JJsHouse.com Dress Review Mother-of-the-Groom #72696 A-Line Princess V-neck Chiffon Lace

Hi. This video is to review
a dress that I purchased. I used the website JJsHouse.com. That is the letters J-J-S
the word House .com. First, let me talk about
the website itself. I found that it had quite
a bit of information. Many of the dresses–not this one in
particular–but many of the dresses were displayed in the different
colors that were available, which I thought was fantastic. They have quite a bit of sizing charts. They even go so far as to have a
video to show you how to size yourself. On the website, you have the option of custom ordering your dress
to your specific size as well. And, another feature I liked was that,
you know, oftentimes when you are on a website, the models
are very tall and thin, and it does give you the model’s size measurements and the dress size
that she was wearing, which I like. The other thing I like about JJ’s House
website is that they really– –they really want the people who purchase to write not just a written
review, but a photograph of the dress that they chose to purchase. I think that that’s absolutely
fantastic because then not only are you able to see
the dress in a different size, but also in the different colors. So, I really encourage you, if
you’re looking on the website to not just look at the dress itself,
but also check the comment sections. You might be able to see a photograph of the dress on someone
actually at an event. When I ordered my dress, it was
late on a Friday night January 30th. The estimated delivery
date was February 26th, so that was almost a month that
they had estimated that I would get the dress shipped out on the 26th. I received notice on the 24th of
February that my dress shipped, and I actually got it two days later,
so the shipping only took two days. I do believe, though, that I got
the expedited shipping because there was like a sale or something,
and so it was cheaper for me to say I wanted expedited shipping
than regular shipping. The dress came inside out in a bag. That’s how the dress came:
just inside out in this bag and then shipped to me UPS. So, this is the dress,
again, that I purchased. Behind here, you can see
I had a dress bag for it. I bought this at the Dollar
Tree, so it just cost me a buck. And it works just fine, so if you need
a dress bag, you could check them out. Again, it was a really cheap buy. This dress is called the A-Line
Princess V-Neck Floor-Length Chiffon Lace Mother-of-The Bride
dress with ruffle cascading ruffles. The number is 72696.
Again, that number is 72696. It’s under the category
of mother-of-the bride. But, like I said, I did purchase
it as a mother-of-the-groom dress for my son’s ceremony in April. This dress here is a size 10. I ordered it without any
custom fitting whatsoever. Now, once I was able to wear the dress, I realized that I should have
had it altered – made shorter. I am 5’5″, and it comes
hallow to floor at 60 inches, which was a bit long for me,
even wearing a 1 inch heel. So, if you’re going to purchase your dress as a regular
size and not customer fit, I would recommend, you know, if
you can fit into the regular size, you might want to consider just having the dress shortened at your local
tailor rather than paying for the full custom fit
just to have it shortened. But, otherwise, if you fall
within a few different sizes, you might want to consider going
ahead and doing the full custom fit. Now, as I think I just said, I am
5’5″, and I ordered the size 10. And, a few things that I
wanted to say about the sizing: There’s no give in the dress. It’s not going to stretch at all, so be very cognizant of the sizing. No one is going to know
what your measurements are. It’s only you, so it’s really important that you measure yourself and get
the size that really is right for you. For instance, on the size 10,
it’s saying a bust of 36 1/2. Now, I’m a little bit smaller
than that, but I can tell you that this bust in here,
it has a lot of room. So, if you’re a bit bigger than 36 1/2, I think you’d still
be okay with the 10. The 12 says you need to
be all the way up to a 38. So, I think that gives
you a lot of room in there. However, when it talks
about the waist being 29 1/2, it’s really what they’re talking about almost isn’t if you’re
slimmer down lower in the waist, but it’s talking about
right below the bust line. This area was very tight,
and so when it’s saying 29 1/2, I wouldn’t recommend, like
say for the size 12 it says you need to be 31 inches. If you’re 31 inches and you pick a 10 it’s going to be really tight
right up in the bust line area right underneath the bust line. Hips, it says 39 and 3/4
for the size 10. And, for me, I was about a 40, 41. So, again, if you are, like,
creeping up 41 inches, you might want to hit up to
a 12 and not a 10 because, again, the hips in this
dress are really snug as well if you are a lot bigger
than a 39 and 3/4. And again, I’m speaking for the size 10 because that’s the dress that I got, and I really couldn’t
speak to the other sizes. The model on the website
who’s wearing this dress, they say that she’s 5’7″
and that she is a size 4. So, according to her sizes, it looks like she could
have fit into a 2 to a 6, and so she went with, I’m assuming, she went with the
middle size, which is a 4. If you’re way all over the chart, like
some of your measurements are a 14, some of your measurements
are an 8, whatever, I would go with custom fitting because you want the dress to
fit when you get it. And, like I said, nobody else is going
to know what your measurements are. If they say, “What size dress did
you get?” just say, “It’s custom.” What else can I say about this dress? Okay, let me just go through the dress head-to-toe as far as the way it looks, and then I’m going to
actually put it on. So, I’m going to go top to bottom
in reviewing the dress itself. Okay, so it has this nice v-neckline. And, if I put this white in here, you’re going to be able to see
how pronounced the v-line is. It is low-cut, in my opinion
– maybe not in yours. And, you might be able to see how the
built-in bra comes up like this. It’s very thick and padded,
very nicely padded and wired. And then the lace here is [not]. You can see through the lace in the front top and the back,
and then as well in the arms. You should be able to see that how you
can see through the lace there. It’s very pretty and it
has a lot of nice detail. It has this nice ruching across
the waist, which is beautiful. And then it has this nice
ruffle fold that hangs. And it has movement to it.
