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(upbeat music) – Hey friends, welcome to Game The Game! I’m your host, Becca Scott, and we have a very special episode today, We are playing Lander. Let me introduce my guests today. We have game expert Ruel Gaviola. – Hi everybody! – And game designer of
Lander, Dan Alexander. – Hi everyone! – Friends, I’m so excited
to play this game. Dan, you will help us with any questions we have along the way, which always puts my mind at ease that I won’t get comments
saying I did it wrong. He’s here, people. (laughing) – You’re most welcome. (laughing) – All right, so we have a video that describes the entire
setup and how to play. Check that out, there’s a
link in the description below. There’s also a link to a backstory video that Dan has created and his company, and it’s very cool. It explains all of the lore
of Lander and why we are here. But, in a nutshell basically climate change destroys the planet. We find a new planet that’s
several light years away, takes a long time to get there. And we are part of the
original exploratory crew to start the base for the
6000 people in a big ship coming in a couple years, right? – That’s right, yeah. – Yeah, I got it, what did I miss? – The main thing you missed
is that as the lander comes in it crash lands and half the crew die. – Right! – And this is where your story begins. (exhales loudly) – It also begins with some
flicking of pieces at this timer. (laughing) – Yes it does. – A little dexterity game in
your crunchy strategy game. I love it.
(Dan laughs) Lander comes with several game modes. Today we are playing “Early Arrival.” All right, shall we
determine first player, also known as the first Colony Governor? – Yes.
– Okay, let’s do it! – All right. – So go ahead, Dan, show us how it’s done. (exhales loudly)
(plastic clatters) – Oh, that’s not a bad one.
– Oh! – That was incredible.
– Wow. – All right, can you beat that? – Probably not, but we’re
gonna give it a shot. – Very good. – Wow, not really.
(Becca grunts) (laughing) All right, all right, well done, Dan. – Thank you very much. – Looks like you get this
Colony Governor token. – Thank you. – Good job, governor.
– All right, governor! – I aim to make good decisions
for on behalf of the colony. – Sure, that’s what they all say. (laughing) Okay, so now we have to
do a little bit more setup where we need to be able to earn resources by placing our structures
within these sectors. There are three resources in the game. There is energy, blue, lightning bolt. Food is wheat as what we
grow here on Crisis Two. – Kaimas-2.
– Kaimas-2! And titanium.
– Yes. – Which Jake, our director,
likes to call wood, okay. (laughing) – There aren’t many trees on Kaimas-2. It’s kind of a barren
planet at the moment. – Sure. – Are those titanium trees maybe? – Ahh! – They could be. – Dan’s dying a little inside every time we say wood and trees. (laughing) All right, first pick. – I’m gonna start the game
with a two titanium tile. – Ooh! – Seems strategically beneficial. – So you guys are probably
gonna want to look at the mid value or high value of each tile when you make your claim. – Okay.
– I see, I see. – Is it my turn to place? – Yes.
– Sure is. – I’m gonna go with the two food. – No, that’s what I wanted! – I need to feed my people.
– That’s true, okay. They look hungry. – They’re always hungry. – All right, in looking around the board, I see only three tiles that have two as the starting value of
resource collection, hmm. Yeah.
– You know you want it. – I do, gimme those two food!
– Yeah! – My people will not go hungry. Oh, and I get to place immediately again, because we will reverse the order and then go one more turn clockwise. For original resources,
it makes sense to do one of each type for us noobs. – Mmhmm. – Okay so, I’ve got my food,
I need energy or titanium. (inhales sharply) This titanium gives me five eventually
and that looks awesome. So I’ll take that.
– Yeah. Okay, I’m gonna go with titanium, as well. One-two-four. One-one-three, no, we’ll go one-two-four. – I’m liking the look of this
one-three-four energy tile. – Ah!
– Okay, okay. – And I might go a little bit
upgrade-heavy in this game and see if I can hit a
one-one-five titanium. – What?!
– Okay. And then I need to place
my final structure. Let’s get in on the
energy game right there. – Dang.
– Yeah. – Going last sucks!
(laughing) – All right, I’m not in
this energy game yet, and I need to be, we got one-one-four, one-two-four, one-two-four,
and one-three-three. Yeah, we’ll go big for endgame. – There you go. – Nah, I’m gonna get more
energy as the world expands, so I’m gonna go for this one,
get three next time I upgrade. Wow, that was, are we done? – That’s the game.
– It was a good game! (laughing) – Are we ready?
– That’s fantastic! – Oh wow, I have no
grudges, so it seems like a good place to end it. (laughing)
– That’s good. – Okay, so next we’re gonna
need some crew on these ships for these corporations. – I think we will. – Oh, let’s introduce our corporations! – Oh, that’s important. – What’s yours? – So today, I am playing Cellulife. – Uh-oh. – We are the Big Pharma
corporation of the future. – So, evil? (laughing) Ruel, who are you? – I am Aspire. – What do we know about Aspire? – Yeah, what’s all about Aspire? – Aspire are the luxury
company of the future. – Ohhh. – They may have evolved
from a certain big company that you can purchase anything from. – Ahh.
– Mmm. – They’re the kind of company that you have unlimited options with. – They are a prime company. (knowing laughter)
Something like that. – I’m Transfusion, we’re the hip energy and transportation company of the future. But it’s not the future,
it’s the present for us. (mouth clicks) – So can we get crew members? – Yeah! The ones that didn’t die, right? – Yeah.
– Yep. (cards shuffling) – Okay, so, we choose one to be our leader and one to go in a second
commander position, which means nothing. – If you’re not first, you’re last, right? – Yeah, exactly.
(Ruel laughs) (Becca makes appreciative sounds) – This guy’s gonna be my leader. – All right, I don’t
know why I’m hiding them, because you’re gonna see
them both eventually. – Oh, yeah. – I’ve got Eric Torbjorn. He can steal items from other players, that’s seems pretty awesome,
so he might be first here. – You might want to make
the other guy leader. – Ohhhh, or I have Hal Forrest. He’s Canadian and he looks very friendly. You can use the leadership abilities of all your crewmen, what? Yeah, yeah.
(Dan laughs) He’s gonna let Eric do his thing, which is stealing stuff from people. – Wow. – And whatever other crew
members I have in the future. – My leader’s gonna be Yori Hiraku. He is from Japan, he is a fanatical strategist in operations. And I also have Bryce Aden from Canada. He’s also fanatical strategical dude. – They hire like-minded people– – Yeah!
– At Aspire. – That’s how we roll. – Becca, maybe you should work for Aspire. – Yeah.
(Becca groans) – It’s true, those are two
traits that describe me best. (laughing) Who do you have there, Dan? – I have Alicia Bailey, who
is the Chief of Science, but today I’m gonna play with
Sofia Rodriguez as my leader. “You can complete missions
using one less food.” – Ooh!
– Always? Just subtract a food from your needed, oh. Oh, missions, not anything, okay. What’s your power that
you’re using for your leader? – Oh, my power, so before
resources are dealt at the start of the year, I
may move up to three structures from any of my sectors
to any unoccupied sectors or other sectors that I own. – Up to three? – Yeah, up to three, so we’re gonna be moving, wheeling and dealing out there. – What?
– Yeah. – Does that mean you can also consolidate into one sector from– – Yes, he can. (Becca gasps)
– Yori! You’re insane!
