Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo – Ep 1 – Full Episode – 11th September, 2018

‘Well, every house
has its own story to tell.’ ‘But the Sharma house of Bhopal
is something very different.’ ‘Because this family has a very
deep connection with weddings.’ ‘We see weddings
and divorces here’ ‘almost every other day.’ Justice never gets delayed
in my cases. Wherever I go the first hearing
and the judgement takes place on the same day. Yes. I will prepare
the vegetable curry and leave. Okay. And keep all those
papers ready. I will make sure
this divorce happens. Oh! You don’t worry
about that. Yes, ma’am. For sure.. The wedding will be so grand
that the world will remember it. Yes. We’ll serve ‘Gobhi Pakode’
and ‘Paneer Pakode’ too. Right. We will even call a DJ and band. Yes. I have given you
my commitment. Rest assured.
– Here, have milk. Thank you, Mom. Yes. Make a list of all those things
which you gave to the groom in the wedding. I’ll make sure
you get everything back. Hello! Yes, listen. Check all the items
in the menu again. No, Puneet. Please go there
and taste it yourself. You know that the food
is important to the people more than the bride and groom. If the food is not nice,
people will bad-mouth the groom. Just check it.
I’m leaving. – Okay. – Okay. Yes, the food is ready. I’ll be there in a while. Jaya, come. I will drop you. Stop.. Take the blessings
before you leave. Yes. Jaya, come.
Take the blessings. Satya, listen to me. Reconsider your decision. Thinking too much about
our decisions makes them weak. And, Grandma,
why are you being worried? Whatever God and mom does is always right. Okay. Come soon. Feed me some sweet soon.
– Sure. There you go! Grandma, you have made
such a nice Halwa. Teach me how to make it. You will learn it only when
you get time from work. Even that’s right. Then let’s do this. You can become
the confectioner of my company. Dear, you won’t be
able to afford me. My service is very costly. I didn’t think of that. Jaya, come soon. Yes, Mom! All right, Grandma. Bye.. Leave me. Or else,
I will fall. – Take care. Bye! – Bye! Shall we go? – Yes, Mom. Get inside the car.
– No, Mom. You will get late
if you drop me. I will go by myself. All the best. Do well. All the best to you too, Mom. Come back with the good news. The divorce queen is here. She is the only
woman in the world who has never tried
to save a marriage. She has always tried
to break it. When the knots get tangled it’s better to cut them off. No.. Don’t cut it. Hold on. It can even be joined. Look. It’s difficult to
cut things off. Joining requires a little
bit of hardwork but it does work. I have joined it now. Oh.. It will spoil the drape.
And this.. Take this. Do it soon.
We don’t have time. Ma’am, why are you doing this?
I’m here for that. Take this. Hurry up! Put them on
the wedding dais. Hold on.. This is not how you
hang the festoons. Put them a little higher.
Hurry up! Hello! Show me your henna. I told you that
it will come out well. Your sari is looking
very pretty. No, mister.
Why are you doing this? Puneet, come here. The client needs some help.
Go to him. Give this to me. Priest.. – Dear, the decoration
is very good. But everything will take place
on time, right? Oh! Don’t you worry.
It’ll be done on time. – Okay.. Okay, dear. Sorry.. Priest, take this. – Yes. Do you need anything else?
– No, I have everything. – Good. Oh, wow!
Are you enjoying it? Very good, mister. Start making it.
The guests have started coming. Make it soon.. – Ma’am.
– Yes? Please taste this. – Okay. The chickpeas
aren’t cooked properly. And there’s no salt in it.
It’s very spicy. Go, prepare it again. Oh! Ms. Jaya. I’ve decked up the bride exactly
how you had asked me to. – Good! But she looks sad. I think she’s being
forced for this marriage. You’ve no other work
than gossiping, do you? Go, make the others
get ready. And, where’s Priya?
– She’s on the balcony. Are you preparing
to run away? Let me see you. Oh, wow! Priya,
you are looking beautiful! What happened?
