Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo – Ep 40 – Full Episode – 5th November, 2018

Mom, what happened? Sit down.
– Mom, tell me what’s happened. Do you recognise this? This is yours. Your dad
always wished for a boy. But you were born,
and I always made you wear this. Because you deserved this. I bought this for Richa
on her fifth birthday. She always wanted to be
an airhostess. I bought this for her. This was for Jaya. I bought this for her
from my first salary. I made this dress for the doll. Mom, you’ve kept all of this
safely all these years. You love us so much. I used to love you,
but not anymore! Not anymore!
Not anymore! I used to love my daughters who never kept secrets from me. I used to be the first one
to know everything. But my daughters
have changed completely. They have grown so mature
that they are keeping secrets from me now. My daughters fasted
for their respective husbands and I didn’t come to know. I didn’t even come to know! Shikha, dear, go out. I didn’t even come to know! Satya. Mom.. Calm down, dear.. I didn’t even come to know! Stop it, dear. You can vent
all your anger today. You can cry all you want. But dear, let your girls lead their lives the way they want. In the future, when you and I
are not with them who’s going to look after them? I know that you are angry
with me too because I didn’t support you
at the time when you needed me the most. But think about it, dear.
If I had supported you then would you have become
such an influential lawyer? No, right? Dear, only when no one is there
to support you do you learn
to become independent. Let your daughters
become independent too. Tell me, dear.
You will obey me, won’t you? I promise you. I will never interfere in
my daughters’ lives again. Never.
– My dear child! Jaya. ‘I will..’ ‘I will not go
to my mom’s house.’ ‘I will not go
to my mom’s house.’ Jaya, what have you.. When we were newly married I fought with you
over a trivial issue wrote something on the mirror
and went to my mom’s house. ‘I am going to my mom’s house,
Samar.’ But I won’t go this time. Hey..
– I promise. Never say never. Don’t say you won’t go
to your mom’s house ever. Instead, say that you won’t
fight with me and go to your mom’s house. Come here. You know, Jaya,
when the wife goes to her mother’s house,
it feels great. But when the wife gets upset
and goes to her mother’s house it feels terrible. ‘I will go to my mom’s house.’ Or otherwise.. You will go to your mom’s..
Whatever! Why are you so nice? I’m not, Jaya.
I’m just fortunate. Because I’ve got you. It’s 8 a.m.
Jaya must be awake. ‘I promise you.’ ‘I will never interfere in
my daughters’ lives again.’ Jaya! Ms. Rama?
At this hour? What could the matter be? Hello, Ms. Rama. How are you? I’m fine, Ms. Satya.
How are you? I’m fine. You called
this early in the morning. What’s the matter? Actually, I wanted to talk about
what your mom said at the hospital yesterday. Look, Ms. Satya, my family or I
do not have a problem if you call Jaya. She’s your daughter, Ms. Satya. You have all the right
to do that. You can call her or meet her
whenever you want. I know, but perhaps,
it’s time for me to back off now. I’ve made a decision and I think it would be right
for everyone. And anyway, you’re with her.
I trust you. I know you’ll take
good care of her. Don’t worry about Jaya,
Ms. Satya. She’s much better now.
We’ll take good care of her. Okay, thank you.
I’ll hang up now. Okay, bye. Jyoti.
– Yes, Aunt? Who are you taking the tea for? Everyone drinks their
morning tea together, right? Yes, Aunt, but I’m taking this
for Jaya. She’s not well.
So, she’ll rest in her room and have her tea over there too.
– Okay. So, I’ll tell you what.
Give the tea to me. I’ll meet her
and give her the tea as well. Okay. Jaya. Sit down.. Relax. Don’t stand.
– Why did you bring this? Aunt, why did you take
the trouble? It’s not a trouble. There was a time when I used to
make 50 rotis at a time. Okay, forget it. Tell me,
how do you feel now? I’m okay, Aunt. Girls don’t have any strength
these days. If you had consumed
the decoction I brought you yesterday,
you wouldn’t have landed up in the hospital. But your mom didn’t let you
drink it. Never mind.
She did what she felt was right. But I must say,
your mother is a daring woman. She brought an ambulance here and took you in front of
everyone. She didn’t even ask
or consult anyone. The times have changed,
that’s why no one said anything to her. In our times, no one would dare
do such a thing. No one would dare interfere
from our family. Aunt.. I was unconscious. So, I don’t know
what exactly happened. But if you’ve felt bad about
what mom did I apologise to you.
– No.. You need not apologise. You have breakfast,
and get well. Thank you. Hey! Why is this jewellery
kept here? Let me give it to Rama.
She’ll keep it safely. Aunt, let me keep it. What do you mean?
– I mean mother-in-law has fixed
a locker in my room and everyone else’s. But Rama has
everyone’s jewellery. It’s kept in her locker. So, when did this start? Well.. Aunt, actually,
my mom said that I should take care of my own jewellery
and not bother mother-in-law.. Rama! Rama! Rama!