(laughing) Okay, now we pass out
some mission cards, right? – We do. – So, there are silver mission cards, three of which are face
up for anyone to complete and they have lower mission star value. As you’ll find in our “How to Play” video, because we are playing the
Early Arrival mode of the game, the first player to
reach ten mission stars causes that year to become the final year. So we will complete that year and then see who has
the most mission stars. You can complete these silver missions or the gold ones that are in your hand and only you know about. And you’re gonna get two. (cards shuffling) Now, once you’ve completed them, you can replace them with a new one. – The top crew member available to acquire from stasis is Kim Renae. – Hey, Kim! – Once per year, choose
one card from the top of the six cards from any
activity card discard pile and replace it into your hand. – Cool! All right, I believe it’s time to get ooh, our starting cards! We each need two action
cards, one training card, and one item card to begin. – We are going to now place our sectors. – Ah!
– After we’ve done our event. So we’re now set up and
the year is about to begin. – Oh man, I’m so excited for this year! – It’s gonna be a good year. – Yeah, yeah, I’m very grateful for all of the titanium that
we’re chopping down this year. – Yeah, hey, we survived the crash, so– – We did!
– I’m fine with that. – Feeling lucky.
– Yeah. – I think before you two
get on your high horses, it’s my turn as the Colony Governor. – Wow, power hungry! – Yeah. – To make a decision for how this colony’s gonna run this year. – Okay. – So, “The colony experiences
a temporary surplus “in supplies,” that’s good. “Choose where these new
reserves should be allocated.” – To me? – I’ll take some of those. – I mean, how about all players? – Okay, sure.
– I’m okay with sharing. – Any combination of
resources to expand this year. – Oh!
– Or Becca’s favorite option, option B. “All players can use any combination of resources to upgrade this year.” – Okay, expand or upgrade. – I am gonna say expand, option A. – Awesome. – Okay, so any combination of resources. – All right, so, in general, we, during a turn, may perform orders. There are free orders,
there are anytime orders which are based on the
action cards in our hand that say free order – I’m sorry, that say “Any time, play any time.” Then we each get one
official order we perform in turn order and continue until we have no more official orders
we’d like to perform. Those are “upgrade,” meaning
we add another structure to a sector that already belongs to us meaning we’ll get more resources at the beginning of the next year. We can expand, which
adds a new sector tile to our landscape here and get to place a structure when we do so. Acquire a new crew member,
we can purchase new cards, action cards, item
cards, or training cards. We can play action cards, we
can use our leader’s ability, we can complete missions,
and we can always just observe if we don’t want
to quite be out of this year, but wanna hold back and
see what other people do. There’s also negotiating
and consolidating. You can discard cards and get new cards. And that’s an overview
of the things you can do as your official order. So, before we do all that,
we must add new sectors at the beginning of a year. Here you go.
– Thank you very much. – Mmhmm.
– What will I explore? (Ruel gasps) (laughing) – All right, go for it. – I drew a zero-zero-six titanium sector. – Whoa!
– Doesn’t seem good. – I’m gonna place it all the
way over here, because… – That’s nice. – I mean, it would be awful if someone was to move all
their pieces onto that. (laughing) – Uh-oh!
– Yeah. So, as far as placing
these, I must place them I can place them anywhere, correct? – Anywhere. – Okay, let’s be nice, since
we put those zeros there, I’m gonna put this food thing here. – I’m no fan of I have a zero-three-five titanium and I don’t want it anywhere close to me. It’s gonna go way over here. Okay, now we each add a
structure to an unclaimed sector. – I’m gonna claim the food. – I’m gonna claim, I’ll do
the titanium right here. – So, it must go adjacent at the moment. – Adjacent to one of my
previous ones, correct? – Or as close as can be. – Or as close as can be,
so this is the closest, obviously, right?
– Yep. – There’s the top. Ooh, my turn, okay, so. All these are filled in and
nobody built over there, so I have to go to this spot
right next to my other one. That’s okay, it’s an
energy for one-two-four. I don’t feel bad about it, nobody’s mad. – Okay, so now you get to do your special leadership ability. – Get out of here!
– Oh, so I can do this right now, all right, so my special ability once again is to I can move up to three of my structures anywhere here.
– Oh my god. – So can I move this one… – Is he gonna do it, is he gonna do it? – So two. – You can go anywhere on the planet. – So what I’m gonna do is move
over here to this zero spot. – Oh, that’s none! – And then I’m also going
to move this to a zero spot. – Still a zero! – That’s a crazy move, what are you doing? – That is crazy, but.
– Ridiculous. – Look at this, six titanium. – All right, out of control. Now, it feels like the moment
where we deal resources to each player based on items. Is it that moment? – It is. Based on items, then leadership abilities, then the sector values. – Excellent, okay, so
let’s start right here. You are red, Dan, you get one energy. – Thank you very much. – I get one energy, oh, and then another. Huh, energy, and I think that’s
it for energy this round. – I have no energy. – Then let’s go food, looks
like one food for Dan, two food for Becca, two food for Ruel. – I feel more a bit hungry. – Yeah, you should be. And now titanium town! One, two, three for Dan. (gasps) You can’t eat titanium. Just one for me and an
incredible six for Ruel. One, two, three, four, five,
six, that’s ridiculous. Now remember, you can
always trade two of one type of resource for one of another. Okay, so we have dealt our resources. I don’t think anyone’s
leadership abilities– – Correct. – Or items get them any
more resources right now, so activities time! “Start of your allocation
of activity cards “to each player face down,” so that’s gonna be one item (pops) Pow! When training, (makes laser noises) and two actions. (deliberate breathing) That’s Lamaze. Okay. Whoa. All right, Colony Governor, you go first. – Well, for my first action, I’m gonna go for (laughing) Kim Renae!
– Crushing it. – And I’m gonna make Kim my leader. (laughing) Right over here. – So every time you
acquire a new crew member, you have the option to put
them in the leader slot? – Exactly right. – Hostile takeover.
– Option in time and your other crew will move down. And these go back to colony stores. Over to you, sir. – Okay, and can we see the
next crew member, please? – Yes, we can.
– Thank you. – Ooh.
– Science! – Everyone is a sucker for Dane. – What’s Dane do? – You can purchase a new crew member for any two resources. When acquiring a new member, draw three and select one and then
return the remainder to the bottom of the deck. – Oh, okay, I think I like Dane. I’m going to acquire a crew member. So, acquire is, I need
an energy and a titanium. I do not have energy, but
I have a lot of titanium. So, one titanium and then I can use or I can convert first, right? – Yes.
– So, my free order I am going to convert two
titanium for an energy, or no a… Yeah, for an energy, please. Right, is that, yeah. – Here you go.
– Thank you. That energy with this food
will allow me to add Dane to my little merry bunch of
crew members here, thank you. – Interesting. Who is up? – New crew member is Yuzuki Ueno, and when consolidating activities, you can discard two, view three, keep one. – Oh, that’s pretty good. Pretty good, Yuzuki. (Becca sighs) – Imagine if you had a leader that you could use all liege abilities of. (Ruel laughs) – You know what I wanna do more than anything in the world is expand! For the cost of whatever I want. Let me see, let me hold these back. I’m gonna pay exactly what it pay an energy and a food,
because I can do whatever I want. And I’m gonna expand, let
me get the best one here. (plastic crinkles) Oh, okay. Let’s do it, we’re expanding, Transfusion is moving into the food service industry. – My tummy’s rumbling.
