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(crowd shouting “Glory to the Heroes, Glory to the Heroes”) You are in a free Poland! Remember Poland is like your mother that we have to respect, that we have to defend at a time of danger. The speaker before me said beautiful things that is not necessary to repeat. We have a lot of traitors that act against our government. That’s a disgrace. INDEPENDENCE DAY MARCH ALLIANCE present film WHAT THE MEDIA DOES NOT TELL YOU? LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT INDEPENDENCE DAY MARCH 2017 This year, we are marching under the battle standard of God. Under the standard, that to tell the truth, we carry from the beginning, from the year of 2010 shouting the chant “God, Honor, Motherland”. Today we all realize what times we live in. Times of devastation, hedonism and moral failure. That impact, that bad influence that unfortunately comes to us from the western Europe, requires us to turn our eyes, our thoughts, and our spirit to God. banner: “WE WANT GOD” That is why I’m asking you all today to march with great dignity and respectso that march today can be an inspiration, a challenge for us to work on self improvement, on improving our characters. If we won’t do it, if we do not win in changing the little things, if we will not stop using foul language, lying, stealing, if we will not start with the simplest things we will not change Poland and we will perish like the whole latin civilization. That is why today we pick God, that God that is a synonym for the catholic faith, a synonym for universal values. That’s why they appeal even to those who are not catholic. Our country, our nation is built on that foundation. Why are you here today? Because today is Independence Day and I think every Polish person should demonstrate in public that he is Polish, should walk with the flag, he does not have to confront anyone, nobody is attacking anybody, there is no need for foul language,
it is the day to show that today is our holiday, we are all Polish we are happy that we are Polish, we are here third time in a row, that’s right, we are happy to be Polish, almost a 100 years ago we got our independence back our ancestors fought for this, gave their lives so today is the day when we should thank all of them for it. So this is your 3rd time, yes? Why are you keep coming back? We came back and we will keep coming back because it is beautiful here. So many flags, fantastic ambiance- that’s important. We are together, we can sing the patriotic songs together. We can celebrate together. There is no other celebration like this in Poland, and there is no celebration like this anywhere in the world. This one is the biggest in Europe We are bonded by two colors white and red. For us the city of Warsaw is a symbol. That is where the Warsaw Uprising took place. Thousands of people died here, reborn like Phoenix from ashes. We are happy that we are free and we can openly talk about it. We came here from a little town to the capital, to enjoy that day Every year the group gets bigger, it is not getting smaller, it is a given that year after year there is more of us, we started as a group of 3 or 4, today there is 10 of us and we are still encourage other people to come. we are thinking that next year there is going to be even more of us here So you disagree with media publicity that is dangerous, threatening atmosphere here? Never! It’s beautiful and colorful, it’s white and red everywhere. That bad publicity is purpoesly created by the media. Do we look aggressive? We are enjoying ourselves. People come with children, with whole families, with strollers. It’s not true that hooligans come here looking for a confrontation. the whole families come here, normal people. We are young polish people who want to manifest our ancestry. Banner: We demand THE TRUTH about the murder of blessed priest Jerzy Popieluszko Why are we here today? Like any nationalists, nationalists have to be here, should be here in Warsaw, together. We came here from the city of Radomsk, We are Remembrance Association of AK (National Army) KWP( Polish Underground Army), NSZ (National Armed Forces) – Always Faithful There are my friends from the city of Aleksandrow Lodzki, and there are some more of us around here somewhere. Why? Because we are patriots and we should every day, not only today, but every day remember our most fundamental values such as “God, Honor, Motherland”, we can’t forget God most of all. Why did I show up? Because I want to celebrate 99th anniversary of Independence Day. Is it your first time? O, no, not first. So what do you like the most? What do you find most valuable in this initiative? The feeling that there is nothing to be ashamed of, for sure. We are patriots, we love Poland. We are celebrating that day because 99 years ago we won our freedom back and we have to be pround of that. Did you come from far away? I came from Sweden. So this is your first time? It is my first time, first time taking part in the march. I think this is a wonderful initiative It was worth coming here. What made you come here this year? I had a chance to come here. I always wanted to be here, so here I am. So you wanted to see it for yourself?
