Keith’s First Wedding Anniversary – The Try Vlog

– You have to read it one page at a time. (Becky giggles) Don’t skip forward. (suspenseful music) – We’re going to– (upbeat music) – What’s up, Try babies? It’s the Try vlog, we’re back in action. Bow, bow, bow! Today, I’m in beautiful
somewhere, California at an Airbnb because this weekend is Nick and Erica’s wedding. Nick is a great friend of
ours, he also does magic. I’m hoping he does some
magic at the wedding. Erica used to be the
production coordinator for The Try Guys over at BuzzFeed. But this weekend, actually corresponds to Becky and I’s one year anniversary. Yes, it’s been one whole
year since we got hitched. (gentle music)
To cap it all off, I’ve got a big surprise for Becky that she doesn’t know about
and you don’t know about. So, we’ll have to stick around to see what that surprise is. What’s the surprise? (record scratching)
Becky, can’t be sneaking in. You’re trying to find
out what the secret is. (Becky laughs)
You can’t know! You can’t know what the secret is. (Becky giggles)
But first! Let’s do a sexy house tour. (energetic music) Ah, so in love. (country music)
– Hey! Welcome to our house.
– [Keith] Wow. – This definitely the house we own. – [Keith] Look at this! I don’t know if you like views. This one’s is okay. I mean come on now, look
at all these accent walls. Oh, look. (Becky blows raspberry) Okay that’s, that’s enough.
(Becky giggles) I don’t think my cell phone is even capturing how beautiful this view is. It’s really gorgeous. TV is really not in a great place. Unless.
(gentle music) Look at the flow in this room. Suddenly, it’s the TV room. Oh wow, look how far I’ve
stretched that cable. That AC cable is resisting.
(chuckles) Alright, okay.
(Becky laughs) It’s supposed to be a romantic weekend. Look at that goofy llama. Over here, we have the master bedroom. But the bed’s really not what
we’re excited about here. Wow.
– Hey. – Becky is in here element.
(Becky laughs) There’s some sort of weird
cult circle out here. That’s fun.
(energetic music) We can do cult things. What’s your favorite memory
from the last year, Becky? – Koke’e! – [Keith] The honeymoon. The honeymoon was pretty dope. – The honeymoon was really dope. We went on an ATV ride. (energetic music) We went on a tour of the Nā Pali Coast. (chorus singing) We went snorkeling and saw turtles. (ocean waves crashing)
(flute music) – [Keith] Oh he’s goin’ back! He’s going back! Go buddy go! We saw the Jurassic Park Waterfall. – Oh yeah! (waterfall crashing) (Tyrannosaurus growling) I don’t know, there were a
lot of fun things that we did. (Hawaiian music) (ocean waves crashing) – [Keith] Seal comin’ atcha! (seal barking)
(children laughing) (Hawaiian music) (waterfall crashing) Come on, Becky! (water splashes) Gonna feed the chickens! Yeah! Yeah, fight over it, yeah! (boat roaring)
(intercom sounding off) – [Becky] Aww, baby! – [Keith] There he is, yeah. (drum cymbal crash)
– [Becky] Whoa! – [Passenger] Woo!
– [Keith] Yeah! Great job dolphins! (keyboard plays) – It’s a big morning! Nick and Erica are
finally getting married. They’ve been together for nine years?
– Nine years. – Nine years.
– Yes. – Really rushing into this.
(Keith laughs) B-Wo and I are cooking up some breakfast. We got some potatoes with
onions and bell peppers. We got some eggs about to happen. We got some black beans. We got some tortillas. Obviously you can’t go without
the cilantro and avocado. Crank of the salt and pepper. And enjoy! (Keith chewing) Becky is now going to put
some makeup on the bride. Do what she does best,
make people look beautiful. – Aww. I’ll see you later.
– Bye. (smooches smacking)
Have fun! (jazzy music)
(machine whirring) Lookin’ good! Alright, alrighty! – Wow! – We’re having wine! – Happy wedding – No one’s even married yet
and we’re already partying! Can’t hold on very well!
(gasps) – Okay.
– Really? – Okay, it gets real? – [Becky] Hold on to something! – What do you mean it gets real? I’m barely holding on!
– [Becky] Ow! – Oh my god! Ahh! That was good! – I didn’t fall this time. – It was, I almost fell
off the entire car. (crowd cheering) (soft piano music) – [Man] I wanted to read something that shed light on that question, that (crowd laughs) (crowd laughs) (crowd laughs) (crowd laughs) (crowd laughs) (crowd cheering) – The ladies of the group have already switched out their heels. – Shoes! – Wedding is over. The reception begins and we got
some nice, functional shoes. Some flops, some flats.