– Uh-oh! We just ate lunch, Dan! – I know, but I just, all I’ve
got to eat is this titanium. (laughing) And, I just, I feel like I can’t go on. I just need to eat
something or maybe someone. – Oh gosh. – I think I’m gonna have
to self-sacrifice Sofia. – What have you done? – “Kill a single member of your crew and “eat them and get any four
food from colony stores.” (Ruel laughs darkly) – Well, you do have a
fanatical member of your team, so I guess that’s acceptable. – I’m just so hungry. – I feel uncomfortable. (laughing) – And there’s a picture
of a steak on it for you. – Aww, Sofia, I’m so sorry. Great, great great great, so playing one of your action cards
was your official order. That makes it Ruel’s turn. – I’m gonna take my free order, which allows me to play this one. I’m gonna be adding
Diplomacy to Bryce here. And once I attach a
training to a character, that character is all
set, you cannot take it away from them, and that’s my free order. – Unless you lobotomize. – Oh yeah.
– It’s frowned upon, though. – Might want to think about
that for the expansion, Dan. (laughing) I’m gonna do my official order
which is going to be expand, so I turn in this, I can use any two, so I’m gonna turn in two titanium. That’ll go over there, thank you. I draw one of these, ooh. I’m gonna place this, I
must place it adjacent to me if I want it, right, so. Let’s place energy right there. – Sweet, you also get to place a structure when you spend your turn expanding. – So I could get… I wanna get into the energy game. – Uh, guess what, we’re
about to get some free crew! (Ruel gasps) Yeah, this is gonna go in the discard. I am required to have at
least two in Operations, which I do with Eric and
at least two in Science, which I do with Hal, and it says “Life Support Upgrade:
Acquire a new crew member “without using resources.” Yuzuki, you work for me now. (chuckles) – The new crew member in
play is Giovanna Lazzari. “You can discard one activity
card to draw a sector “and place it anywhere on the planet.” If Giovanna gets trained up to
be having Operations of five, she can discard an extra
activity card to also claim it. (Becca exhales deeply) – Pretty good, pretty good! – That is pretty good.
– All right. – As my official order,
I am going to use Kim and I am going to pick up I’m gonna go through the top
six cards of the discard pile and I’m gonna pick up
(cards shuffling) secretly one of these cards. (cards shuffling) And then that goes back down. – My turn, I am going to attach an item.
– Ooh, that’s a free action. – It is a free action, so I wanna attach this Operations– – You got a drone! A survey drone. – This raises my Operation
class level by three. – Sweet. – It must be played on a
Science of three or more. So I have Science four,
thanks to my buddy here, Dane. (cards shuffling)
– Okay. – And then– – How many Operations do you have? – I have – altogether? – Yes. – I have eight, 11. – Perfect. So that, as a free order? – Uh-huh? – Gives you your any time order and if you pass me two
of your blue structures– – Oh! – You’ve just gone into the lead. – Oh, okay, great, yeah! – So you have 11–
– I planned that. – What?! – Awesome. – So your markers will go on
the 10 and one to mark 11. If you equip no more Operations through the rest of the
game, it will stay there. And Becca and I are aiming to
eclipse you with 12 or more. – Right, okay! – Well, it’s year one! (laughing) – Good job, me! I am going to now play my main action which is an official order,
I’m going to expand again. So expanding, I am going to use any two, this round
I’m gonna use titanium. – Classic. – Yeah.
– Classic Aspire move. – So we have more titanium coming out. (cards hitting the table) – I’ll just remind you of the
Colony Connector accolade. – Oh, what is that? – This accolade is awarded by
developing sectors adjacently. QUINN awards the player
with the most structures connected by adjacent sectors, starting with the first
player to connect four. – Four…?
– So– – I actually believe you already have it. – Do I, really? – Ruel, stop accidentally winning! – I can’t, I keep making
all these great plans. – Anyone would have thought you’d– – So these four here? – Yes. – So I’m gonna take this marker of yours and put it here on four. – And then I get to place one? Now this can go anywhere, is that correct? – Adjacent to you. – Adjacent to one here, can I–? – So it cannot go on
the one you just placed because there’s stuff closer.
– Right, right. So I could go here? – Nope, that would be an upgrade. – Oh, upgrade, let’s get some more food. – Okay, I’m so torn, there’s
so much I want to do. I could spend all my cards to check out what other crew members
are underneath there, but I think the smartest thing is to just get some more resources for next turn by upgrading so let me pay
one energy and one titanium. And now I must place on
one I’ve already got. And I think I wanna go
more titanium, baby! Yeah! – Titanium is fun.
– I heard. – I’m looking to negotiate. – Ooh, this is a first!
– Ooh, okay. – Does anyone have any energy? – You’re asking the wrong guy. – No (laughing) – Then I cannot negotiate with you until it comes back around. – Wait, are you allowed
to ask us that before, yeah, you know the rules of your game. (laughing) – Good question, though,
always wise to check. – So, explain to us how negotiation works had we had that energy
you were looking for. – We would have chosen a trading partner. We then put collateral down,
which is any junk card. – Any one resource or one activity card? Face down, collateral, got it. – So that would (card hits table) for example, be my collateral. – Ooh. – And then, we would flip the timer over, and we have one minute to negotiate. – Got it. – And then we would pass
cards backward and forward, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. If we do it within time,
the trade is successful. – Now we must trade at least two cards? Is that right, one for
one counts as two cards? – Yep.
– Got it. – And then in the example whereby the trade was successful, the collateral will
come back into our hand. If the timer runs out or we just don’t want to go further, then– – “I can’t work with you!” – Exactly right, then the
collateral would swap. – Interesting, okay,
just to make it exciting. Something changed.
– Something happens. – Yeah, love it. – So I can’t offer or
do another negotiation until it comes back around to me. – Got it.
– So from this position here, I will use the option to do any
two resources for an expand. – You’re gonna need these. – Let’s go here. – Can I have it?
– One-three-five tile. Best tile in the game, arguably. – Oh!
– Wow. – I’m gonna go here. – Yeah, well, yeah, it’s logical. – And I’m gonna claim here, as well. – I’m gonna find a crew
member that lets me take it! I bet it’s in there, it’s in there, right? I knew it was. (laughing) – Okay.
– Okay! Well, I’ve had a good
year, so I’m going to chill the rest of this year. I’m gonna prepare for
year end by going there. Now over here in Transfusion land, we’re trying to get a
little more science-y. So for my free action, I’m going to send Hal Forrest, that sweet Canadian man, to a little Science training session. He’s now gonna go up two
in his Science knowledges. That’s how I say that. By the way, he’s a
theoretical physicist, so like if you have any questions about matter, whether it matters, theoretically. (chuckles)
Hal can let you know. So I don’t have – ooh, ooh! (Becca laughs maniacally) Guess what Eric loves to do? – Oh no.
– Steal things! Guess who has lots of stuff to steal? – Oh no.
– Ruel! – No! – Okay, let’s see, I see you
got Diplomatic over there, oh, I can’t steal your training, I can only steal an item. Once per year, you can steal
one attached item in play and attach it to a member of your crew, ignoring all criteria. So I’m gonna put a little marker here to represent I’ve used his cool power. You just have one item, huh? – I have one item, the survey drone. – Oh, thank you. – You’re welcome, not. (laughing) – Now, I’ve made him lose
his Operations honors. – So it stays–
– Oh, it does stay. – But like a water mark
will go up to a position whereby the achievement
happened, as a record, and then it will only move corporation once another corporation
surpasses that value. – Got it.