Exactly, yes. And you sir, is it your first time? I’m here every year for the last 6 years, every November 11th in Warsaw I travel here from Krakow, and I am proud of that. We are here to demonstrate, to manifest our patriotism, love for the country. I was here last year and that is why I encouraged my friends to come here. And what do you think about the atmosphere, how does it feel to take part in this march? Personally, I like it a lot and that is why I came back this year. We are happy that we live in free Poland and that is why we came here to celebrate. It is a joyful day. Did you come from far away? From not far. So what does independence mean to you? Free Poland, we can come here, openly express our opinion, beautiful Poland, joyful holiday. Our expectations are consistently the same, that we will bond together, we are one big family and a moment like this makes us feel that way. We are happy to see young people here. To commemorate those who never denied their polish roots, those who fought for freedom, and that is why we want to celebrate. Is this your first time? Or another one in a row? I am here second time. Earlier I came with my older son and now with the younger one. From the speaker: walk slowly, make room. Why did you ladies decided to come here? Because we are patriots. We decided to come here from England. Especially for the Independence March. My friend motivated me. We are proud that we are Polish and we wanted to show this even though that we live and work abroad. Especially when you work outside of the country a person can appreciate that Poland is an oasis of normalcy in comparison to other countries. We see what is going on when they apply political agenda of European Union. In theory we are all the same, we are all unified, we are all equal, but we are not treated that way. Poland is objecting that, Poland is showing that it has it’s own principles, it’s own values, and we will keep it, and we are happy about it, and we want to unite with those who think alike. So you talked your friend into participating, what do like the most about the march, in that initiative? Manifestation of patriotism mostly. In comparison with other European countries where people are afraid where in England people are afraid to display and are punished for displaying their English flag so they can’t show it. In Poland people walk the street, fly their flags and are happy that they are Polish. My heart beats faster. So ma’am you are first time today. What do you expect, any expectations? I am very pleasantly surprised with courtesy of my countrymen. The atmosphere is very nice and patriotic. I hope next year I also come back for the 100th anniversary.
So as of right now it was worth the trip? Yes, it was. Why did you decide to come here? Why wouldn’t be here? It is a march that affirms our Polishness, our attachment to our traditional values,
to everything that is important to us. And on top of that, the Independence March unites organizations that are similar in their outlook, that relate to Polish heritage, values. The chant this year “We want God” for Polish people, for catholics is especially expressive. It is a chant that we
can unite under without any objections. On top of that, we are here every year so we could not miss this years event. We are present and we are proud.
Like one of our friends said, here you can feel that Polish pride and here we feel the best. What makes you come back year after year? To feel that national pride. To live with realization that if so many young people carry the words “God, Honor, Motherland” that means that Poland did not yet perish. Also,Polish people always met on November 11th, there is so much talk about uniting, but only patriots can unite together. We can not unite with traitors, wrongdoers. In this group we are together, Polish people are here, patriots are here. I think that is a good signal that we have to be clear. Also we can only unite with people that will join us in a fight against the enemy of our country. Since the president invited Donald Tusk and all the wrongdoers to celebrate the Independence Day
that means that there is no place for us. Tusk will not join us, KOD members will not join us in a fight for free Poland. They will unite with the enemies of Poland and the whole idea to unite over what divides us is absolutely false.
