Kim Kardashian West Responds to Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott Engagement Buzz

-I want to talk about a couple
of your photos that I’ve seen. Actually, this one
isn’t even yours. This is from Travis Scott. I just want to ask,
is Kylie engaged? -I haven’t seen that photo.
-She has a ring on her finger. And so everyone’s like, “[Gasps] Kylie’s engaged!
Oh, my goodness!” [ Laughter ] -I mean, I think
she would have told me. She’s pretty secretive, but
I’m sure she would have told me. -So, you’re not sure?
-Yeah, I’m not really sure. [ Laughter ]
But I don’t think so. -All right, and then,
explain this one here. This is — You posted this,
and everyone’s like, “Wait, What is this? This is…”
-Oh, yeah. So I went —
It was Kid Cudi’s birthday. And we went to Nobu,
and when I got there, I realized it was,
like, a guys’ dinner. [ Light laughter ]
And so, I was like, “Okay –” -Is that Timothée Chalamet?
-Yes. Honestly, I posted this,
I didn’t even tag anyone. I got more DMs
from my friends — from my gay friends,
from my straight friends — everyone asking me about
Timothée and Pete. [ Laughter ]
-Pete Davidson. It’s just a fun birthday
for Kid Cudi? -Yeah, it was his birthday.
It was just such a fun night. Everyone just had
such a good time. The vibe was so good,
and I didn’t want to ruin it, so I sat in a corner and
just documented it for them. -Oh, come on. -I was playing Word Connect
on my phone and letting them have
their, like, guy time. -I want to hear about this. You haven’t talked to me
about this — your new fragrance
and your new lipstick. Let’s talk about this. -Yeah, for Valentine’s Day,
I did these candy hearts last year,
and they did so well, so I did three new ones
this year and relaunched the old ones. So, you know, right now,
I’m wearing Baddie because I just am in that mood.
[ Cheers and applause ] Since I’m feeling like a baddie. -You’re like a little baddie
right now? What cool packaging.
-Every fragrance has a mood. -Yeah.
How do you put perfume on? Because now and then,
I have a cologne bottle. I never really wear it,
but now and then, if I feel like I want to —
like, yeah. [ Light laughter ]
I do it, I spray it out there, and then I kind of
dolphin my way — kind of dolphin my way
into the mist so it’s not too much.
-You know what I do? I wear shapewear all the time,
and so I’ll, like, literally spray it on my shapewear,
my underwear, my bra, like, all over. I’ll spray it, you know,
on myself, too. But I spray it on that,
and then I put it on, and I just feel like
I smell good from inside. -Wow.
[ Laughter ] I guess so, yeah.
Explain this to me, now. -So, these are my lipsticks.
So I, for Valentine’s Day, I launched my best of my nudes.
Actually, today I’m wearing number 8, which comes
in the Best of Nude. It’s like a brownie color.
So we have nudes, pinks. -Explain nudes to me, for a guy.
I don’t know. [ Laughter ] -A nude lipstick.
-Right. -It’s like
a flesh-tone lipstick. And there’s
four different shades, ’cause it is so hard
to get the perfect nude, ’cause everyone has
a different skin tone. [ Laughter ]
-Tell me about it. You should see
my Instagram account. Oh, my gosh.
Kim Kardashian West.


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