– Aha. – You still got it.
– All right. You’ve taken my drone! – I have since taken 10. – So you only need to get two more now, and then you’re gonna steal a star. – Okay, I’ll take it. So I have added that survey drone. Now, Yuzuki, you know the trade negotiator also knows how to operate a drone. She is multifaceted.
– Yes, she is. Now that you’ve used Eric’s ability, I’m gonna attach an item with… (chuckles)
– Ah! – So I’m gonna add two Science to Kim. – It’s like you’ve
played this game before. – Yeah… – And I am going to do
a matter conversion, two food for one energy. And then the titanium and
energy for an upgrade. I like the energy. – All right!
– Back around, so, Becca. – I’m just gonna chill. – Remember that Yuzuki’s
ability’s also active with Hal. – “When consolidating
activities, you do so “at a two-three-one
ratio,” meaning I can turn throw out two activity cards, look at any three activity
cards, and then keep one. – Yep. – I am going to spend this food in order to purchase a training card. (whooshes) Interesting, okay. – I’m gonna spend a food
for a training card. And it’s back to you, Becca. – Oh jeez. – Thank you.
– Uh-huh, uh-huh. I’m gonna get rid of this
training card I just got and an item in order to use Yuzuki’s ability. Yuzuki’s ability says, “When
consolidating activities,” which is my official order, I can do so at a two-three-one ratio. So typically, I can discard
any three activities to view any three activities and keep just one of them
and discard the others, but I have discarded two activities. I’m gonna grab three, train, I’m gonna grab two training and one item, and keep one of them. If you wanna go ahead, you
don’t have to wait for me if you’ll allow that. – I’m gonna pay a food for
another training card, please. Thank you. – I’m gonna have to prepare for year end. I’m still deciding which card to keep. But I am preparing for year end. – I also prepare for year end. (Becca exhales deeply) – Hold on.
– All right! – So any persistent effects are now done. The leadership abilities
that are active reset. – Discard as an item – okay, words, huh? (laughing) Reset leadership abilities! – And we’re gonna slide
the Colony Governor around. – Governor!
– Governor! – So now we go back to– – (gasps) I can tell you
more things that happen! The Colony Governor
will now draw one event. – Okay, “Training Strategy:
The colony has extra “resources to allocate to
training and development. “Choose to invest in crew with an aptitude “for Diplomacy or Resiliency.” So, logistics options, option A: “All players receive one training card “for each diplomatic
crew member they have, “starting with the Colony Governor.” Or, option B: “All players receive “one training card for each
resilient crew member they have, “starting with the Colony Governor.” So, let’s see, diplomatic, I have one. – Two.
– Resilient? – Do I have two diplomats? – Ooh, ooh! (plastic crinkles)
(Becca yells awkwardly) – I’m glad someone’s paying
attention to my cards, I don’t know what I have. (Becca laughs)
So yeah. We are gonna go with option A. – Yes, it was for your benefit I was paying attention to your cards. – Thank you.
(laughing) So all players receive
one training card for each diplomatic crew member they have. (Becca gasps)
– Super sweet! – So I have two, I receive
two training cards. – Just one for me! – Just one for me.
– And Dan gets one as well. – That worked out better
than the other option. Okay! – Ooh, okay.
– Very nice. Well, thank you, Mr. Governor. – You’re welcome! Before resources are – sorry. – We get the sectors now. – Sectors.
– Sector time! All right, so grab one outta
here and add it to the board. – This isn’t where I do my ability, right? – When they’ve all gone down
and placed, then you’ll– – Then I’ll deal with it, okay. (cards hitting the table) – I guess I would like to make things– – You’re so kind.
– More difficult for Dan? I don’t want that zero food over there! – So thoughtful. I’m gonna place my food here. – Embarrassment of foodie riches. All right, so now same order,
we place one structure. Anywhere adjacent to you. – Adjacent to me, so
I’m gonna place it here. Go in there, structure. (cards shuffling) My only structure for now, back in, okay. – I guess the only place I can expand to is either, no, is just one spot, so that’s decision making becomes easy.
– Yes. – I will go on this energy sector. – Woo!
– Ooh. – So, sectors are done,
resource time for everybody. You do this because
you’re probably faster. – There you go. – Two.
– Okay. So before resources are given out, I can do this thing?
– Yes, you can. – Oh boy, oh boy. – My leader, fanatic, strategic dude. I’m gonna move this (laughs) over here. And then I’m gonna move
this, wait a second. I can move this here.
– Mmhmm. – And then this here.
– Oh wow. – You are maxed out in two
sectors, are you insane? – Food and titanium. – One, two, three, four, five. – That power is so good, especially when used in conjunction with expand which is what you figured out. (grunts) I’m so jealous of your combos. (exhales) I’ve got four food– – Two energy? – Yes. – One, two one, two, three, four, five. One there, and then titanium, have one, two, three. You have one–
– Three for me as well. – Two, three.
– Thank you. – And I’ve got six.
– One, two, three four, five, six.
– We know! (laughing) – I got six. – And then we get our activity cards. – So that’s always
consistent, that you get four, two of which are actions. – Yeah.
– Okay, great. – Starting with Colony Governor. – Bam, bam, bam! Sound effect! Action, action, action.
– Pew pew pew pew pew! – All right, embarrassment of card riches! – Ooh. – Oh no, at the end of this year, we have to discard down to
five if we still have any. – That’s right.
– What will you do? (sighs of frustration) – So many choices. – Tell you what, I’m going
to take a free action or free order to attach training. Dan is gonna get even more science-y. So now his Science is up to seven. I can do as many free orders as I want before my turn, correct?
– Correct. – Yeah okay, I’m going to add, I’m gonna do some training for my leader, he is now at seven, so I
have a total of eight, 11. – That’s 11. – What are we at right now?
– It’s 11. – Oh, 11, I’m gonna play free expansion. Required: one crew member to play, needs to be strategic
and have four Operations. I randomly draw a sector
from the Terrain tray, place it anywhere on
the planet and claim it. – God!
– More food. Okay, so I can go here
and claim this, correct? – Yep. – Place it anywhere and claim it. – Anywhere and claim it. – This could be your free expansion. – So we’re going…
(Dan gasps) – Yeah, yeah.
– Get outta here. – I hope he’s not playing a combo play. – Okay, there’s that. – That was your turn. – It’s still my turn, right? – Nope.
– No, that was my turn. – Connectors up to seven for a while. – So he’s already on three stars. – Yeah. – This is the discard pile here. – It would be terrible if
his crew were to suffer some awful tragedy.