Why are you sad? You have been waiting
for this day from a long time, right? I am scared, Jaya. Karan and I never imagined that everything will
happen so fast. I mean, I will start living
there from tomorrow. I hardly know
Karan’s family members. I mean, what Karan’s
parents like to eat what his brothers
and sisters like.. I am having a weird feeling. I am unable to remember
even switches. How will I be able
to adjust there? I am very scared. Priya, had you told me earlier I would have asked you
not to get married. But Priya, a lot of money
has already been spent. Are you kidding me? This is not a serious concern. There are hardly six persons
in your in-laws’ family. And you are worried
about their food preferences. Look at me.
I don’t even know how to cook. But I am getting food prepared
for so many guests, right? I got 40 women’s makeup done. I am taking care of dress
and decoration. Do I know
about everyone’s taste? But everything is done, right? I just used my intuition,
brain and affection. And everything is done. And no one will be able
to find any fault. Listen. You shouldn’t go
to your in-laws’ house with fear in your mind. Just assume that you are
going to your own house. Mark my words.
Everything will go smoothly. Stop crying now. Otherwise, I will charge
extra for makeup. Shut up. Ms. Jaya.
– Yes. The auspicious time is nearing. But the groom’s party
hasn’t reached yet. Where are they?
Did they make any call? They are stuck in traffic
on Station road. to move from there. I don’t think they will be
able to reach on time. When is the auspicious
time today? – 5 o’clock. This means, there are
still 30 minutes left. Listen. Don’t worry.
Just be ready. I will go and bring your groom
right away, okay? Don’t worry. Move.. – Ma’am, there is a
huge traffic jam ahead. You better get out of here. Look.
I know how to make my own way. Move..
Move.. Hurry up! Move.. Are you Priya’s
would-be in-laws? Where is the groom?
– But who are you? I will give my introduction
later. W-Where is the groom?
– I am here. I am the groom. Let’s go quickly.
Come on. Get up.. But who are you?
– I am Jaya. I am your wedding planner. Let’s go.
The auspicious time is nearing. But where are you taking him? I am taking him
to the wedding venue. Where else..
Let’s go. But how can I go
without my family? Will you wait for your family
on your first wedding night if there is a huge traffic
jam like this? But..
– Let’s go.. But what will we do?
– Sir.. ‘Antakshari!’ ‘Antakshari!’ We are getting bored
here doing nothing. Let’s do something. Let’s play ‘Antakshari’
taking the name of God. Sing a song. Where are you taking my son? Hop on.. Listen.
Hold tight. Okay. Hold the scooter,
not me. Mister, move.. Sir, the auspicious time will
get over after 10 minutes. Priest, they are coming.
They are on the way. They are on the way.. I don’t think the wedding
will take place today. They will reach here soon.
– Yes, Priest.. Please excuse me. I need to go somewhere else. They are about to reach here.
– They are coming. Priest..
– Please wait for a while. Please excuse me. How will the wedding
take place? I need to go somewhere else.
– They are on the way. Please excuse me.
– Priest.. Please calm down.
You have cried enough. Please calm down. The groom has come.. The groom has come! Start playing ‘Shehnai’. Let’s go.. Sir, here he is.
– But the priest has left. What will happen now? Okay, take Karan
to the wedding dais. I will do something.
– Okay. Punit..
Bring my laptop. And bring groom’s parents too.
Go.. She is such a lovely girl. Her mother has taught
her great values. She will keep the family united. Is it a girl’s sole duty
to keep a family united? Who has set this rule that boys will earn money and girls will take care
of families? My Lord, my client is
an educated woman. She is successful
in her profession. But her in-laws
don’t want her to work. They want her to stay home. Who will take care of the family
if she goes out to work? Who will take care of my mom? My mom is a heart patient. My Lord, here are his
mother’s medical reports. She is suffering
from BP problem. Persons at her age mostly
suffer from this problem. Even I have that problem. I think even you are suffering
from the same problem. She needs medication not her daughter-in-law. My Lord, as far as taking care
of the family is concerned my client never refused
to do so. She will take care of her family
whenever she gets time. But her husband wants her
to always be at home. My Lord,
I would like to ask what work
would be there in a house which has four maids
and many servants. Will there be
an earthquake in that house that has to be held
by my client and stopped? My Lord, every girl
has to adjust in a marriage. You might have adjusted too. Why does she needs to adjust? I am asking,
why should she adjust? If there are stones in the Dal
purchased from the market we return it immediately.
