Kellie Pickler Purposely Forgot To Send Out Wedding Invites

– My wife and I are big
“American Idol” fans. We go way back, so I’m really feeling a little star struck
and insecure right now. – The Kelly squared. The Kelly squared happening right now. – The Kelly squared, yes. – There’s a lot of
personality sitting here. – We are both actually
very similar I think. – We are, well Texas and Carolina. – [Kelly Clarkson] Yes, and bubbly yeah. We’re Southern, we’re good girls. We both started on “Idol.” – [Kelly] Yes. – And I had no idea until
literally last night, that one of your audition songs was “Since You’ve Been Gone.” – [Kelly] Yes, oh my gosh! – I love that, I didn’t know that! – Yes, well big fan. – Oh well, thank you. – But no, I remember auditioning, you know there’s so
many different rounds– – Before you even get to the– – Before you even get to
Paula, Randy and Simon, which we had the original three. – [Kelly Clarkson] Oh my gosh! – [Kelly] Oh my gosh! Time doesn’t slow down for nobody does it? (Kelly Clarkson laughs) You go in, do um, I actually auditioned with “The Sweetest Thing” by Juice Newton. – Yeah, yeah. – [Kelly] Went through to the next round, and then sang that one
again and I thought, maybe this will be good,
keep doing this one, and I think it was Paula had asked me to sing something, “Could
you sing something pop?” And I just started singing your song. – That’s so funny. – And I was terrified because– – You picked, I mean I
gotta be real with you, that would not be my
go-to for an audition. (laughs) That’s a hell of a song!
– I mean, I didn’t know, and you were the first
person that came to mind. And then just 20 seconds
of something else, and so I sang “Broken
Wing” by Martina McBride. – [Kelly Clarkson] Oh
good song, good pick! They had me do the same thing. They had all of us do – different songs.
– You’re like a good luck charm for me. It got me through to the next round. – Well, that’s awesome. They had all of us do that though. Everybody thinks it’s like one song. I had to sing like three different ones even to get.
– Oh yeah, yeah. – I was like, am I still proving that I can sing on key here? What’s happening, what? – This is amazing backstage dish from “American Idol!” We are spilling the tea today. – We are! – It’s everywhere. (Kelly Clarkson laughs) – So, I heard we also
have something in common, you eloped right? – Yes.
– My husband and I eloped. – That’s right. – He had a whole plan. – Oh my gosh, us too. – [Kelly Clarkson] Yeah and then ah, nope. – We had this whole big wedding planned in Nashville and the only thing we had failed to do was
send invitations out. So I’m looking at the guest list– – Wait, what? So this wasn’t on purpose? You forgot to invite people? – No, I’m getting to
it, so we had this list and I’m going, “Hell, I don’t even like “half of these people “and I don’t even know the rest.” You know, because you invite this person and that person and then
you gotta, it becomes this big ordeal.
– That is exactly why I canceled my wedding. – And it felt like a CMA
after party, you know? – Yes! (audience laughs) I’m just like, this big production. – And it’s supposed to
be about your moment. – Yeah, so I said, “Baby,
let’s just run away,” and he goes, “Whew,
thought you’d never ask.” So we didn’t tell
anybody and just ran off. – That’s so awesome,
he was sweet about it. That’s so good. – It was so perfect for us. Everybody has to do what’s right for them. – I will say, you had a very
rare honeymoon location. – We did. – You were in Baghdad? – That’s right, well,
that’s the place to go now. (everyone laughs) Great deals on flights. (Kelly Clarkson laughs) I’ve been working with
the USO for many years and I was booked to go
on one early January, so we said I do and then hopped on a plane and flew overseas to Iraq and yeah. – Wow. – We spent our honeymoon there. – It’s amazing. – All the soldiers at each
spot that we would stay at, had a honeymoon suite for us. It was the funniest thing,
we had a ball though. We wouldn’t have changed it. – Oh my gosh, that’s so sweet. That’s cool that you followed through, it is very important. They sacrifice a lot for us. – Say what you mean, mean what you say and honor your word. – Get it South! I love it. – Well that’s when that
sass comes out, I guess. (audience applauds) But yeah, we’ve been blessed to be a part troop USA tours. – What about your wedding? Did y’all elope or did
you have a big wedding? – We had a secret wedding in our backyard with 25 people. – [Kelly Clarkson] That’s amazing. – Mostly people that
were on your list, so. (everyone laughs) – I’m sorry. – There were some country music brass, no, we just, we had the same thing where we just said, you know what? Let’s not do the big to do. Let’s just keep it very small and in fact, it was a surprise wedding. It was the night before the Emmy’s and Meghan was nominated, so
we had our families come and we just had ’em over and we said, “Oh, by the way, if you step “into the backyard, this is our wedding.” – What, that’s the coolest thing ever. – That’s great, yes. – How did y’all meet again? How did you and Meghan meet? – We met doing a play in Los Angeles. She was a couple years
into “Will and Grace” and I was living in
somebody’s basement and– – And she was like, “Yes.” – She was like, “Yeah, I’m
sick of classy individuals.” Let me find a carpenter. – (laughs) That’s awesome. – Kelly, tell us about your movie, it’s “Mistletoe Secret” right, Hallmark? – I play a small town
girl from North Carolina, so it wasn’t far of a stretch, you know. And, I’m trying to save my little town and bring small businesses,
help them come back to life and bring tourists there. There’s a love interest that
comes into play, of course. – [Kelly Clarkson] Of course,
I’d expect nothing less. – And so much drama because
it’s Hallmark, you know? – Yeah, I love it. – No, it’s a sweet little
love story and I get to– – That’s why I love those
movies, they feel good. – They’re feel good movies, right. They all have happy endings, so I love it. – So not like life (laughs) – I know right? That’s why I’m like, oh is this the way Christmas is supposed to be? (laughs) – It’s very different at my house.


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