Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo – Ep 101 – Full Episode – 29th January, 2019

Look, dear,
it’s your birthday tomorrow. Look at the number of gifts
I’ve brought for you. Mom, you made me
enter a contract marriage. There can’t be a bigger gift
than this. I got my gift.
You’ll get your return gift. This year, you’ll celebrate
my birthday without me. Samar, hear me out.
Please, Samar. Samar.. Samar, I want to speak to you. But I don’t want to. ‘She doesn’t even remember
that my birthday has started.’ Your phone is ringing.
– I can hear it. It’s your mom’s call.
– What about it? Pick it up. I don’t want to speak to her. I know that you are upset
about the contract. And that’s why,
even I was very upset. Then I spoke to mom
and she explained that.. Did she explain to you already? Very nice.. Did mother-in-law
explain to you? Jaya, I’ll tell you what.
Sit. Sit..
Sit. Please sit. Very nice!
Your mom explained and you understood. That’s what has been happening
in our marriage. Your mom explains,
and you understand it. Your mom would have explained
like this.. ‘I’ll tell you what, dear.’ ‘After the wedding,
have separate lockers’ ‘made for everyone
at your in-laws’ place.’ Then she would’ve explained..
‘Dear, after the wedding’ ‘if they prepare bad tea
by chance, come home.’ Then you understood,
and you came home again. Then she must’ve explained..
‘Dear, Samar is not suitable’ ‘for you.’ ‘I’ll tell you what.’ ‘Leave him forever
and come here.’ You came home again. Your mom explained to you.
You understood. Your mom explained to you.
You understood.. I have no idea
what I’ve been doing here. I should leave.
But how can I go? How can I go?
Tell me. How can I go? I love you.
I can’t leave you alone. I can’t live without you either. I’ll argue and fight with you,
but I’ll stay with you. I’ll stay right here. I’ll explain it to you first.
Then you will explain it to your mom. Then I should understand
whatever you tell me. Understand things.. Keep trying
to understand everything.. The one who doesn’t
understand something is senseless according
to my understanding. I am the one
who is senseless. Had I known
about this contract earlier I wouldn’t have married you. What do we do now?
Let’s go to bed. We will sleep
in opposite directions. You know what,
Mr. Samar Surana? Had I known about the contract,
I too wouldn’t have married you. We have the same outlook.
But the difference is just that you drag my mom
into every matter but I don’t drag your mom.
– Then drag her. I’ll tell you what.
Drag mom into every matter. My mom is not as shrewd
as your mom. Your mom was the one who
got the contract papers ready. My mom simply signed them. Samar, that’s because
she is the mother of a girl. When a girl’s marriage
comes to an end she has to leave
her in-laws’ house. She won’t have
any kind of support. You know what?
Why am I explaining it to you? Then don’t! I am not here to fight with you,
Samar. – Okay. I was here to apologise
on behalf of mom. Because even I think
mom was wrong. I don’t believe
in such contracts. I have nothing else to tell you.
– I don’t want to hear anything either. Go, sleep.
She is going on chattering. She doesn’t remember
my birthday. Jaya, is Samar still upset? Will you have tea, Grandma?
– No, dear. Take it for Samar. Go and appease him.
All right? Father-in-law’s call! Greetings, Father-in-law. How are you, dear?
– I am fine. How about you? How are the other
family members? Nothing is fine here, dear. Ever since they got to know
about the contract there’s been
a never-ending fight here. No one is listening
to me either. Sister-in-law,
how could you do this? You signed the contract
without consulting us! You thought only about Samar. You didn’t think
about our son at all. Yes, Aunt. You were treating me
like your son, right? Now, what happened?
Where is that affection? For God’s sake, keep quiet! No, Brother-in-law.
We won’t keep quiet today. She has to answer today.
Answer us, Sister-in-law. Are you able to hear it, dear? No one is listening to me. Connect me to Samar.
I find his phone switched off. Grandma, what’s today’s menu?
– Nothing has been decided yet. Jaya, what about the cook? Jaya, connect me
to Samar somehow. If he talks to them,
they may be able to understand. Yes, Father-in-law. He has switched off his phone.
I’ll just pass him the phone. Samar..
Samar, it’s your dad’s call. I don’t want to speak to him. Samar, they are having
a big fight at your place. As they got to know
about the contract aunt, uncle and Brother-in-law
Vijay are engaged in a fight. Hello.
– Samar, just rush home. A big fight is going on here. We have never
had such a fight here. Listen to them fight. Who gave you the right to
register 50 per cent of property in Jaya’s name? You didn’t even consult
any of us. I thought that had you been
in my place you would have done
the same thing. Come on.
How could you do it? It’s fine if Samar loves Jaya. But such a big price for that! You didn’t even take time
to think about my son’s future. You are able to hear, right?
Rush home. I can’t take it anymore. Yes, I’ll tell you what.
Put the phone on speaker mode. Hold on. Listen, everyone. Uncle, Aunt, Brother Vijay,
am I audible to you all? Yes.. Speak up.
– What is it? Speak up. Enough is enough.
Stop acting. Acting?
What do you mean by that, Samar? I know that you are
pretending to have a fight. Why just 50 per cent? If mom
had registered even 100 per cent in Jaya’s name, it wouldn’t
have mattered to any of you. I know this drama is going on
to wish me on my birthday. But listen to me carefully. I don’t want to speak
to any of you. I don’t want to celebrate my
birthday with any of you either. There you go!