We do not adjust. If the clothes
are not fitting perfectly we return it.
We do not adjust. We purchase TV, fridge,
washing machine and everything else
as per our choice. We do not adjust. Why does marriage require
the adjustments? That too, for lifelong. Why should a girl alone adjust? God did not make
any adjustments in creating girls and boys. He did not think
of giving her one hand instead of two
just because she is a girl. He didn’t give her
one eye instead of two. He didn’t give him
more intelligence than her. He has created
both of them equally. Why do we make
the girls adjust then? The medicine for blood pressure
should be given to the mom by the daughter-in-law
and not the son. If you open
a mother’s heart you will find the son first and not the daughter-in-law. Both of you promise that you will support
each other in times of trouble
henceforth. My Lord, when a
relationship becomes a trouble it is better to end it. Both of you promise that you will respect
each other. A relationship
does not have any value if a husband cannot respect
his wife’s work. Both of you promise that you will not betray
each other. There is no need
for a chance, My Lord. This relationship
deserves a divorce and not a second chance. Both of you promise that you will not leave
each other. My Lord, when a relationship
becomes a burden it shouldn’t be continued
forever. The wedding is complete. Divorce is granted. Thank you, Mom.
If you wouldn’t support me.. Why wouldn’t I support you? You were happy
when I got you married. Today, I got you divorced because that is where
your future and your happiness lies in. I love you. We love you, Mom. I love you too. Thank you so much, Jaya. Why are you thanking me? I have taken the payment
from your dad. This is my work. Really?
You know, you’re the best. Isn’t it?
Mom says the same too. ‘What do you have?’ Well, it is her call. Wait a moment. Yes, Jaya.
– Yes, Mom. Divorce has been granted. Wow, congratulations! You’re the best, Mom.
I knew that you would win. Mom, my scooter
has broken down. Pick me
if you have left from court. Okay, I’ll be there. Jaya. Mom. You are here.
– Shall we go? – No. Come, I’ll introduce you
to Priya’s parents. Ma’am, sir, she is my mom. Greetings.
– Greetings. She is the world’s best lawyer
and the world’s best mom. Whatever I am today
is only because of her. You can assume
that my world begins with her and ends with her too. Enough. She loves me a lot. That is why
she is saying such things. Shall we go now? Our daughter got married
because of your daughter. Thank you. Isn’t she
the same divorce lawyer whose article was published
in the paper on Sunday? Yes, she is Satya. She herself is getting
her second daughter divorced. What kind of a woman is she? Mom. I want some ‘Chole’ that was
prepared in the morning. Bring it quickly. Ma’am, special ‘Chole’
was prepared today. I’ll give it to you to taste. Wait a moment.
Bring it quickly. Take this, ma’am.
Taste it. The ‘Chole’ is not boiled
properly. It is tasteless too. How can you serve
such tasteless ‘Chole’? Let’s do one thing. I’ll pack this. You take this
home and alter the taste, okay? Listen.
– No. I said that it tastes horrible. It cannot be altered. Ma’am, it was cooked
with great difficulty. The effort is useless.
Throw it. Well, what are you trying to say
by serving ‘Chole’? Ma’am, I want to say that you could not eat
one spoon of tasteless ‘Chole’. How can somebody be
in a wrong relationship? Yes, it is true that my mom got my sister’s
divorce done just now. But I think
you are not aware that my mom has got my
elder sister’s divorce done too. And my mom has
a record in her name. My mom has won
all the divorce cases that she has taken up so far. And this does not give any
personal happiness to my mom. Mom breaks the marriages
where the girls are not happy. How is she wrong? You had one spoon of ‘Chole’
and told me that it is tasteless
and not cooked properly. Similarly, some relationships
become suffocating and problematic. They cannot be improved. So, how is my mom wrong if she is ending
such relationships? Both her daughters
are at home. Is this right? Ma’am, would it be right if my sisters were crying
and suffering in their in-laws’ house? My mom says
that the doors of our house are always open for my sisters. They can come
whenever they want. When my sisters
had a problem in their marriage they never had to think
what people would say or where they would have to go
or what mom would say because they were aware that my mom
will definitely support them even if nobody else does because mom
had sent them away and not disowned them. And people always remember
their mom before anyone else when they are in pain. And about my mom, I don’t even
need to remember her. She directly comes near us. And to understand this,
either you’ve to enter her heart or you’ve to take birth
from her womb. Both of these things
are beyond your capacity. What happened, Sister?