(laughing) – Okay, I am going to burn two cards in order to draw three and keep one, because that is what
Yuzuki, you know, does best. So goodbye, training, hello, items? One, two, three, I like items. Nope, nope, nope. (laughing) – I will upgrade while
you’re making your decision. Ruel? – I am going to attach some training, so my
leader is being more diplomatic. He’s fanatical, strategic, and diplomatic. Pretty good combo, in my book. And then I am going to– – Terrifying combo in mine! (laughing) – I’m gonna complete this
mission here, logistics mission. – No wait, I want to! (Becca laughs maniacally) – So it requires one
of my crew to complete, need to be diplomatic,
needs six Operations – now is the six Operation on
one crew member or throughout? – Among your crew on this icon. – Yeah, it depends on
this middle part, so, “required among your crew”
is different than the ones that have a little highlighted “just one.” – Okay, cool, and I need
to turn in three food? – Yep. – All right, there’s three food. And I have the requirements. So do I just take this and– – Take the mission, face up. So you now have four stars. – Four stars, woo! – So Ruel is winning
and we need to catch up is what you’re saying. – No, we can call the game
here, I’m okay with that. – Mmm. – So there is one that must be
completed on one crew member. – So, we’ve revealed a logistics mission, Life Support Glitch, it just requires five food to complete and it’s worth two stars. Then on deck but not out yet
is another logistics mission. It requires just one
crew member to complete and requires a crew member with at least three different traits on them. Oh, this other one that we have out now requires a full crew roster. That makes it my turn, huh? – Yes. – Gosh, so many choices. We’re just gonna have to upgrade. I’m paying a titanium and
an energy in order to do so. I wanna get this three, (sighs), so
much food now, so much food. – Very nice.
– Oh yes, yeah, mmhmm. That’s smart.
– I’m gonna upgrade. – Okay, I am going to
acquire a crew member for an energy and a food, look, I have an extra titanium to spend. – Surprising.
– Yeah. – One, two, three.
– Thank you. And I’ll give you these. (cards shuffling) Now I am going to– – Don’t, that was the, no! – I’ll just collect that. (laughs) Muriel Azura from Australia, she’s resourceful and strategic. – Thank goodness, I’m not
mad at you anymore, Ruel, because I too am recruiting a crew member. – (scoffs) Now I’m mad at myself. (laughing) – Let’s see, acquire a crew member costs one energy and one food. Welcome to the team, Ang Tze Chua! My construction engineer. She’s both innovative and
strategic, that’s all I know. – Next crew member up is Ricky Jools. – Now we find all the engineers! – Ricky! – “Your energy sectors
produce plus one resource “when resources are dealt.” He is an engineer of five
class, resilient and strategic. – Each energy sector, huh, interesting. – My go? – Sounds about right.
– Yes. – Oh no, oh no, he didn’t! – Oh, he did. (exasperated sighing) How many do you have there? – I’m on eight. – What’s this for? – He bumped me off. – So you’ve taken over
his colony connector, and I don’t know if we dove
into detail on this earlier, so let’s do it now:
this accolade is earned by developing sectors adjacently. The first player to
connect four structures within a group of sectors, so obviously you have one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven here, Ruel, but Dan now has eight,
so you have surpassed and now you get the two mission stars associated with Colony Connector. Operations honors goes to the player with the most Operations among their crew, which is one star currently to Ruel. Don’t worry, it’s fine. Logistics Planner is
one star to the player with the most logistics mission stars, of which you have one,
but you need at least two to get on the board.
– Gotcha. I want to play a card. So this requires five
Science, which I have. I get to draw three
training cards, select two and discard the remainder. – Cool.
– So training one, two, three. That goes there. – Should I go ahead while you decide? – Yes. – So, I’m going to use Ang Tze Chua’s
alternative upgrades power which says you can upgrade
by discarding three activity cards instead of
using resources, and I will. Don’t need you, items. And then I will just do an upgrade to I have claimed titanium. – I’m gonna buy Ricky! – Oh, you bought Ricky. – I just didn’t understand
the way he said it. (laughing) Ricky! – Ricky!
– It’s a good card. – I was wondering if that was a different type of action that I’ve been missing. – Now, I’m maxed out on crew. Can I replace anyone
– Yes. – When I buy a new crew member? Interesting. – The order would be that you’d put a crew member back into stasis, then the free slot would enable you to buy a new crew member. – Gotcha, can they ever
come out of stasis? I mean, they’re not on the side
for me to switch out later? – No.
– They go away. Stasis, sure. – The new crew leader is Sankar. “Discard one activity card to replace “any public or private mission.” – Interesting.
– Hmm. – And he’s diplomatic and innovative. – My free order, I’m going
to do some matter conversion. I’m going to exchange
two of the same type, so two titanium, two titanium
for two energy, please. I mean two food! – Two food?
– Yeah. Two food this time, thank you. – Bam, bam! Oh, is that – no, that’s a free! – That’s a freebie, okay! And now, I’m going to
complete this mission. I have a full roster and I need to turn in five food, correct? – That is correct. – All right, there is five food for logistics, which is two stars and I now have two logistics missions. – Yeah.
– For that thing. – One, two, three, four, five food. – So that mission was worth three stars. – Yeah, so I have three stars here. – Four, five.
– Halfway home! Oh, and then we replace
that mission, correct? That one’s there and we
have a new mission here. Shall I read it out loud? – Please. – “Construction Mission.” So this is build a new, larger kitchen to improve facilities because
you have a cramped kitchen. This requires one upgrade,
no trait, no class and then you have to
turn in some resources. – Hey, we’re gonna expand! I’m gonna pay a titanium and a food. (plastic crinkles) Oh good, it’s zero. Truth, okay, I’ll do it. All right, party on. – I’m gonna use my leadership ability and I’m gonna dig through the decks and I’m gonna choose a card. – You didn’t even dig, you just knew! Did I discard that, oh no, I’m ashamed. Ruel? – Yes? – How’s it feel to be winning over there? – It feels great! I’m going to do the
Consolidate Activities action, so I’m discarding three cards so two actions and one item, and I’m going to draw
any three and keep one. Let’s do item, item, activity. And that’s my turn. – And you have no items
anywhere, I notice. – Yeah.
– Huh. – He’s got a handful of items. (giggling) – Well, I need to discard some of these. Discard, keep one. – I’m going to discard two food
in order to grab one energy, put it right back along with the titanium in order to upgrade. (exhales gratefully) Okay,
got it, getting some energy. – I’m looking to negotiate. – Ooh, okay.
– Okay. – Does anyone have food? – Sorry.
– I have nothing. – Okay. – Are we playing your game wrong? You seem disappointed in us. (laughing) – I’m gonna observe. – I too shall observe. – All right, I’m gonna play free crew, acquire a crew
member without using resources. Because, you know what, Sankar? I don’t want to steal anymore. You know, Eric’s going into stasis and he’s gonna be happy there. – Yes! So what’s your new crew member do? – Yeah, yes is right! Discard one activity to replace any public or private mission. Honestly, I don’t care about that. Just excited that I now
have Operations honors, thank you very much. – Ah.
– Boom! – Really? – I’ll take that, if you
could just take those, please. – Boo.
– Clean that out. Clean out your office
by the end of the day. (laughing) – So Ruel down to four stars. – And Becca up to one! – All right, Becca!
– On the board! – I’m sitting in the middle
like Goldilocks on two. – Cool, that’s my turn. – I’m looking to negotiate. I’ve got diplomatic, does
anyone want to trade for it? – I would like your diplomatic,
and I will give you– – The negotiation is… – Can you wait a round?
– You have to place – I don’t have anything.
– Lateral. – I do not need diplomatic. Or don’t want it at this moment. – So, would you like to trade? – Can you tell me if it’s a crew member or if it’s an attachment? – It’s an attachment. – Yeah, okay. Don’t wanna do it, but gotta do it. Yeah, okay, collateral’s in. – I’m gonna place my– – You have so many cards! – Collateral as well. – I have two cards. – Three, two, one, timer. – All right, this is a super sweet thing I don’t want to give you,
but you better accept it. – Oh wow.
