Love at First Sight | Emotional Cleveland City Hall wedding video

Camille has been my one-of-a-kind rare treasure,
my precious jewel, my entire life. With that, I was worried that no one could
ever appreciate the intricacies of her rarity. Many might appreciate her beauty, but wouldn’t
be evenly yoked enough to get her wit. And if they were blessed enough to understand
her wit, could they ever truly appreciate and understand all of the things that made
this one-of-a-kind Camille? Then came Dominique. And it all made sense, because he is the rarest
of forms as well. And when you came, it made such sense. I knew it was by God’s design. Camille, I think it was a little over a year
ago Dominique brought you to our house and said, “Hey, this is going to be my wife.” And I can tell you, I haven’t seen him happier
in all his life. And I knew that you were the one. I knew that you were the one. It was the NBA finals, 2015. It was good times. The Warriors were playing the Cavs and at
home, I was a Warriors fan. Wasn’t well-liked in Cleveland. The entire city is all the way turned up. Warriors defeat the Cavs and I say, “You know
what? I’m going to get out of here, go celebrate,
see what’s out in those streets.” As I’m waiting for the Uber, I look over and
I see this guy wearing Warriors gear from head to toe. Very bold. Yeah. Bold. I look up, I see the most beautiful thing
I feel like I ever seen in life. So I give it about 42 seconds. I was checking my watch. At the end of 42 seconds, I say, “Hey. What are you doing?” Funny thing is, he actually said hi and I’m
really surprised I even said hi back. It’s not hard to see we’re hitting it off. I can tell she’s feeling my ministry. And you’d never believe this, but I was the
one who asked him for his number. I know. Yeah, it was kind of amazing. Cheers. I’m so excited. Long before I popped the question, it was
done in my mind. I’ve never felt this way before. You showed me every part of you and it made
me love you more. The giggles, the cries, the anger, the sadness
all made me realize you were real and so were we. I could not imagine this life without you. Thanks for completing me, building me, and
being my better half. Wow. Sorry. My allergies are acting up. You create the moments that only live in fairy
tales, the moments that I know I need, but I never knew they ever existed. I’m so blown away and stunned by you. When we first started dating, people would
ask what was different about you, other than you’re drop-dead gorgeous and incredibly intelligent,
and I realized it was that you made me want to be a better man, a better human. You champion for me. You support me. And today with all of our families’ love and
happiness as our first priority, I want to marry you. Because of you, I’ve learned to show my love
with more attentiveness and compassion, more patience and understanding. I will make it my job to take care of your
heart forever, to ease your mind when it gets to moving at warp speed. While I’m over-analyzing all of life’s details,
I know and I trust that you’ll be planning our future, planning our life’s journey, and
making it happen. We have gathered with great friends and family
here to honor and celebrate their love. To my son and daughter. In each other, I truly believe you’ve found
the rarest of loves. May you polish it when it seems worn, protect
it from covetous passers-by and cherish it for all its worth.


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