Light: X-T30 with Marianne Chua x Wedding / FUJIFILM

I’m Marianne and
I’m a wedding photographer based in London I appeal to couples who are getting married but they aren’t really into the traditional thing
is what I’d say. I don’t really show shots of the ring
exchange or the first kiss because I think everyone knows that happens at a wedding and it’s almost not as interesting as what weddings are
about, which is about the people. I’m showing a lot of shots that show the
guests doing something interesting like in-jokes, their personalities coming
through, you know. Their wedding is almost for them about their friends and family,
not just about themselves. The big thing I’ve noticed about the X-Trans 4
sensor is the substantially faster autofocus. The new sensor has a lot more
focal points and it has phase detection technology right to the corners to made
it a lot easier to capture things faster and things that are in odd places I would say. I think one thing that I’ve always done
from the start and I’ve stayed true to even now is very much shooting people’s natural emotions and people’s reactions to the day, even from the first wedding that was something that was very apparent in everything I was shooting. The X-T30 is an amazing camera, I’m already really in love with it. I see it as the X-T3 in a smaller, more compact body because it’s the same sensor so it serves me professionally in that way but also the fact that it’s so small means I can take it with me on a couple of indulgent girls trips and it meant that I could be doing my fancy professional professional know-how stuff in manual and flick the switch into Auto mode and hand over to my friend and I thought that was fantastic as a way of kind of using it out and about so it has all those benefits of not attracting too much attention but producing just, you know, the best image quality. I can’t really fault it in any way. It does matter a lot to me that my clients obviously love their photos. I’m aware that they’re gonna have these photos
for the rest of their life. They become part of an in-joke, they become part of a genuine fun memory for everyone involved, not just a couple but the guests as well.

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