– I know! It’s my only card. – Nah, I’m gonna (Becca gasps)
fail that negotiation. – Oh, denied, what?! – Dan, it’s my only card! It’s really good! – I’m not interested, sorry. – It’s really good, though, Dan! – Denied!
– Dan, it’s really good. – It’s not that–
– No, what? No, you don’t want this, this is gonna ruin everything for you. It’s really good. – Maybe I should have a look at– – You can’t, no, you can’t do that! – Okay, I’m not interested. (laughing) Sorry.
– Wow, denied! – Can you look? – No, no.
– Time’s almost up. – Ah, you tried to cheat at your own game, and I caught you! – You caught him! – So and then we forget which
one was ours, so I guess– – I’m gonna take back that
card, which is in your hand. – You have to trade collateral now. And this may be what you wanted all along. Quit trying to cheat at your own game you wrote the rules to! (laughing) Why would you give me this, this is great. – I still have a go to do. But next round, you know
who’s got the thing you need. – Aha. – So I’m touching all sides plus one, so this becomes three, this becomes six, so I have 10 cards to get down to. I am gonna do some engineering on Alicia, so I just trained her with laser systems. Put some Science on Ricky. And I’m gonna discard three cards and I’m gonna receive
three training please. – Three training? One, two, three. – Thank you, sir.
– You’re welcome. Okay, so I am going to attach
an item, extra storage, mobile storage, this enables me to carry one extra resource and
activity card between years. When attached, discard this to prevent the cards in your hand
from being affected. Okay, so at any time,
I can just discard this and I can keep the extra stuff, okay cool. I’ll put that right here. – Hmmm. – And then for my turn
I am going to purchase a training card by turning
in titanium for an item. Titanium, item. And that is my turn. – Free resources! – What? – I must have a five
in Operations, Science, and Engineering in order
to play this, which I do. Draw three resources of your
choice from colony stores. – Whoa!
– Yeah! – That’s pretty cool. – I’m gonna take two
titanium and one energy. – Nice. – Oh sorry, instead of that last titanium, let me take a – training cards require to purchase a training card I need a food, I’ll take one of each. – I’m gonna do a sector assessment. – Whoa! – Kim is going out and
about around the planet. She’s now got seven Operations– – She’s insane. – And I’m also gonna play Free Resources. – No.
– What?! – Oh, you already had one! I get it now.
– Oh, no wonder. – Okay, I guess we can negotiate now. (laughing) It wasn’t that you didn’t want mine, it was that you had your own, I get it. – Ruel? – Okay, I am going to attach this tool, this item, I’m gonna attach it here, oh, it needs two
Operations, so it’s one food. I get a bonus food every year. – All right, but it was at the cost of turning Bryce into a tool. (laughing) – He already was, it’s
just been revealed now. That’s why he’s not the leader. – Don’t judge his mustache! (laughing) Back to me, and I got things to do now, including, what’s this card I have? – Oh, wait a second, I’m sorry. – No, you wait. – So I attached that item,
that was a free order. – Still your go. – Still my go, and that means I’m gonna prepare for year’s end. Oh, which I already was. Okay, so I’m done. – Time to (makes air horn sound) upgrade! I need to start stealing
some colony connectors. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. I’m gonna make you defend
that title over there. Nah, I’m never gonna get it. (laughing) I don’t believe in myself. Man, if only I had Yori’s power. – I’m gonna upgrade, get me some food. – I’m gonna spend a food in order to purchase a training card and let me just envision the card I want. – Be successful. – No, no, no. – Okay, I’ll take it. – I’m gonna upgrade. So, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, 10, boom. – Wow.
– Back to you. – Oh sweet, sweet Yuzuki. Not only is she diplomatic
and resourceful, but she’s also fanatical. Yeah, that’s right, she’s been trained in the art of fanaticism. Which means she crazy, and
she’s gonna Take Sector! Required on one crew
member in order to play: fanatical and six in Operations. You know, she was the only
one who could have done it. So now, new management. Take a level one or two sector adjacent to your territory belonging
to another player. – Ooh, who’s adjacent? – We both are.
– I guess… Yeah, but I have so much food. And I don’t care about
feeding these people anymore! They’re overeating! Take a level one or two sector adjacent belonging to another player. Does that mean I only get to
place one structure in it? Yeah, I think it’s gonna be some titanium, because I don’t have any
other titanium around. And I want it! Yeah, this is my only option really. – I’ll remember that.
– Thank you, sir. (laughing) – Well, I remember our negotiation, so… (laughing) You wrote the cards, sir. All right, and that is
the end of my order. – I am preparing for year end. – Okay. – I am out of things, so I too
shall prepare for year end. – Another great year. – One of the things I like
to do at the end of a year is kind of count up the resources now, to see kind of how balanced things are. – Oh, okay.
– Hmm. – So, Ruel’s got five
and six, is 11, 12, 13. I’ve got five, 10, 14, 15, 16. – Whoa. – Becca’s got five, six, seven,
eight, nine, 10, 15, 16, 17. 20 resources going into Year Three! – It’s not helping me get stars! (laughing) – She’s playing the long
game, ladies and gentlemen. – Right. – Which may not be smart at all. (laughing) – Colony governance passes. (Becca gasps) – You are the governor.
– Yes! Oh, you picked me as your governor. I’m so excited, I’m gonna
do so much good stuff for this planet, just you wait and see. Just ignore that hostile takeover we had, what do we call that? The fanatical new management. Yeah, we’ve put Yuzuki in a padded cell and we just let her out
when we need her to do her improved consolidation power.
(laughing) Okay, so starting with
me, get new (gasps) event? – Leadership abilities back in play. – Vehicle Repurposing! “QUINN, the AI system, identifies “abundant, easily
accessible titanium deposits “that require immediate extraction. “Crop harvesters are
temporarily repurposed “as transport vehicles.” Planetary effect, resource variation, it’s gonna be minus one for all food and plus one for all titanium. – Yes! For all food sectors produce minus one. And all titanium sectors produce plus one. So like a six now becomes a seven. – All right!
– Interesting. – You’re a great governor. – Yeah, I like this new leadership! – Too bad food is what I have the most of. (laughing) – Sectors first. – Oh, sectors, of course! (plastic rattling) Hello? (laughing) Oh good, it’s food. You know what? – Just gonna get in a
flyer and fly over some… – Excuse me, thank you. All right, let’s see what we got. Oh, food. Oh, I guess I shouldn’t say anything. Continue the game. What?
– I hear you like food. – What?
– Yeah, more food, more food. There you go, Aspire! – Thanks. – Quit winning so much,
and I won’t beat up on you. – You Transfusion– – Got me some titanium. – Oh, I see, keeping it for yourself, oh I did steal one of your
titanium sites, got it. – Okay, we’ll put the zero right here. – Thank you for knowing better than to come near my part of the planet. – Yeah, you have enough food. – Ooh, I choose first, okay, but I must be adjacent to something,
so what am I adjacent to? This titanium here, which
is a good move this year. And nothing adjacent over here, I could take some worthless food or some slightly less worthless food. – Think a little bit wider
before you place your piece. – Thank you, yes, I shall connect this was part of my great plan
when I got you out of my way. I have now connected my colony
and now am the strongest! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 colony connector goes to this girl! Don’t be mad– – Wow. – But I might have two of the accolades. – When you design the game
and you play in last place… (laughing) – See it’s hard because everybody
knows to beat up on you! – I mean, let’s see if I
can get back in this game and get me some titanium. – I’m gonna go here,
I’ve got that power thing I’m gonna do to move stuff. – So now you can–
– Now’s the moment. – I’m gonna move that, if you
could hand me that, please. That’s gonna go here. ♪ Brave Sir Ruel grabbed
his horse and ran away ♪ (laughing) – I don’t know that little ditty. – Me neither. – Okay, so you’re maxed out
on three different sectors which is pretty sweet.
