Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo – Ep 5 – Full Episode – 17th September, 2018

Have you come alone? Yes, sir. I have come alone. Everyone at home was busy
with Sarika’s turmeric ceremony. So, I had to come alone.
– It’s okay. Well, the brother
has to be present during the turmeric ceremony.
– Yes, that is why I have come. Come inside.
Take him inside and offer tea. Yes, come inside.
– No, ma’am. The rituals have begun
at home. So, I’ll have to go.
Thanks. Okay, sir.
– Be happy, Samar. I’ll make a move, ma’am.
– God bless you. Greetings. Let’s go.
– Mr. Samar. Mr. Samar,
how did you reach before me? I flew my way here.
Shall we go now? What happened?
Did mom save you again? I don’t know.
He has not called up yet. Has Samar reached there
with the turmeric or not? Prabha, don’t worry. Even if he has not reached I’ll apologise to the groom’s
family with folded hands. Father-in-law..
– Why, Grandpa? Grandpa,
why will you apologise? There’s no need for you
to apologise. I have delivered
the turmeric to them. Wow! Samar, it’s good
that you reached there with the turmeric
before Lallan. The turmeric has been
delivered to them by me. But it was possible
because of somebody else. Who helped you? Come here.
Don’t be scared. Aunt,
she took me there on time. I wouldn’t have been able
to reach before Mr. Lallan if she wasn’t with me. Why are you looking down when you have rectified
your mistake? Look up. I’m really sorry, ma’am. Because of me, this ritual.. No, Jaya. This happens sometimes. Everyone follows
different rituals. Well,
it was our mistake, too. We didn’t tell you
the rituals of our family. I’ll tell you everything
henceforth so that nothing goes wrong
after this. Okay? What happened, Jaya? What happened? I don’t know, ma’am.
I was very scared. Whenever I make a mistake I go and hug my mom. She is not here. Can I hug you? I am..
I am like your mom, too. Come on.
Come, Jaya. There’s no such thing
as ‘like a mother’. She must have treated
her mother-in-law like her mom, too when she had gone
to her in-laws’ house. What did that lady do? She ousted her
from the house. So, never consider
anybody else as your mom. Remember this. Ms. Satya, you got
my daughter’s divorce done. Here’s your fees. Get a new job for her
using this money so that she can become
independent and doesn’t become
dependent on others. Why isn’t Jaya
answering my call? She didn’t even call me up
since morning. What type of a wedding
is she arranging that she has forgotten her mom? “Come on, let’s..
– Here I go..” Hello..
– “Come on, everyone..” Hello..
Yes, Mom! You didn’t even call me up
since morning. Sorry, Mom..
I was busy since morning. No..
Mom! I can’t hear you.. Hello, Mom! Jaya..
– Yes, Mom. Jaya! Jaya..
Hello! She..
She is my mom. Please forgive me, ma’am.
Actually.. Are you Jaya’s mom? Please forgive us.
We welcomed you in a wrong way. By the way, your daughter
has created this mood. She is a lovely girl. Look, how she filled up
the moment with colours! Jaya, take your mom inside.
Help her clean up. Go.. Mom,
what brings you here suddenly? I had called you up, right?
I heard you scream. I thought you were in trouble. Oh, yes.
They threw turmeric on me. Sorry, even my phone
fell down and broke. But, Mom, you heard me scream
and rushed here right away. Why are you so protective? The colour of turmeric
won’t come off so easily. Apply some oil,
it will help remove the stain. You can also use this.
– Yes. – Okay? You didn’t inform us
about your mom’s arrival. What would she think
about us? Sorry,
even I wasn’t aware of it.. Okay, ask your mom
to meet me before she leaves. Ms. Rama! I’m coming. That voice
sounded familiar to me. She is Sarika and Samar’s mom. She said that she wants
to meet you. She gave you this towel. Not now. I want to go home.
I’m getting late. Mom,
will you come to pick me up every time you don’t get
through my phone? Then there’s no use
of having a scooter. Now, come soon. I will say ‘bye’ to everyone. Okay. The bed sheets
are underneath. Okay? Am I forgetting something? Mom.. You are forgetting
that I’m going tomorrow. You are so busy
with work since morning. I want to spend
some time with you. I’m so sorry, dear. First, mothers worry
about their children’s marriage and then, they worry
about the wedding arrangements. Hold on.
I remembered some work.. – Mom.. Oh! Mom, sit down..
– What.. Why are you worrying
about the preparations? Jaya has taken care
of everything, hasn’t she? She will make sure
that everything is done. Isn’t it, the younger one?
– Don’t call me that. I’m a grown up now. Still, you are
my younger sister. By the way,
Jaya made good arrangements for your turmeric
ceremony today, right? I know.
I enjoyed it a lot. That’s why I’m telling you.
– What? Jaya will manage everything
tomorrow as well. Yes, Mom. – Leave everything
and sit with us today. Mom, it’s the last night
we’ll be together. Oh.. Let’s talk. Yes, Mom.
It has been a long time. Let’s sleep in mom’s
room tonight. – Good idea! Mom, just like how
it used to be in childhood. He used to sleep
on one of your hands and I used to sleep
on the other. It will be fun! Both my hands used
to pain the next day. Isn’t it? Bear the pain for a day. I’m going tomorrow. It’s okay.. Don’t make me too emotional. You two can sleep
in my room tonight. Okay?