We can’t be together with the traitors We want to manifest our patriotic outlook, the fact that we are patriots, we are celebrating getting our freedom back 99th time. I think we will show up on the 100th anniversary also. Why did you ladies come to join the march? It is so obvious, that we can’t even imagine not coming. We always come if our health permits us. We always came, and as long as we will be able to, we will come. And how do you remember previous marches? We were present and we were walking from around the same spot until the end. So the atmosphere was peaceful, positive? I was not afraid. They (media) were scaring us but I take part every year since few years ago. Why did you decide to come here today to join the march? Because it’s Independence Day. Is it your first time or were you participating before? It’s 7th time in a row. So why are you keep coming back? We are Polish, we are patriots, and we like that form of celebrating our national holiday. Did you notice any changes over the years? Of course it changed. During Tusk presidency there were provocations during every march. Ever since Duda became the president, it is peaceful. [song name: “5tka – Ty mnie żywej nie weźmiesz”] check official music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBClrk6hVZI Good Morning! Independence Day March Media
Why are you here today? It is a national march. Is it your first time? Mine first, my daughter’s third. So you took your father with you? Yes, I took him. Why? He wanted to see what is like, come to the capital city and together celebrate the march. Did you come from far away? From the city of Czestochowa. And how was your experience? You keep coming back? Yes, I keep coming back because I feel solidarity with the people.Together we celebrate our holiday, it leaves strong impression. It’s beautiful here. It’s nice to celebrate together, it nice to see the patriotism, to see that people remember and
that we march together. You can feel that Poland is alive, that there are young people, that something important is going on. It is nice to see that there is no empty spots, that young people want to manifest that they are Polish. It’s nice, I like that even though I am a little older. I am that kind of a person. I’m a patriot and I come here every year. Did you come from far away? From the city of Przemysl. O, so that’s quite a distance. So it is wort it to be here every year? Definately.The events that are taking place, the atmosphere- it’s something beautiful. And what do you like the best in those marches? How is the atmosphere in general? Generally the atmosphere is patriotic. You known there are Polish people everywhere and everybody has the same feeling, the need to be here. There are a lot of young people, (patriotism) is the road for the rest of their life. Is it your first time here? It’s my third. So why are you keep coming back? You feel the might of that crowd. I am first time here, my boyfriend motivated me. It’s not cold, so I do not regret it and there is an ambiance. Did you come from far away? From the city of Gliwice. So you had to sacrifice a little in order to be here? We have plans to come here with our child next year. And how do you describe atmosphere, since you have been here before? Is it positive? Very positive. It is very peaceful.
We will see if it is going to be peaceful.
Last year was very peaceful.
I hope that under this standard it is going to be peaceful also. Background: “Glory to the Heroes” When you walk it feels really pleasant although there are different opinions but opinion is just an opinion. You have to come here and decide. It is nice, you can see many families walking casually. I thing the march is very save and pleasant. So it is the best to decide for yourself? Yes, of course. It is the basis in order to be able to express an opinion about the march. Previous marches always had provocations and confrontations from the previous government. Currently, they are very peaceful and have family character. Families come with children, there is very nice, patriotic atmosphere. I came here with a child to show the march. I want the march to be peaceful and the police not to provoke people. This march is for everyone. You were here previously. Which one of the chants was resonating with you? Glory to the Heroes! So the commemorating? Yes, I think that is the priority, that is why I came here. I think it is going to be nice, uplifting, patriotic atmosphere. So it is important for you to commemorate the independence in that way? Of course. Is this your first time, or you’ve been here before? My child is here for the first time, I’m here every time since 2011. What can you say about the atmosphere about the march itself? What was your impression over the years? Depends. Those first marches, you know, had many provocations created by the police but it was under a different government. Now they are peaceful like they should be. I’m here for the 4th time. Are you from Warsaw? No, I’m from a small town, quite a distance you might say. We get here every year in a different way, but we make it here. So it is worth it? Since you are here for the forth time. Yes, the atmosphere is one of the reasons. There is no other event like this that would be able to leave such a great impression on a person. Those emotions stay with a person for a long time and then you wait for another march. I like the fact that it’s different that what they show on television. Completely different. Better. Nicer. The atmosphere is nice. That march is one long story. Story of how it looked in the year 2010. That was my first march that I participated in and how it changed over those 8 years. How is it different? Are there any differences between the first ones and the one from last year? The differences are huge. First marches in 2010, 2011 or in 2012 were showing disapproval by the public (against the government) they were marches fighting with propaganda that was spread during and after the marches that was fed through the media. What are you ladies think about the idea itself? The fact that so many people come from all over Poland to meet here today? I remember the first one where there was a provocation. It was many years ago. There was a lot of police standing in crowd control gear. I was furious. I said O my God! But I was happy that there were a lot of young people. It was wonderful that there were a lot of young people because we older people come, but we can’t do much anymore. But young people should. Young people should understand that patriotism is very important. We are especially happy that there are a lot of young people. That there is more and more of them. Every year it looked slight different. The situations varied. Sometimes some situations unfortunately made people looked at the marches in different ways. I hope that this year it is going to be a little different. That every observer will be able to say that that march was very nice, very family oriented. Unfortunately in previous years things happen but we hope this will change. Atmosphere is always wonderful, fantastic. When Tusk was a president when the police was shooting at us, we were a little less happy. Our eyes were burning from the tear gas. And you were just walking casually? We were participants, we had to run. We were taking part in those marches since 2011. And I understand next year you will be also participating? Of course.