Rama! What’s going on!
– What happened.. Has everything changed
in this house! Aunt..
– What’s the matter? You tell me, what else
is divided in this house? Are the rooms and kitchen
divided too? Is the property divided as well? Kundan, what are you
talking about? Why would it be divided?
– Why not, Brother? When Jaya and her mother
could get the lockers divided perhaps, everything else
is divided too. No, Kundan, that’s not true.
– If it’s not, then it will be. When this girl could get
the lockers divided everything else
could get divided too. Aunt, actually, it was a problem
for me to look after everyone’s jewellery. Hence, I got lockers made
for everyone. Yes, sister-in-law is right,
Aunt. Moreover, Aunt, since the locker
has been made all of us are enjoying it.
It’s a relief. Yes, and aunt’s burden
has been relieved too. There you are! Now the other one
has started to speak too. What spell has her mother
cast on everyone so early in the marriage? It seems as if we’re living
in her house where her mother’s rules apply. Aunt, it’s nothing like that. This is a new beginning
in our house. – There you are! The old traditions have died,
and he calls it a new beginning. He’s so madly in love with her
that he fails to distinguish between right and wrong. Your uncle was
in love with me too but he did not change
the laws of the house. Aunt, that’s not the case.
You’re misunderstanding. Shut up! I’m highly experienced.
Don’t try to teach me. Aunt, let it go. Look, Jaya still
hasn’t recovered, and.. She’s absolutely fine.
How much more will she recover? She wasn’t even severely ill. Her mother got an ambulance and
blew things out of proportion. If it was a heart attack
and an ambulance was brought it was a different thing.
That’s okay. She just had an acidity attack,
and an ambulance was brought. This is ridiculous! Thankfully,
nothing else happened or else she would have
brought the hospital home. Kundan, stop dragging the issue. One must change
with the changing times. You may change,
but I’m warning you. This family
will soon be divided. Kundan, you’re making a mountain
out of a molehill. Look, only the lockers
have been separated. But they are in the same house. Brother, there have been
daughters-in-law in this family before. But nothing like that
happened then. Why is this happening now? Kundan.. It’s happening
in my house, right? Just let it go. I’ll manage it.
Don’t worry. Just relax. Brother you mean.. I don’t belong
to this family anymore? No..
– I can’t even speak? I won’t speak! I won’t say anything. So what if no one
listens to me here? I’ll sit in the temple.
At least God will hear me. But mark my words, Brother. This house will be divided
one day. I’m warning you. Let me see
how you manage it then. No, Kundan..
– Aunt.. Kundan..
– Aunt, listen.. I’m dead to all of you! Jaya. I’ll go to her.
– Mom.. Let me.. Because of Jaya, my brother told
me to stay out of the matter. Am I a guest here?
– Hey! Where are you going? To jump into a well.
Do you want to come? No, you may go alone. I know you’re going
to the temple. If you go upset,
God will get upset too. Shut up! Mind your own business.
– Don’t get angry. Take this. Wear these earphones
and enjoy the music. You’ll be happy,
and God will be pleased too. Hail the Goddess. ‘When this girl could get
the lockers divided’ ‘everything else
could get divided too.’ ‘What spell has her mother
cast on everyone’ ‘so early in the marriage?’ ‘It seems as if we’re living
in her house’ ‘where her mother’s rules
apply.’ Jaya, I’m really sorry. I apologise to you
on aunt’s behalf. She shouldn’t have said
all that to you. But when the elders
in the family start talking they don’t think at all. They just blurt it all out.
They don’t hide their feelings. I apologise to you
on her behalf. I’m really sorry. Why do you apologise? I know that mom must have
scolded you when you came to
the hospital yesterday, right? How did you know?
– Of course I know. She’s my mother.
I know her very well. So, you too.. I mean, did you feel bad
when mom scolded you? I’m bound to feel bad. Everyone feels bad
when they are scolded. Obviously I felt bad. But at the same time,
I knew that she did not intend to hurt me. Even I know that aunt did not
intend to hurt me. But everyone feels bad
when they are scolded. But it’s okay. Wow! This means, you’re not going
to your mom’s house? Excuse me.
What is it? Why are you looking at
your pink bag? Look at me,
at your handsome husband. All right? ‘I promise you.’ ‘I will never interfere in
my daughters’ lives again.’ Hey! That’s sugar! Dear, you’re supposed to add
salt to it, not sugar. Dear, I know that you’ve been
thinking about Jaya. If you miss her so much,
then call her. Don’t trouble yourself, dear. No, Mom. I’ve made my decision
and it can’t be changed. I won’t call Jaya. ‘How should I tell her
how troubled I am!’ ‘Mom is not answering
her phone.’

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