Jonathan + Jaimelyn: Their Marriage Vows

So my question for you this morning is this:
What promises do you have for each other this morning? I promise…
to always hold your hand to always stand close by your side
to walk ahead of you in the dark to make sure you always get up on time in
the morning to have spontaneous adventures with you
even if that means getting lost sometimes and to make sure we always have GPS
and songs to sing along the way to always have bad puns ready to make you
laugh to be your support especially when it feels
like we’re all alone to listen to your hopes, dreams, and your
goals to help you see the silver lining even when
skies are gray and to always tell you good morning and good
night. Do you remember talking all day and all night
and into the next day because we both wanted the other one to have the last word?
And then that morning in Minnesota before we even started dating when our friends said
that you should wake your “boyfriend” with coffee, and so you brought me a cup? And then
that night under the stars you finally held my hand for the first time?
That phone call when you were in New York and I was in Illinois and we both had very, very
little privacy but we just had to get how we really felt out there, and then that feeling
when we found out that we felt the same? And then counting down the days till I
saw your face again at the baggage claim, and spending every waking moment we could
together before I had to leave again? Visiting you in New York and having you be
able to show me your city, and then when I was able to come back in order to bring you
home? And then going back to Minnesota with you
and waiting for just the right moment to propose even if that meant carrying your ring in my
pocket till I walked across a rotten log and balance precariously over a swamp.
You almost fell in. Putting down money on what will very soon
be our first home only to walk in and see water pouring from the second floor all
the way down into the basement, and then that phone call that I had to make to you to explain
that we have an insurance claim 3 days in? Planning a future together with you where
we can fall asleep side by side each night watching each other grow at home, at work,
and grow as a family. And growing together as we grow older?
Jaime you are my soul mate. And John you are my sunshine.
I am your mutt, and I am your moggie,
your wolf, your kitten,
and I love you SO much!

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