– [Becky] Boop, boop! – Congratulations! – Ah, thank ya!
– Cheer– It was so beautiful. (crowd cheering) Oh yeah, I cried the whole time. – I’m really getting lame. – I cried during the vows. The vows always get me. – I wanna get married again. – Well you can only get married
once if you stay with me. (folksy dance music) (heavy breathing)
(footsteps) Bae, you woke up. Woke us up at 7:30.
– Uh-uh. – After partying she wants pizza. – Now, I waited! – She can’t get anything
delivered so she’s making us walk. – I waited until, like 7:45. – You didn’t wait til 7:45. Are you putting salt on your pizza? – Yeah, it needs salt!
(salt shaker crunching) – You haven’t even tried that pizza yet. (everyone laughs) – It needs it! – [Keith] You haven’t tasted that pizza – I bet it needs it, let’s see. (Becky chewing)
(tableware clinking) Gross. (everyone laughs) (folksy music) – We’re saying goodbye to our Airbnb. It’s time to go home. – No!
– [Keith] No Becky, no. – [Becky] No!
– Oh no, no. – I love this place!
(Keith giggles) We’re here! In the car! Celebrating love. I love you so much.
– I love you so much, too. – It’s our anniversary! – Tomorrow’s our anniversary. – Then maybe we’ll give
our presents today! – No, we’re gonna wait ’til tomorrow! You can’t get your
present early, that’s not, that’s the whole point! (exciting music) It’s our first anniversary this morning. Happy anniversary!
– Happy anniversary! – Happy anniversary.
(smooches smacking) And the gift that you give on
an anniversary is paper-based. Right, paper-based?
– Yes. – So we have gifts. Becky has wrapped hers.
– No I didn’t! – In the bed.
– I didn’t wanna waste more paper
– Oh. (paper rustling) Wow!
(Becky giggling) What is what? (wind whooshing) Oh my goodness!
(Keith chuckles) It’s us as Ricky and Morty!
(giggles) – I thought you would like it!
– What a surprise! This is amazing! Aw, how sweet!
(Becky hums) Oh, funny!
(smooches smacking) So cute. (camera rustling)
(paper tearing) (Becky chuckles) – It’s a bunny!
– It’s a bunny. (exciting music) – We’re going to Disneyland! – Yeah!
– Yeah! (cheerful, whimsical music) – We did it! We’re gonna be married!
– We’re married! – For a year! Wow! – We’re in the front row!
(smooches smacking) (Keith screaming) – Woo, space!
– Space! – Space! Ha ah! My score!
– Score! – That’s your score!
– He scored! – Crushed ya!
– Get out! Single rider! – ‘Cause when you get married you know, you don’t really have to
spend every second together. Okay bye, Becky! – Whoa!
– Woo! What a time! (dramatic music)
(glasses clink) Do you gonna kiss me? (lips smacking) See what’s happening?
– No. – Now I think you want to kiss me. You were going like this.
(Becky giggles) (slow motion warbling) There’s a little band playing!
(concert playing) – [Becky] Yeah! You think they’ll play, I love you baby? – Maybe.
– That would be wild. I just mentioned Frankie Valli. – [Singer] Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You. Can’t take my eyes off,
this our wedding song! – [Singer] Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You. (giggles) – It’s literally our first dance song! – That was great! I’m very proud of you. (music playing) – That’s funny!
– That’s good! (music playing) – [Becky] And at our
wedding we did a kickline. – [Keith] So we did a little kickline. – [Becky] Because I can’t
dance and I did not want everyone looking at me
while we awkwardly sway. (crowd cheers)
(DJ performs) – [DJ] Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You! – That was so crazy, I
can’t believe that happened. – You know the universe,
sometimes it sends you little signals,
– It did! – that you’re on the right path and everything is going the
way it should, ’cause we just, well let’s just kill some
time at Downtown Disney. (Becky giggles) Let’s just go see what’s going on. – I know! – And I said you know, let’s
not go anywhere specific. Let’s just wander around.
– Yeah! – And then we saw this band.
– That’s how we got to them. – We’re like, let’s go listen to the band. And then they played this, you know! – You’re so sweet! (emotional music) – [Man] How do you know you’re in love? When you know that they have flaws, but you accept those flaws, and somehow those flaws
make them even more perfect. You can be yourself around them, and you know they will
love you more for it. And when you feel that, then you’ll know. (music swells) – Signing out!
– Signing out. – Habersbergers!
– Signing out! – Peace! Smash the Subscribe. – There you go. – Smash!
– Yeah. – Ring the Bell!
– Ring that Bell! – Ring that Bell! Rawr! (upbeat music) Very romantic trip. Right, McClula?
– Gotta stop. – Hello!
(everyone laughs)


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