– Mmhmm. – Let’s pay Ruel first because
it’s so easy to see you get– – One, two, three
– Five – Four
– and five of energy and food Five food!
– Five food now. – Four. – Oh, sorry, I forgot
about what year it is. Vehicle Repurposing year! – Two, three, four, five, six, seven. – Titanium!
– Yep. – And… – Just a regular year for energy. – One, two, three, four, five. – Ooh, I keep forgetting
to move my piece to “Not Yet Ready for Year’s End.” – One, two, three food for me. One, two, three, four for that sector. One for that sector, one for that sector and zero for that sector. – You’re so fast, okay,
(grunts) slow motion. Wait, me? – So that’s yours. – Okay, so I get one less.
– Four, one, one, zero. – Thank you. – Energy, you get one,
two, three, four, five. Once I caught a fish alive. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. And then titanium, so titanium is up, so I get two and one, two,
three, four, five, six. You one, two, three. One, two, three, four, five, six. – All right! – Them be the resources. – So just to recap, I have six food, five energy, and nine titanium. – Whoa! – I have three food, seven
energy, and eight titanium. – Perfect. – All right, I finally got
some energy, I’ve got five. And I’ve got five food,
and I have seven titanium. – All right, I get to go first! Okay, and I’m going to complete
a construction mission! I’ve got two titanium, one energy, and one, two, three, four, five food. Five food, two titanium, and
one measly little energy. So that was my turn. Oh, I didn’t look at my cards, okay. – I’m going to attach strategic to Alicia. Does that say you must have a crew member with three different traits? – Yes. – Three food and two titanium. – (gasps) You just completed
a logistic mission! – (groans) Oh no! – Was that the one you wanted? – Uh, no. (laughing) – How many stars do you have? – Two.
– Oh my gosh. – First, I am going to attach a training card, we’re gonna make Muriel Engineering-ish. I’m gonna play a complete
a mission from my hand. – Did you draw a new mission
when you completed yours? – No! Yoink, complete a mission. – Okay, so, required amongst my crew, I need six Science, which I have, six Operations, which I have, and I need to turn in
two energy, two food, two titanium, and I have completed another logistics mission for three stars. (gasps) So I have five, six here,
plus, is it one on there? – Yep. – Seven, and here’s– – So that takes you up to six
stars of logistics missions. So you’re on six, seven stars. – Seven stars, thank you. – All right, I would like to complete this here logistics mission. It requires a strategic crew member, of course my fearless leader Hal, and among all criteria I must have Engineering
level four, which I do, and Science level two, which I do, and then I have to pay– – (scoffs) Really, that one too? – Don’t be mad, Ruel, I’m
just gonna win, it’s fine! Okay, I’m gonna pay one
titanium and two energy for this little point here. Logistics mission is mine. (Ruel groans) – You two rocking up on seven stars there. – Okay, nobody be made, I have
revealed research mission. It requires a resilient crew member that is also Engineering
level four and four food. – And the silver mission? – Logistics. It requires one crew member
to have three Engineering, three Science and pay three food. – Well, you know what they say? What goes around comes around. – Don’t, wait, what? They don’t say that.
– Ooh! – I think they do.
– Huh, ah shoot. – It was awful though, because there was some collateral damage. And I have to take a sector
adjacent to my territory belonging to another player
and I get this little one here. (gasps)
– Oh no! – I’m fine with that, take
it, that was a fair trade. Is that all you’re taking? – That’s all I can take for now. – But you have to get
more than me to take it. – Yeah. – I’m going to take the
Consolidate Actions move. I’m gonna discard these three cards to draw three training cards. That is my turn. Come on. (groans) Really? – I am ready to negotiate. Transfusion, we’ve been through a lot of changes as a company, we’ve really matured,
and as a more mature CEO, I would like to ask that
someone give me one energy. And I will make your
wildest dreams come true. – One energy, huh? – Just one.
– I’m willing I’m willing to negotiate, you know, maybe we can heal this rift
– I don’t know, Dan. – Rift between us.
– Let’s see what Ruel says. – One energy? – For many riches. – Many riches? – Like a two for one kind of riches. – Uh, you know what,
I have been low energy in the entire game, so I’m gonna I’m gonna hold onto
the energy that I have. – Great, would you like to
enter into negotiations? – I would like to. – You gotta have an energy,
you can’t lie about that part. – Okay.
– I read the rules. – I got energy. – Would you be willing to spare it? – I would be willing to spare it. – Okay, okay, let’s
enter into negotiations. – Let’s negotiate, I will do that card. – Time! I would give you, let’s see, this and both of… These are things you’re
willing to trade away? – Yep. – And this one too? No, that’s mine. Collateral, okay. Yeah, I’ll take this trade.
– I’ll take this trade. – Pleasure. – Good doing business with you. (laughing) – And then we keep our collateral, easy! – Very easy. – Three for two, good deal for you! – All in the time, as well. – My heart is pounding. (laughing) (Becca exhales deeply) – That was your go. – Yep, yep, so I can’t do
anything else this turn. – I am gonna attach a plus
one to all Operations. To Kim.
– Wow. – I’m gonna make Alicia trained
in Communications networks. She goes– – What have I done?
– From four plus five is nine plus four is 13 (evil laughing) – Ah, he did it. – Good evil laugh, I know you’ve
been working on that laugh. (laughing) – Steal me a star back there. – Sure, sure. – And then I require a crew
member with three items, which that move enabled me to do and I’m completing a three
star logistics mission. – Ooh!
– Two energy and four titanium. – Ruel, are you gonna win this round? – I don’t know, not with moves like that. How many stars is that now, Dan? – So I’ve gone from two
stars up to six stars. – Okay, I am going to take
another Consolidate Actions move. I’m trading this three training cards for a new three training cards, come on. Come on, that’s my turn. – I’m going to do Ang Tze Chua’s alternative upgrades ability! You can upgrade by discarding
any three activity cards instead of using resources! So, discarding three cards. And I shall upgrade over here. (sharply inhales) (uncomfortably exhales) – You know how we’re friends
now after a nice negotiation? – Yeah? – You’re such a generous friend that you’re gonna give me that
three Operations, because– – Wait, I thought you were
gonna trade with me and stuff! – You’re a generous friend,
so you’re gonna give me your three Operations item. – What?
– Because you’re so generous. – What? Okay? He’s kind of a bully sometimes, right? (chuckles)
– You’re just so generous. – (exhales uncomfortably) Okay. Oh wow, nobody’s touching
you on logistics missions. You got six over there! – Yeah, I think we’re
locked in over there. – Yeah, it’s totally locked
in, all right, interesting. – Oh, I’ve just pushed this up by three. To 16 Operations. – Okay.