– I am sorry, Samar. It had slipped my mind. I knew it.
But it’s okay. I don’t want you to remember
my birthday either. Thank you. I delivered so many dialogues
so quickly and so well. Still, it didn’t work out! Sister-in-law,
everything will be fine. But Samar has never
celebrated his birthday without me. Sister-in-law,
why don’t you go over there? How is it possible?
If she goes there Ms. Satya will create a problem. I have an idea. Rama can go over there
as a cook. – What! What are you saying, Uncle?
Will aunt go there as a cook? No..
Not at all. Guys, try to understand
what I am saying. I was speaking to Jaya
over the phone, right? During the conversation,
I got to know that they are in need
of a cook. Rama will go there to cook. That’s it.
Nothing else. Do you mean
she will go there as a maid? No, Brother-in-law..
Are you serious? A mother can go in any disguise
to meet her son. Yes, Father-in-law.
I will surely go. I am ready to go in any disguise
to be with my son on his birthday. What happened now? Today is Samar’s birthday,
Grandma. – This is good news. But why are you sulking? Because I forgot to wish him. You never forget
your mom’s birthday but you forgot
your husband’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Son-in-law. What’s the matter? Apart from me,
didn’t anyone wish you? Not even your wife? Well, it’s not Jaya’s fault. She tends to be very busy
caring for me that she doesn’t care
about anyone else. It’s said that a person
only cares about the one he loves the most. Anyway, happy birthday
to you, Son-in-law. Live for many years, alone. I won’t let Jaya and you unite. What happened?
Why did you turn around? Actually, my mom has taught me
that on my birthday I should only look at people
who are positive. That’s the reason. Your mom has taught you
good things. But on your birthday you’ve fought with your mom
and come here. What do I do, Grandma? You have made a mistake so you’ll have to rectify it,
dear. How do I rectify it? Take Samar somewhere out
in the evening. Mom won’t like it. You are always worried
about your mom. Forget about her
for one day. Listen to me.
Take Samar somewhere out. I’ll ask mom once. Mom’s minion!
Go, ask her. I’ll get the door. Greetings. Greetings!
Whom do you want to meet? I got to know
from your neighbours that you need a maid
and a cook. Yes, we were looking for one.
Grandma, she is a cook. Please come in.. Please take a seat.
– Sure. What’s your name? My name is Pushpa. Pushpa,
why have you covered your face? I’m supposed to cover my face
since I stay with my in-laws. How will you do the chores
if you cover your face? You might add chilli powder
instead of salt and sugar
instead of chilli powder. No..
We don’t want a maid who covers her face. I am used to working
by covering my face. I desperately need a job. Please hire me. All right, we’ll hire her since she is insisting so much. The kitchen is over there.
Go and start cooking. Hold on. Dear,
we’ve hired her as a cook. But you didn’t discuss
the salary. In fact, the maids
discuss the salary first. Actually,
you’re from a well-to-do family. You can pay me
as per your wish. I just want a job desperately. All right, start working and we’ll decide
the salary later. Go to the kitchen. Cook something delicious for us.
– Okay. Let me see how well you cook.
– Sure. It’s over there. Jaya, take permission
from your mom to go out with Samar. Mom, I wanted
to ask you something. Tell me, dear. Mom,
today is Samar’s birthday. Is that so? There were so many problems
at home that I forgot to wish him. Can I take Samar out with your permission? Actually,
he is away from his family and he has done
so much for us, so.. All right, dear. I make sure that I repay
all my favours. If he has helped us,
then you can take him out and repay for all his help. But make sure
that you just repay for his help and nothing apart from that. ‘Do I wish him?
No, it would look weird.’ ‘Otherwise, I’ll tell him.
No.’ ‘I’ll surprise him.’ Actually, I got a call
from a client to plan the wedding. So,
you’re coming with me as an assistant, right?
– No. But, Samar, you had told me that when I get an offer
from my client you’d accompany me
as my assistant, right? I already told the client that you’ll be accompanying me
as an assistant. Then tell them that your
assistant is not joining you. How can I decline
their request? Is it a compulsion? Actually, it is. Samar, I’ll have
a lot of work to do there. How will I do everything
by myself? What if I lose this project? All right.
Anyway, I can’t force you. It’s okay. Let her go..
A-All right, then. I’ll come with you. Thank you.
Thank you so much. You don’t have to be so happy. I’m joining you
only for today. You better look
for an assistant very soon. All right, go downstairs
and have some food. I don’t want to eat anything. I don’t want to eat anything
in your house. We’ve hired a new cook,
and she has cooked some dish. I don’t eat the food
prepared by a cook I only eat what my mom cooks. ‘I’ve cooked
Samar’s favourite pudding’ ‘but he is not here.’ Dear, where is Samar? He is still angry, Grandma. It’s okay.
Why don’t you start eating? Pushpa,
what have you cooked today? I’ve cooked Roti, vegetable
curry and ‘Sooji Ka Halwa’. That’s wonderful! She has prepared
‘Sooji Ka Halwa’ for dessert. The food is delicious,
but Halwa tastes the best. Yes, it’s very tasty.
Isn’t it, Jaya? Yes. ‘Ms. Satya, I’ve prepared
some Halwa for you.’ ‘Easy..’


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