Krampus Wreath | DIY Rustic Christmas Decoration

Hey everyone. How you doing? I hope you’re doing well! Well, I’m here today to show you how
I’ve made this wreath with a rustic style fully personalized. In case there is still some person left behind, like me. Let’s see if this inspires you in any way
and gives you an idea. The first thing I’m going to do is create the little horns. For the structure I will use wire. Looking over the crown I am calculating the length I am looking for. And I cut it with pliers. Then I will create the horn shape
joining smaller pieces of wire. This step is not necessary, but add some
hot silicone droplets help the joints stay fixed and make the task easier. Now I will cover the entire structure. For this I will use drying air clay. With a little water I soften the clay
to make it easier to manipulate and gradually cover all the wire. After hours, the clay tends to crack when it dries completely, So what you’re seeing is normal. I will actually take advantage of them because I like that aesthetically. What I’m going to do now is sand the surface to correct imperfections. And with white glue I will fill the cracks so that they do not break at all. And with a mixture of water and white glue, I’m going to varnish the entire surface. This will make the piece more resistant.. Keep in mind that clay is quite delicate, especially if we make pieces as small as these. So in this step I advise giving the layers
that are necessary until you are sure of it’s strong enough. Even so with this type of clay we never
we have to trust because as I said is It is quite delicate and if we make any movement abruptly or we drop it, it most likely going to break. Then we will always have to be very careful with it. When everything is dry, I can proceed
paiting it with acrylics. And having this finished, I can start assembling the crown. For this I will use the pieces that I have made by hand, some ornaments, a bit of rope, the wreath itself and a hot glue gun. The first thing I’m going to do is pass the rope. To attach the horns to the crown I will use magnets, which I will glue hot silicone. You could do without this and hold it only with wire or hot silicone. But magnets allow me to remove and put these pieces more comfortably. Especially for the moment when you have to keep it back in its box until the next year. It is less messy, nor that they break in the process or anything like that. You can save everything much more compact. If the pieces weigh too much and fall off, we can always add a couple more magnets and get more strength. For the rest of the ornaments, some of them hooked directly and others with hot glue. I take this opportunity to tell you that many of the things you are seeing can be found in the ManoMano online store. Such as the crown, the rope or the
holly branches that you are seeing right now. In the description as always you can find
all the necessary links in case you are interested in acquiring it too. Finally, with a little acrylic paint
I’m going to clarify some tips of the leaflets of the wreath to give it a more winter and worn touch. And this was it! You see, we have finished. As always, you have more photos of this project
on my website in case you want to see it a little closer. And in my social networks, in which I always upload progress before sharing the video here. Many, many, many thanks for your time. I hope you liked it. And if we don’t see each other until next year,
at least here on YouTube… I take this opportunity to wish you a happy holidays. Have a great, very good time. And for those who have a bad time, well, nothing, try to take the best possible that in two weeks this is already totally forgotten and we are already at something else. And nothing more, I see you in the next video. Bye everyone! 😀


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