Las Vegas Real Wedding — Off the Strip Celebration

– [Andrew] Lawrence and I
met at a frozen yogurt shop and then, basically, we haven’t stopped talking since. – [Lawrence] Yeah. – [Andrew] So. – I saw you that whole week like, every single day. We got engaged December of – 2016.
– 2016. When I think of a wedding, I want to go somewhere. I want, like, a destination wedding. Kind of, a vacation for everybody to enjoy themselves. – My whole family and his family, we absolutely love Vegas. It’s like, the place that we can quickly go to take a breather, have a good time. So, it was the perfect choice to have it in Vegas. So that’s really why we chose it. – [Lawrence] We’ve been to Vegas weddings before on the strip and I just wanted something different. – [Andrew] More intimate. Basically, everyone’s all together, alone, where we can just all have
and enjoy a good time. Basically, not only did we look at venues on the strip, but we also looked at venues outside the strip as well. We didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves
into to be quite honest. – I think just traveling here, and like, having all of our appointments with the vendors and I would say actually finding, like, the right venue was my favorite part. Our meetings and presentations that everyone made us,
– Oh yeah. – [Lawrence] That was fun. – There’s a whole lot of things that we didn’t take into consideration and then after working
with a lot of the vendors and talking with all of them I thought, you know, they got some great ideas. And it just made me more
excited about the wedding. I think a lot of people
had different expectations when they came into this wedding. But I think, at the same time, that was a good thing just because then people were blown away, you know? I think people weren’t expecting – What we did.
– What we did for the wedding in Vegas.
– In Vegas. (upbeat music)

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