Kelly Sets Up A Halloween-Themed Wedding Proposal With A Sweet Surprise!

– Well, it is true. Halloween is full of
frights and surprises. In fact, you never know what might happen. So, you asked for help
making Halloween more special for Kristen, right? – I did. – Yes, okay. Well, tell her about it. – Kristen, you don’t know this but I’ve been working with
Kelly and everybody here to kind of put something
together with you so… – To get you into Halloween! – What? – You should come with me real quick. (audience cheers) – [Kristen] Oh my God! – [Man] Roll it! (spooky music) (audience laughs) (wolf howls) – Stop. (screams) What? (audience cheers) Oh my God, babe! Babe! Are you serious? Oh my God! (“The Wedding March”) (audience cheers) – I know that we’ve been
together for a long time. We’ve been through a lot. So this ring is actually Yia-Yia’s ring, my grandmother’s ring. We put it together. – So beautiful! (applause) – Oh my God, thank you! – [Kelly] I love it! I’m getting in here! – Oh my God, Kelly! Oh my God! – She said yes!


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