Ketubah: The Jewish Wedding Contract

You could spend months learning the ins and
outs of what makes a Jewish wedding tick. Everyone has something to say about it. The Bible,
rabbis, legal codes,
this guy. The Ketubah is a pretty short, straightforward
document, often hand-written by specially trained scribes, that condenses all of that
down to the rights and responsibilities of Jewish partners to each other. It’s not about love, although many couples
choose to embellish the traditional text with additional, more romantic flourishes. Two honored witnesses sign it before before
the wedding ceremony. Though the Ketubah is thousands of years old,
it was way ahead of its time. It states clearly that a husband must provide
food, clothing and…er…other responsibilities. It also spells out financial arrangements
in the event of a death or divorce. Adding their own twist to the tradition some
couples append their own vows. It’s a beautiful custom to hang up the Ketubah
in the home to remind everyone of the beauty of the wedding and the commitments made.

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