– I don’t wanna talk about it. – Okay, I’m gonna attach training. Muriel has now gone fanatical
in her Engineering thing there and that allows me to complete a mission. She’s fanatical, she’s strategic,
she has eight of those. – Are you winning right now, is that what’s happening right now? – I don’t know. – How many stars you on? – That’s worth four, let
me turn in the resources. One energy, two food and three titanium. That’s four stars for that, so I’ve got seven, eight,
nine, 10 here, plus– – Plus one is 11.
– 11. – So there will be no further years. – Final year. – This is the final year
before the Intrepid arrives. – Hey, you know what, that’s fine. That’s fine, it’s a good year. – It has been a great year. If we end right now, it’d be perfect. – I mean, don’t worry, you’re fine. – I don’t like that.
– Okay, well. – No, it was a very resigned comment. My turn, I’m going to make
a Hal a little diplomat. He’s feeling saucy about
that, feels real good. All right, I may achieve
either of these missions. Neither one of them is
gonna win me the game, and so it’s really a toss up. Guess what? Construction mission! “Forge titanium mesh domes
around all structures “to ensure uninterrupted activity.” Transfusion is serious! It’s gonna cost three
energy and five titanium and that’s it, that’s all she wrote. She outta stuff. She would have won. – That’s it?
– Had 10 points but I just got three, six,
seven, eight, nine for now and that’s gonna do it. – I’m gonna use Kim’s leadership ability and see if I can go back
through the top six cards. (Becca sighs)
– The top six? – Yep. – One, two, three, four, five, six. – I think I know exactly what you gotta do in order to get 10 points,
and I’m fine with it because I’m only at nine and
gonna stay there or go down. You got it, just do it. (pretend to cry breathily) Oh man. Do it, Dan, I know what you’re gonna do! – Ruel, it’s your go. – I’m gonna observe. – I too will observe. (laughing) – Let’s hang out, chill, relax. – He’s got a goal, I got everything I need except some resources. – I’m gonna play that
Take Sector card again. – Oh, really? – Who would have thought it? – Surprises! I think I know which one you want. – I think I might like this one with– – You can’t take it! – Take any level three structure adjacent. – Ooh, level three? – One sector was destroyed
in this hostile takeover. – I know it doesn’t matter
because the game’s over, but emotionally, you taking a level three means a lot more than
you taking a level one. I’ll just take my chips and go. Just take these–
– Brutal. – I’ll just take them. – So, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14. – Wow, I bet that feels real
good to be a Colony Connector, I bet you have a real sense of community. Oh, you’re tied, oh, you didn’t do it yet. – Nope. – But you still have so many
cards in your hand and I don’t. Okay.
– Let’s do this. Observe. – Cool cool cool, lemme
also continue to observe. (laughing)
Dan? – With my first use of Kim,
I pulled self-sacrifice, much to the surprise of all of you. – Yeah. – And I am this time gonna eat Ricky. – Oh, Ricky.
– Poor Ricky! – Get me four food.
– Gosh. – It’s gotta be rough, I mean, I really don’t wanna be in
the Cellulife conglomerate. We can’t let them be in
charge of our new planet! – No, not at all. – Not the cannibals. – We sell you life, and
sometimes, you know, we also like to–
– Take it back? – Make it into food. – Yeah, okay, I’m gonna do a construction mission, I believe. This is, no, requires at
least three adjacent sectors. – You got them. – I need an energy, a food,
two titanium for another point. – That’s 11 stars over there. – Oh man.
– Out of control. – Well, I too will observe. I mean I once again will observe. – I’m gonna complete me a four
star construction mission. – That’s what I was afraid of. – Gale Force Winds Stabilizer. “An underground cavern system as a “precautionary shelter
from severe storms.” So this requires one
energy, we’ve gotta stock that shelter with four food. And then we should stabilize
it with three titanium. – Oh, I see what you
did there, narratively. – Very nice. – How many points you got there? That looks like eight, just eight. – Eight, nine.
– Just nine. – Yeah, just nine.
– That’s all I have. – Are there tiebreakers? – Mmhmm. – Interesting, maybe you should share that with the other person
who might need to know– – Accolades are the… On accolades, right?
– Yep. – How many accolades? – So there are six
accolades left on the table. In the event of a tie,
we’ll do a little drumroll. – Uh-huh. – Draw one, and it will
reflect how the players also played in the other
elements of the accolades. And then they get awarded
a bonus star or two. – Love it.
– Ooh, I sort of like that. Okay, I’m going to Consolidate some, toss in these three training for three wait, which one’s the, action cards. One, two, come on. – I will observe. – I will do a matter conversion and– – Don’t matter! – Get me a titanium and
I will do that upgrade. – Oh! – Go there. – You mean that one structure you had to put down to take away all my dignity?! (laughing) Got it, thank you. – So that puts me up to 11. – I’ll take one star for most
structures still in my hand. (laughing) – I’m going to Consolidate again. – Oh, it puts me to 12, sorry. – 12 because of the– – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12. – Shoot, okay. – How many stars you on? – I’ve got four, five,
eight, ten, I’ve got 11. – Oh no. – You can’t let the game
designer win the game! – We really can’t, Ruel, I will… I have nothing to trade! I did have a card that
allowed me to kill his players and I traded it in. – I’m gonna dig for that
card, so I’m going to– – Yeah, go find it. – Trade these three action
cards for three more. – Good luck, sir.
– Nice. – Two, three, wait a second. – Yeah, it’s an action card. – No, the last time when I trade three, I’m supposed to discard two and keep one. Correct? – Yeah. – Oh, so you can’t continue. (groans of frustration) – So the three that I drew last turn, the three I drew last
turn, I keep this one, I drop those two, and then
to take the action again I don’t have enough cards to do that. – Dang!
– You could buy– – I can buy one, yeah,
that’s what I’ll do. I’m gonna buy… I can’t, because it’s an energy card. – Oh no! Yeah, epic fail.
– Way fail. – Okay. – Okay, so, I think that’s all I can do. I can attach this one, make
her innovative just because. So I shall prepare for the year end. – What are you doing, lady? – Well, I could observe one more time. – I think you should. – I’m just waiting for resources
to come to me for free, I don’t know if that’s
an action in the game, but I’ll just, I’ll
prepare for the year end. I think it’s time that I just prepare. – You’ve seen the writing the wall. – I have no further actions I can do. I also prepare for year end. – Whoa! All right. Dan Alexander, you are the winner and it looks like Cellulife
has taken over the planet, congratulations!
– Well done! – Thank you very much.
– Well done, sir. – It was a good game. Very good game.
– Good game. – I thought I had it there for a minute because I could do all my gold cards but didn’t have the
resources to get through. (laughing) – I hate when that happens. – Yeah, I think I had a
lot of crew with abilities that allowed me to trade
away a bunch of cards and then I just had less things to do. (laughing) This is so much fun, I
really enjoyed playing. There’s so many options, and
that’s what I like in a game. I like to know that when I lost it had nothing to do with luck, it was entirely my decision making. (laughing) – There’s something to be
said for that, you know? – Yeah, I find that very satisfying. This was a lot of fun
– Yeah. – And a beautiful, beautiful
game you’ve created. – Thank you so much. – Yeah, thanks for being here. Ruel, as always, great to have you back. – Always, always happy to be here, Becca, thank you so much. – Thanks to you all at home
for watching “Game the Game.” We’ll see you next time, bye bye! (peppy, bouncy music) (upbeat music)


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