Lazaro vows revenge on Oscar and Lily | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Did he talk already, Meilin? Not yet, Miss Lily. Fine. Let’s give him more time
to think. Get ready, Meilin. Now that Lazaro’s gone,
we can finally visit the Palace and plan my wedding
with Oscar. You heard that, right? Your boss was stupid! He got himself killed,
so come join us instead! Are you going to be
an ally or an enemy? If you choose the former, you’ll be working for
the soon-to-be wife of the most powerful
person in the country. And if not, you can follow your stupid boss
to the grave! Hello? Doctor Cruz. It’s me, Lazaro Enriquez. Come to my house in Kamias. Right now You lost a lot of blood,
Mr. Enriquez. It’s good we were able
to stop the bleeding. Please drink all
the medicine I prescribed, so you’ll recover fully. Get a bundle of money
in my cabinet. Thank you, Mr. Enriquez. Thanks again, Mr. Enriquez At this point, nobody can find out
I’m still alive. So it’ll be easier for me… to kill you, Oscar… …and especially you, Lily. I need to get stronger. When I do, I’ll kill
everyone I need to kill.


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