Justice Minister nominee Choo Mi-ae vows efforts to acheive judicial reform

president nominee for Justice Minister
Shamir has vowed to meet what she called the public’s strong demand of judicial
reform here she was speaking to reporters earlier today our citizens
sincerely want a judicial branch that focuses on people’s rights and
likelihoods I think president moons offer could be understood as an
invitation to work together with the administration to achieve the public’s
aspirations the Democratic Party lawmaker has served five terms in
Liberal administration’s in a political career that spans more than 20 years she
previously served as a judge at several district courts as well as the Kwangju
High Court choose nomination comes around 50 days after former justice
minister Cho books stepped down over corruption allegations involving his
family she was now required to go through the National Assembly’s
confirmation hearing within the next twenty days if she’s appointed it will
raise the number of female ministers in the moon administration to six

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