Are you missing brother-in-law? I can understand, Richa. You’ll feel bad for few days,
and then you’ll get used to it. The way I got used to it. And now, you can do a job,
and you can go anywhere. There’s nobody to stop you.
Right? Absolutely.
Sister Shikha is right. I know, Sister.
I was just.. Just like that.. You know what, Sister?
Give this photo to me. I’ll keep it inside. The more
you’ll keep looking at it the more you’ll feel bad
unnecessarily. If you want to become strong
in your life then don’t run away
from your problems. In fact, face them. Then only they will be solved. Let this photo be here
like this. And you live your life
in your own way in front of it. Then you’ll see. After few days, it’ll look like
a piece of paper. Dear, you should be proud
of the decision to break the relationship,
which you were never proud of. I love you, Mom.
– I love you too, dear. Hello.
J-Just a second. What! Just a minute..
Do you mean we’ve to plan the wedding
of the daughter of the owner of Surana Jewellers,
Saarika Surana? Oh, my God!
No.. Don’t worry. The presentation will be so nice
that I’ll get the contract. Of course.
Thank you. Thank you so much. Are you still awake? – Yes, Mom.
Preparing for the presentation. Listen..
– What? – Look at this. I’ll show you.
Look at this. I was thinking
that all the draping work will be done
in blue and pink colour. And.. And the arrangement
of flowers will be like this. Completely modern..
And.. And even the mandap
will be completely modern. It’s because they are rich
and modern people so they may like modern themes. And I was thinking
that the whole theme should be Italian. And even the food will be
Pasta and Pizza.. – Enough.. Everything will be okay. I hope so.
– Okay. Now, just sleep. Mom, just five more minutes.
I’ll just take the printout. Only five minutes. Yes, My Lord.
– I am a lawyer not ‘My Lord’. You’re my Lord for me.
Good night. Good night. Can’t you see? Please sit. I asked you to wait, right? I just came here to sit.
Not to rush. – Okay, sit. Just a minute.. What..
What was going on? Ma’am, just sit quiet.
And mind your own business. Please sit. Talking as if..
Brainless fellow. Next. File? I-I.. I forgot to bring my file. I’ll bring it.
Don’t send anyone else. Excuse me.
– Yes. Can you please give me file?
– Why should I give you my file? I don’t want your ideas.
I just need the file. – Okay. Even the empty one will do.
– Okay. – Thank you so much. Thank you.
– Okay.. Greetings, sir. Dear, the children of your age
address us as grandpa. Please take a seat.
– Yes.. Thank you, sir.. – Tea?
– I mean, Grandpa.. He has brought tea. Thank you.
– So, dear, what new theme have you brought?
Since morning, I’ve been listening to all kind of themes
from all kind of peoples. Some say the wedding should
be in Japanese style and others say it should be Chinese.
Some suggest pizza-pasta and others noodles.
– ‘I’ve a totally Italian theme’ ‘in mind.
Food will include’ ‘pasta and pizza.’ Well, what new idea
have you brought? Sir, the theme I’ve brought
is completely different. What’s different, dear!
Weddings we had in my time were amazing.
It used to be a lively atmosphere.
Today’s weddings are like readymade clothes.
Well, the children have given me the responsibility, so I have
to settle on something. Something they like.
– Yes. Okay, tell me your new idea. What are you thinking, dear?
– Oh.. Nothing. By the way, I was thinking
that your grand-daughter’s wedding should be something
to remind you of your own wedding.
Why just you, it should remind everybody of their own wedding.
– I don’t understand, dear. I was saying that according
to the plan I’ve made the wedding would be like
it used to be in the past. It would be that lively.
– How would that be? Let me explain.
It’s very simple. I mean all the food
and decoration will be based on old theme.
I mean you can think of it as a 70’s wedding.
In your time, sweets used to be made at home, big hearths
used to be sat up for the task. Some sweets would be cooking
on side, milk would be boiling on the other to make ‘Kheer’.
Am I right? Yes, yes.
– Let me explain it to you in detail.
Just a second.


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