Làm cây đào siêu rẻ & nhanh cho tết bằng 1 cây nến |Making a tree is decorated with easy candles

Hi guys, welcome to my channel Mi Ngan it’s me There are still a few days left until the Chinese New Year I don’t know if any of you have not prepared a tree to decorate Tet holiday If you are not ready, please watch this video because today I will guide you to do Peach blossom very easy very economical I make this cherry blossom tree in just 2 or 1 hours and I’m done and cost only about 80 to 85 thousand VND only for the whole tree, only 85 thousand VND hehehe If you want to know how you did it, please watch this video and this video I learned on Chinese tiktok Recently, they have made peach trees like that you all know it already I also study on it I followed the trend again START that’s it all and I think anyone can do it Because if I can do it, no one will not. Right If you like this video, please like it And give me a comment below See you in the next video


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