LibreOffice-Writer (91) MailMerge Wedding Planner

now that we’ve seen how a charitable
organization might use the mail merge functionality we want to see how someone at home might
use the mail merge function once again the three things we need to make this
happen are a calc spreadsheet database a writer document and that data connection
to put the two together for our home example we’re going to
pretend that someone is getting married so, our database is going to be our guest list here we’ve got the names
of the people invited to the wedding their address, city, state, zip so we can put that on the envelope we also have some other information on
there maybe the number of adults invited the number of kids invited Maybe the date or if the invitation was sent to not the number of people that responded to say
they would attend maybe we’ve got numbered tables that we
want to put the people at and we want to record what gift was given by each person and if a
thank-you note was was sent i’ve changed the sheet page two guests and we’re going to save this as… weddinglist-DB.ods and i’ll put this on the website as well so,those who want to download it
and play with it can get it there now let’s create that data connection
I’m going into database we want to select an existing database the database is a spreadsheet clicking next let’s browse and find that file waiting list DB clicking next here’s where we register it and we don’t
want to open it up… Finish and we’re going to give this a new name
of… wedding list datasource the bride or maybe it’s the bride’s
mother thinks that creating labels for the invitations is not personalized enough and they
would like us to print out every envelope through our printer our
printer can handle that so we just need to set it up through LibreOffice writer just a quick reminder that in the tools options libreoffice user data we can put our return address
information if we like now let’s create the envelopes we go
into insert envelope and for a return address click this checkbox and it brings him our return address
information that we were just looking at if we don’t like that. we can select it delete it and put in whatever we like
a_b_c_ one two three if we decide we don’t like that and want the original back we delete
this out uncheck it and check it again and there’s our
return address information we want to create an envelope for each
person in the database to do that we come over to database here’s our wedding list datasource selecting guests (we named are spreadsheet
guests) and we need to add in the fields we have
a name address city….. state and zip we’re not done yet going over to the format our bride has picked some odd shaped envelopes we
need to give a width of eight point five and height of six we also want to change the font from the
return address so go to character change this one too Bodini condensed eleven and for the addressee themselves you wanna change that one to vladamir script twenty-two we are going to create this into a new
doc and our names look a little off to the
right i’m going to click on this line here this box which is the frame and move this back to a little bit now let’s print out the samples yes we want to create the form letter we want all the records will print this out to a .pdf and we want to print this out to the
screen and create the .pdf and there we have it

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