Lewin/Parker Wedding October 30, 2015

We’re here to celebrate Taking about to give up yourself first a Ring is a solid unbroken band love freely given has no beginning and no end maybe’s rings I Had a moment where time Stood Still and sped up I Told Tim that night I’d met the girl of America You accepted my friendship it happened so easily We were like an old couple already and our boss said we would get married. Well, do not tell Miranda what to do Or me Hey, we really like that about each other you Are my best friend Brandon More I open up to you the more we talk and share our deepest fears Accepting it is the best thing I’ve ever done. I Knew the moment. I saw him. My job is to take care of you Of our family And this is my value I did So I’m gonna ask you You have this one to be your wedded wife to live together in marriage you love her comfort her and in sickness and in health in sorrow and in joy When we met a little over three years ago you had that magical moving moment you’ve been waiting for from the moment you saw me you said that you That life as you knew, it had changed forever. I however needed a little more convincing. Yeah But the universe must have known this because over the next three months. We worked almost every moment of every day. I Guess you could say that the universe knew what she was doing Somewhere during all those long days together something clicked And life as I knew it had changed You were so full of life and Happiness and you made me love living and most of all you made me love living with you by my side. I had found my missing piece and To say that you are simply my best friend or my soulmate doesn’t even come close to expressing how I feel about you. I Love you doesn’t you can cut it So I will say it with a quote from one of the greatest love stories ever told You are more myself than I am Whatever, my soul is made Yours is the same For better or worse In sickness and in health in sickness and in health to love and to cherish to love and to cherish And hold sacred the responsibility of growing better together So it’s a tradition at a Jewish wedding for a groom to step on and break a glass right before he kisses his bride There are many explanations for the fragility of the glass how our lives and our relationships Breaking a glass

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