If God and health will permit us, for sure. Backstage: We are Polish. That is why primarily we have to take care of our country, independence of our nation,
Poland is my motherland, not Europe. [song name: “Karat NM / CS – POLSKA, NIE EUROPA ft. Emace”] check official music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw_-gT0_-MM God is a symbol of our country. Ever since the beginning of time, Poland was founded on christian values, faith, and that is what we have to stand by. Europe is going away from those values and you can see the results. People die from hunger, I’m not talking about the immigrants, people die from hunger. That is because people feel oblivious about other people’s situation. That is caused by faith and values fading away. Every community should cultivate those values. Every nation has individual traits and we should build Europe acknowledging those traits. Everyone of us is catholic and the chant of today’s march is adequate and it matches with what we have in our hearts. Europe is founded on Christianity since the beginning. When people went into battle to fight for our nation they always went with God in their hearts and in the name of God. And what do you say about this years chant? It is a foundation of Polish tradition. Christianity- our whole culture is based on that. It is very adequate for the situation in Poland. Europe is more and more laic. The chant is very appropriate. Look at West becoming laic. We have to realize that it will progress and will progress in Poland, also. We have to remember that the chant “God, Honor, Motherland” and the order of those words is not a coincidence. God is in the first place. I think this chant it the best of all choices and I’m happy that it was chosen for this year’s march and not picked for next year because then it could be too late. In my opinion, like Roman Dmowski said, catholic faith is not just an addition to Polish culture.
Every nationalist should consider themselves a catholic. Very appropriate chant. Considering the circumstances and what is going on in Europe- It’s good. I like it. We want God. And what do you this about this chant? It is very good. It must be that way. The left party’s influence is everywhere, so many attacks. That is how it has to be so there is finally some order. Thanks to that (outlook) Poland is normal not like the western Europe. The chant is right on target. Maybe it will inspire that part of government that is on the opposite side to think and so they can say “no ” to the political agenda of European Union and it demands directed towards Poland. That’s it in the nutshell. The chant is very appropriate for the times and is needed in this geo-political situation ( not only in Poland but also in the whole Europe). It is tragic what is going on in the West. And what do you think about this years chant? I think it is good although it was received in various ways. I think it’s all right. It is adequate under the circumstances and events taking place in Europe? I was slightly surprised. I preferred the one from last year but I have nothing against that one so I decided to march under that one anyway. song name: “Pieśń Konfederatów Barskich” performed by the choir “Schola Gregoriana Sancti Casimiri” from Bialystok (Poland) Presented here fragment from St. Paul tells us to ponder how much debt with God we have as a nation. Debt originated 1051 years ago and was confirmed
through millions of decisions to baptise our children. That has impact on how we are going to build our country when God will be everything in everything Very good chant. Bullseye. Chant right on target considering islamization and secularization. I like the chant because even Dmowski stated, who was an agnostic for the biggest part of his life, that catholic faith is not just an addition to
our polish culture, but it is its key part. That is our foundation, regardless if people believe or do not believe. This years chant relates to faith and to God that strengthens us all but it does not exclude non-believers, atheists, agnostics, non-Catholics because God has universal value for our nation which was proven by our history and the role of the catholic church. In our Polish, Catholic country it is obvious that the chant is consistent with our march and our old chant “God, Honor, Homeland”. We are Catholics, we are believers, so naturally we do like the chant. I hope the chant will not stay just a chant used in one fashion or another but it will become the truth. The longing for God will materialize in the way of life, in everyday life. It wont stay just a chant but it will be put to use in our actions. This years chant is complementing last year’s events. It wasn’t picked by a chance. It is not chosen for just one occasion, a season. This chant allows people that are involved in the march stand humble in front of God and call Him. It is not just empty words. It is not like some suggested that it is overused. It is not. It is a declaration of humbleness and asking Him for support. We are fulfilling last years promises of declaring Christ our King. Our declarations are carried over from last year to this one. The chant is highly spiritual. (Prayers and blessing) Did you hear that some groups were planning provocations during this march? Of course.They are looking to start trouble. They are only provocations. We should stay away from them and do not allow ourselves to get provoked. We are the biggest patriotic march in Poland. Nothing will stop us. This is where you feel the power, you feel Poland, Polish youth, you can see real men unlike in those anti-Catholic and anti-Polish groups. We are not worried. We are capable of defending ourselves and ideals that made us come here. Even if there are groups planning to provoke, I hope, it will not be the police provoking this time. I think there are going to be provocations. We arrived this morning and already as we were walking, older people which is very strange, or maybe not? were provoking us. It was for wearing the symbols suggesting profanation of them. They were provoking us even though we are with our small child. I think the provocations are possible and real. The intentions of these people are very negative towards Polish people. I think the provocations are very real. How do you think spectators will feel about this march? How will the receive it? How the atmosphere is going to be? Is it going to be peaceful, pleasant? I hope that the atmosphere will be the same as last year, that it is going to be nice after all There were some small episodes last year, but only minor ones. I think it is going to be ok, I hope, because we are here with our child. I think the other side and KOD should remember that there are families with children walking and they want to celebrate. During the day like this , there should not be confrontations, we should be able to unite for the day even though we are on the opposite sides. I read about it, there was a talk about, I hope it will not happen. I think on a day like this every Polish person should be able to feel Polish. We should not be divided. So this is a day when all conflicts should be put aside? Exactly, aside. From the stage: Polish people are you here? Wonderful view, seriously. Respect!