– It will be fun, right? You will leave us tomorrow. And then, I will get
this naughty boy married. After that,
both my hands will be free. Okay? No, Mom. You will still not get
rid of your hand pain. Why? Will you sleep like this
even after your marriage? Mom,
he might actually do that. He is such a mom’s boy!
– Yes, I am. I know. Because my mom
means everything to me. All right. My children
mean everything to me. We love you.
– I love you, too. Come on, sleep. I’ve a lot of work tomorrow.
Okay? Okay. Jaya.. Wake up, dear. Mom,
just five more minutes. Look,
even the alarm is ringing. Come on, wake up. Wake up.. Oh.. Good morning!
Wake up. Mom, you were up
the whole night again to wake me up, right? You have taken
such a big contract. You shouldn’t get late today. Come on..
– And.. What about your sleep? Your dream is more important
to me than my sleep. Come on, wake up. Take bath soon. Take this. Come on, you have
a lot of work today. Go, bathe soon. Yes, Mom. I indeed
have a lot of work. I will have to bring the
garlands for the main ritual and prepare the bride’s
palanquin. I will have to check
the wedding dress and even.. Sorry, Mom. You don’t like to hear
anything about weddings, right? No. I have no problem
with weddings. But I have a problem when
something bad happens to girls after the wedding. Leave all this. Go. Take a bath.
– Okay, Mom. I will go. Listen.
Wear this today. Mom, it’s not my wedding! But you are the main person
in the wedding, right? So, wear this. You will look
the most beautiful. Didn’t you arrange
the flowers yet? Do it soon.
What are you doing? There are less lights here. Arrange them soon
And on top.. Hello! You.. Hello!
You can talk later. Why didn’t you arrange
the flowers yet? I will cut your salary..
– Hold on.. It’s you!
– I will just call you back. Were you saying
something to me? No.. Actually,
I mistook you in these clothes.. What do you mean? I didn’t mean that. I saw your messed up hair
from behind. So, I thought.. I’m sorry. Is it fine now? Yes..
– Do you need any help? Shall I arrange the flowers?
– No.. I will do it.. No..
– Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure.
It’s my work. I will do it. Leave this..
– Okay. I’m so stupid..
– Are you sure? Sure.
– Okay. Who will arrange
these flowers? Ms. Jaya, the clothes
you had ordered are here. Okay. Keep them there.
I will be there. Thank you. Ms. Prabha. Your clothes are here! Here is your sherwani
and here is your sari. My sari..
Wow.. It’s very beautiful. But, Jaya,
will this colour suit me? I don’t think so.
– What! This colour will enhance
your beauty. – Really? No one will be able
to take their eyes off you. You liar!
– I am speaking the truth. But you have to do something.
– Okay. What is that? You have to wear heels
with this sari. Yes, I will. Dear, just a moment.. My wife tends to trip
wearing flat sandals. So, forget about heels. It’s something like this.. Please go ahead.. It’s something like this.. Those who get up
after falling down are called fashionable.
– Wow! Those who get up
after falling down are called fashionable. Those who wear sleeveless
in December and velvet in April are called girls. Wow.. – What rubbish..
– Thank you so much. Sarika will also go
to her in-laws’ house. Yes. We will miss our daughter. Hence, I suggest you to find
a match for Samar soon. Yes, I will find
a match for him.. What happened, ma’am?
What are you searching for when I am present here? I’m searching for the latch. Is that so?
– Yes. Here..
Here it is. I found it. Thank you. And, sir,
here is your sherwani. You are the father of the bride.
You need to look the best. Okay. Hurry up. She is very adorable. She handled everything
so fast. Relax.. It’s my room.
I am Samar. I am not a labourer. Please don’t deduct my salary.
– Sorry. Sorry.. You are not ready yet! I will get ready
once I receive my clothes. Take it.
This is your outfit. Okay. You’ll look completely different
in this outfit. Thank you. – Shall I help you?
– No, I am fine. – Sure? Sari! Excuse me.
– Yes. Should I wear this? I don’t want to look
so different. No.. Sorry.. It’s for Ms. Jyoti. This is yours.
– Okay. Thank you. – I need to dress
her up, too. Nothing’s done yet. Sorry. Go left, not right.
– Sorry! Yes, Mom.
Do you know what happened? I mistakenly gave
Mr. Samar a sari which was meant for Ms. Jyoti. Yes.
No, he didn’t get angry. Where is Samar?
He is not around. Samar.. He must be somewhere
around here. Let me go and check.
– Okay. No, you attend the guests.
I’ll check. Mr. Samar, come.
The groom’s party has arrived. Let’s go.. Why are you staring at me?
Let’s go. Mr. Samar, everyone
is waiting for you. Let’s go.
What’s the matter? Well,
I was trying to tie this turban. But I couldn’t. Leave it.
I am fine without this. No, wait..
– Okay. Everyone is wearing a turban.
It will look odd if you don’t wear it. It will take just two minutes.
I will tie it. Please sit down.
– Okay. Sit here.. Sit down.
– I tried for two hours. Sit down, come on.


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