top models
of this family. That’s it. We are the stars. Hurray! Grandpa. You won’t cancel
the event now, right? How can I cancel it? And you won’t
let me cancel it. Dear, I know you won’t let me
get embarrassed before everyone. You won’t let the reputation
of this family get tarnished. My child! That’s it. We will be
the performers and the models. But we have to practise a lot. We are running short of time. So, ready, girls? Yes! What are we waiting for? Akash look at this.
Your in-laws have sent a new set of clothes
for all of us. Wear this quickly and get ready.
– I don’t want to go. You guys may go.
– Why? Why you don’t want to? What will I do
in that boring party? There will be
the same boring people there. They will discuss
some boring things and waste my time
unnecessarily. It’s not any waste of time. Your good times may begin
if you go there. Some renowned people
will be coming there. You’re the only son-in-law
of the Surana family. Make the best use of this. Make some good contacts. Dear, you don’t get
such opportunities easily. Take me, for example. Your dad is out of station but still I’m going. It’s these places where you get
to network with some rich people. Get ready soon.
The event can start anytime. So, Grandpa,
these are all the arrangements. Wow! Jaya, you have done
an amazing job. It’s rightly said,
what happens is for the good. God bless you, dear.
God bless you. Even the event organiser
couldn’t have made such an amazing arrangement.
– I told you. Come on. I’ll show you
the arrangements outside. Yes, let’s go..
– Let’s go.. – Come.. Come on, everyone.
Look at this. Wow!
– Wow! Wow! Jaya, you managed to do
such an amazing decoration in such a short time. I didn’t do it alone.
Samar helped me a lot. Hello, sir.
Your invitation card, please. Yes. Let people in only after they show you
the invitation card. All right? Sir, I have to check yours, too. Mister, I work here. I’m sorry, sir.
I can’t let you in without an invitation card.
– Security let him in.
He’s family. I’m sorry, sir.
You may go now, please. Did you see that?
I’m going inside without an invitation card.
– Okay, sir. Dad, the guests
have started arriving. We should go and receive them.
– Let’s go.. Jaya. Did you talk to Ms. Satya?
– Yes. Mom, grandma and my sisters
have already left. What about Sarika?
– She’s on her way. Dear I’m so proud of you. All this has been possible today
just because of you. I’m so glad. Go and sit in the car quickly.
The event may start anytime. Let’s go.
– Easy, Grandma. You may sit in the front.
– Easy, Mom. Richa, easy. Hey..
Who are you? Ma’am, I’m Ashok. Where’s Suresh?
– Ma’am, Suresh is ill. That’s why, he has sent me. H-Here’s my identity card.
I’m Ashok Jindal. But this is not right. If he’s ill, he should have
called me up and informed. Just a minute.
Let me give him a call. Satya. Dear, just leave it. We are already late. He has shown you his ID card.
Then what’s the problem? Get in the car and drive.
Come on. What did you say your name was?
– Ma’am, it’s Ashok. Ashok Jindal.
– Just leave it. Get in the car and drive.
– Fine, Mom. Open the dickey. Ma’am, I’ll keep it. Give it to me.
I’ll keep it. Please.. Please get in.
I’ll keep it. Satya, just leave it. Here you go.
– Please come, ma’am. Come. Make it fast.
– Fine, ma’am. Please come. Stop.. Smile.. Roll it down. Open the dickey.
– Dickey? Open the dickey! You may go. How do you feel
by organising this event? Obviously, I feel wonderful. We’ve been organising this event
since many years and.. Mom, shall we go in? Dear. – Yes.
– It’s too crowded here. Shall we enter from there? How will we be able
to go through such a big crowd? But, Mom.. Grandma, Mother-in-law,
how did you get so late? Please come in. We were about to enter..
– What’s the matter? What are you thinking? – We
thought of entering from there. It’s too crowded here. You are my family and you’ll
be entering from here. Grandma, please come. Do exactly as I’ve
instructed you. All right? All right, sir.
– Okay. Listen, I’m going in.
Even you guys get ready. – Okay. Don’t forget that we won’t rest
till we kill Satya Devi. Excuse me.
Mr. Samar, Ms. Jaya wants you. The event is about to commence. Wow!
– It’s okay. You can go. Are you sure?
– Yes. Okay, listen,
this is my brother-in-law.. Hi.
– Hi. I am Akash. I am Samar’s brother-in-law.
– He just told me that. Sorry, I forgot. But you didn’t tell me
your name. Priya. Sir, this way. Priya, let me ask you
a simple and straight question. Sir? How much do you get paid
for all this? I mean, what’s your salary?
– Sorry, sir? No, no, don’t get me wrong. Actually, I have a post vacant
in my office and the salary is good too.
If you are interested.. Sure, sir.
This way. Good evening, ladies
and gentlemen. You are cordially welcome to the Surana’s
25th annual jewellery event. We are extremely happy
that you all have taken the time out of your busy
schedule to grace this occasion. Everyone is in awe
of the decorations and arrangements
of this place. But, the real jewel on the crown
is your presence. Wow! Well said! To make this event
a happening one, this year we have planned
something new and exciting. But, first of all we would like to keep up,
with the old traditions. I would like to
call upon my mother-in-law to come on the stage
and light the lamp. I have planted a bomb
on the lamp. As soon as it is lighted,
the bomb will blast and everyone will be finished. Let’s go.. Bomb? Ms. Satya! Oh! There is a bomb
in the lamp. Jaya, my child..
There is a bomb. Just now, I heard a man saying.
– Ms. Satya, there is nothing.. Mother-in-law, what happened?
– Ms. Satya, what happened? There is nothing in it.
– Dear.. Samar, please take care of her.
– Mother-in-law.. Come. What happened? I-I am extremely sorry.
Please calm down, all of you. Since I am burdened
with work, my mom is tensed. I am extremly sorry. I’ll get the lamp ready
once more, shortly. Be seated. Priya!
– Please be seated, all of you. I heard someone saying.
– What? That a bomb
has been planted here. M-My Jaya..
– Mother-in-law, there’s nothing here. Jaya has checked everything
personally. Everything went just as per
what I had planned. But what did we gain
out of all this? Immense satisfaction. Just the way, she humiliated
my parents in the courtroom.. ‘This court orders
Bitto Singh’s parents’ ‘rigorous imprisonment
for three months.’ In the same way she’ll be humiliated
in front of an audience. And when that will be done we’ll strike our last weapon. Thus, Ms. Satya
will become Late Ms. Satya.

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