(song) (song name: Basti – “Europa Umiera” gość Toony (prod. Funk Monster) check official music video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E6llzSGsyU This is our 7th time marching in the Independence Day March There is always an atmosphere of patriotism, freedom, expressing own opinions, the fact that we are free, we are proud of our countrymen, proud of what we accomplished a 100 year ago. How do you compare this march to those first ones? That’s my 7th march. I think the are a lot of people behind us so it is hard to judge if there is more people or less people than in the previous year. The concert was wonderful. Atmosphere was great. There was a sea of white and red flags, sea of patriots, of proud Polish people, proud to be Polish, proud of white and red eagle, and that’s what is all about. That is the best day of the year. I can feel truly Polish. How do you feel after the march? Very positive, as usual, fantastic. And the amount of people? More? Less this time? It is difficult to judge but it seems like a lot. There were a lot of people in front of us and there were still more people on the bridge. We were in the middle. I have no idea how many. How was the atmosphere? The atmosphere? Very friendly, family oriented, people were supportive. It is an exceptional experience. I’m unable to describe it. Is this your first time? First time and next year I will be here again. What was special? The ambiance, everything, the way people acted, mostly the ambiance of that march. I’m here 7th time and I encourage everyone to come next year, and year after year because the idea is wonderful. We are not here for political reasons. We are here because we want to, because we feel Polish, simple. Were there any incidents? We did not see any. What we did see was the sea of white and red flags, wonderful Polish people that feel proud to be Polish, there were great chants written on banners. We saw Dmowski on them, Pilsudski. Our creators of independence. I’m here for the third time and is getting better and nicer every time. This time I took my friends with me. I’m here for the third time, also. I like it a lot. In comparison to those earlier marches that one was more professional. Which chants that you saw during march, did you like the best? I think I like the main chant of the march ” We want God” the best. It’s right on point. It is what Poland now needs in order to grow stronger and become powerful. I’m here fro the first time and I like it a lot.
The fact that there is a lot of people, families with children How many people came you think? I think just like the last year 100, 000. It’s hard to judge. How did you like the march? We are here for the second time. We will come back every year. It became a tradition for us. Number of people is great so that shows that there is a need in this nation to partake in such important events like today. And how was the atmosphere itself during the march? You can say good, dignified, no major incidents are going to be recorded by the peace officers. I hope next year the president of Warsaw will not create obstacles, actually I hope she will not be the president of the capital city next year. Unbelievable. You have to be here, experience this. What do you think about the number of people comparing to previous years? It is hard to judge because I was in front, It seems like more than the last year but it is hard to say. What do you think about the chant “We want God” this year? It is the keynote in Poland and perhaps for the whole Europe. They should follow us with the same chant. song name: “Bogurodzica” performed by the choir “Schola Gregoriana Sancti Casimiri” from Bialystok (Poland) Bogurodzica (eng. Mother of God) is the oldest Polish hymn. It was composed somewhere between the 10th and 13th centuries. While the origin of the song is not entirely clear, several scholars agree that Adalbert of Prague is the likely author. Polish knights sang it as an anthem before the Battle of Grunwald. Bogurodzica also accompanied the coronation ceremonies of the first Jagiellonian kings. Each of us Poles is responsible for the independence of Poland Together we create the March of Independence You are also the guardian of this idea! See you next year

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