Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo – Ep 37 – Full Episode – 31st October, 2018

‘Love House.’ I hope you remember
that you will pray during the occasion of ‘Teej’,
but not observe a fast. Fine,
I will feed you now. Mr. Kaushal. Jaya. Yes. Have it. Mother-in-law, I just had my
food. Why would I eat again? So what?
These are fruits. Have it. Have one. Mother-in-law, I am not hungry. Have it for my sake. Rama, where is camphor? Aunt,
it’s kept right there. Take a look there. Have it.
Have one for me. I can’t find it. Aunt, it’s kept right there. Mother-in-law, let me have it. You please help her find it. I’m not observing a fast
anyway. I will have it. Fine. Make sure you have it.
– Sure. Please forgive me, Lord. I am lying to mom
and mother-in-law. I know they care for me but I also care about Samar. I can’t tell him the truth. But I can tell you
the truth and apologise. Please forgive me.
Please grant me courage to complete observing
my fast today. I will need this today. Yeah, we will do that. How do I look?
– Yeah. You are looking really nice. Thank you. Why are you wearing
a lehenga today? It’s the occasion of ‘Teej’.
You gave forgotten, right? I forgot.
– Are you headed to office? Yeah. – It’s the first time
we are celebrating it. Can’t you stay back today,
if possible? Wait a second. Hello. Please cancel my meeting
with the new client. Neel, I don’t care about
the worth of that deal. But it’s my wife’s first
‘Teej’, I have to stay here. Yes, if you can manage. Wait a second.
– J-Just hold on. I know, you have worked
hard for this meeting. I’ll tell you what.
Please attend it. I’m happy that
you understood my point. I may return late tonight. Take care. Hello. Yeah. I’m leaving now.
Please don’t cancel the meeting. I’m on my way. I will wait for you. Okay. It’s Sister-in-law Jaya’s
first ‘Teej’ as well. Even she will
celebrate it in a grand way. Prabha, why don’t you dance? Please don’t force me to. My knees are hurt.
I don’t want to. – Please.. Sister, how are you? Hi, Samar.
How are you? We are celebrating the occasion
for the first time without you. I know. You are
celebrating it in my absence. Whereas I’m celebrating
it without all of you. I miss you all. Yes, but we aren’t
really missing you. Liar! All of us are
missing you a lot. Hi.
– Hi, Sarika. How are you, dear? Hi, Mom. Aunt. Hi, Sister-in-law Jyoti.
All of you are looking good. Let me get dad. Dad. How are you, dear?
I love you. We miss you.
– Hi! Tell me something. Yes.
– Where is brother-in-law? He went to his office. What?
Why did he go to office today? He has an important
meeting to attend. He, in fact,
wanted to stay back. But I forced him to go. Listen to me.
I will hang up now. I have to take care
of some chores. Fine? Bye. Love you. Mom.. – “I will go
to my parents’ house..” H-Hello.
– How are you? I am fine, Mom.
I was dancing with others. I am enjoying a lot here.
– Okay. Dear, did you eat anything
since the morning? I mean.. You are not observing
a fast, right? Mom, how can I observe a fast
when you asked me not to? Moreover, mother-in-law is here. She keeps feeding me
at regular intervals. Okay, fine.
I called you just like that. I’ll talk to you later.
– Okay, Mom. She has told me
she is not observing a fast. I didn’t see Shikha
from morning. Let me go and check.
– Let me go and check. She must be in her room.
You make preparation for dinner. ‘Don’t open your eyes..’ ‘What have you brought for me?’ ‘How can you be so sure’ ‘that I have brought
a gift for you?’ ‘When a husband closes
his wife’s eyes like this’ ‘this means he has
a surprise for her.’ ‘Open your eyes now.’ ‘Wow!’ ‘I have another
surprise for you.’ ‘So beautiful!’ ‘I wished you get gold bangles
and a Kanjeevaram sari for you’ ‘but my salary permits me
to get only these for you.’ ‘This is my first gift
after my marriage.’ ‘Nothing can be
better than this.’ ‘How are these looking
on my hands?’ ‘These suit
your hands very well.’ ‘I will wear these tomorrow,
on the occasion of ‘Teej’.’ ‘And I will apply henna
in your name too.’ ‘Apply henna
on your entire hand.’ ‘Because I like henna
very much.’ Shikha. What are you doing?
– Nothing, Grandma. I am just arranging
the bed sheet. You are observing a fast
on the occasion ‘Teej’, right? Please don’t inform mom. Had you not told me even then I wouldn’t
have informed your mom. I am happy you regret
for your mistake. That’s not the case. I don’t regret the decision
mom took for me. I have severed
all ties with Kartik he’s still my son’s father. I am observing a fast
for Kabir’s dad. Oh, God!
What will become of these girls? One is observing
a fast secretly. And the other one couldn’t
even observe a fast. Let me go and freshen up.
I might feel better. Samar, why have
you brought these? I am already wearing
so many jewelleries. Jaya, wearing jewelleries is the custom of this family. And these bangles are
the token of love. These are your first gift on the occasion
of your first ‘Teej’. Have you liked these? Very beautiful. I found these very beautiful at the time of purchasing but these have lost
their shine in front of you. Jaya!
Jaya, what’s wrong with you? Why have you
lost your balance? Come here, sit down.
– No.. There is a problem
with the heels of my shoes. I came here to change my shoes.
So.. Are you all right now?
– Yes. Let me go and change my shoes.
You go. Okay, I will accompany you.
– No, Samar. I am all right. You go.
I will join you later. Okay, come soon.
– Okay. – Go. Listen. Did you eat something? You danced, right? I thought you must be hungry. I already had something. Listen. Did you really
eat something? Yes, Samar.
I am speaking the truth. Listen. I already had something.
– I love you. Jaya.. Jaya.. Jaya, the food has been served. Rest of us will have food
only once we see the moon. You have the food, all right? Mother-in-law, I ate just now. To eat again.. – It’s been
so long since you’ve had food. Come on, sit down.
I’ll feed you. But I.. – I don’t want
to hear your complaints. Just sit down and I’ll feed you. Come on, sit down. Everyone’s enjoyed
the ‘Teej’ today. It’s also because
it was your first ‘Teej’. Everything will be perfect
once the moon shows up on time. Ma’am, the moon has showed up! Come down.
Everyone’s already there. All right, the moon
has showed up. Look at the moon
and break your fast. You haven’t eaten
anything since morning. Give this to me.
I’ll eat it. All right, eat it.
I’ll leave for the veneration. Okay.
– Okay? Eat it. Oh, God!
Give me strength to endure this for five more minutes
and my fast will be complete. Jaya, come on. Come on, everyone,
let’s begin the veneration. Here you go, dear. It doesn’t hurt much, does it? No, Grandma. Have food. Shikha, sit down and have food. No, Mom, I won’t. Why is that? I don’t feel like eating. Come on, have some. I’ve prepared
your favourite Dal. Mom won’t have food today. She’s.. It’s your favourite Dal too. I’ll feed it to you today. Mom, I’ll have food later. Jaya must’ve eaten food by now. I’ll call her up and ask her.
– Don’t. She must also be
eating food right now. If you call her up now,
she’ll stop eating. Food on both, your plate
and hers, will become cold. I’ll tell you what? Have dinner first.
You can call her up later. All right.


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