It’s very nice. When you look–when you look underneath
here, you can see how this is a wrap. There’s the hem in here and
this is an extra piece that flows. And then, it comes all the way around. And then, underneath it is–
you have this material here. This. And it’s very thick.
There are two layers here. And, the hem is done very beautifully, in my opinion, and
it hangs really nice. And, because it’s double layered– See if I can kind of
show you how that is. It’s double layered. I didn’t even need a slip. The wedding was outside, and I didn’t
even need a slip because it’s so thick. Now, the description itself– The description itself
says that there’s no– When it says, “Fully lined: No,”
there isn’t some extra liner in here. But, because, like I
just said, this is doubled, you don’t need anything extra in there. It’s really well done. The dress itself is very–I don’t
know if I would say it’s heavy, but there is a good
weight to the dress. You can definitely tell there’s
a good amount of material here. As I said, it was A-line princess
V-neck floor-length chiffon and lace with a ruffle, cascading ruffle. It has these half sleeves. It zips up all the way in the back. There is a built-in bra,
and it’s wired and Boning: Yes. And then this is — the
color here is chocolate brown. You can order this dress in brown.
That’s not this dress. This dress is chocolate brown. And then the size again is 10. I’m going to flip it around and
show you the back of the dress. And now this piece of string,
just ignore that. I have to have that because I
can’t zip the dress up by myself unless I have a piece of string there. So, you might want to
make note of that too. It’s not easy to, you know, zip up
a whole back of the dress yourself. I’m going to try and stick
this paper in here, again, so you can kind of see how this
is all see-through in the back, and then you can kind of see how the
built-in bra comes down like this. Again, this beautiful ruching. And then, as you can see here, it looks a little bit funny when it’s
hanging on the hanger–I’ll admit– this little bit of puckering here. But, if you look at the
picture on the website, it looks kind of weird with the
puckering here, but when it’s on it really looks fantastic. I loved how this is not just
a straight back and you can see any of my bumps and imperfections. It really makes it look elegant the way that it has this
puckering in here for the back. I think that everything about
the dress was made very well. I was really satisfied. Now, I haven’t worn a
formal gown since prom, so I’m not an expert in formal
attire or buying formal gowns, but I was very satisfied
with the quality. I thought that all of the stitching
and everything was really great. There was no accidental holes or tears
or something wrong with the seams. I didn’t notice anything. The only thing that I would point out
that is a bit negative about the dress and it might just be me is the zipper. I usually have a tough time
zipping it up and unzipping it, thus the string to help me. And, like, you can tell
it’s a little bit trickier around the ruching part here. But, I think it’s just
because the zipper is so tiny, and, you know, that’s
on purpose, I’m sure, because you don’t want
a big old gaudy zipper. But, it can be a bit tricky to get
the zipper up and down in this area. But, other than that, I found
nothing wrong with the dress at all, and I really liked it. I’m going to put it on,
and then I’ll go through a couple more things
about the dress for you. Okay, so I have the dress on. And, just, if I might help,
like I said, I’m 5’5″. Right now I’m about 155 pounds. And I bought the–this is the size 10. And, it fits fine in the hips. Like I said, this part
here is pretty snug, so the sizing is really important. And, as you can probably see,
it’s kind of long on me. I actually bought the
dress too small on purpose so that I could
continue to eat healthier. And so, by the time I could
actually wear/put the dress on, it was too late to get
it altered or shortened. But, I had one-inch heels on,
so it really wasn’t that bad. I’m barefoot right now,
but with heels on, it really wasn’t too bad
as far as the length. So, you can kind of see how this flows. You know, it moves really nice. It has the built-in bust,
and there’s quite a bit of room. So, if you’re bigger on top,
certainly you’ll fit in this. Just be cognizant of the waist size. One thing I also wanted
to point out was the arms. If you are, you know, pretty buff,
and you have bigger arms, you’ll want to be cognizant of the arms because otherwise they’re
going to be too tight. It falls just above the elbow. The size — the circumference of the
elbow area is about 11 1/2 inches. So, if you have really tight– Like I said, if you have,
you know, really muscular arms, you’ll have to be careful of that because there’s no give
in this seam right here. And, the circumference of
the arm is 11 1/2 inches. Okay. What else? Well, here, I’ll show
you the back of the dress. And again, I have this string because no one is here to help me get it zipped and unzipped so,
unfortunately, I need that. So you can see what I was talking
about with the back of the dress, how, with the extra puckering,
it lays really nice and elegant. It’s not tight, and I
really like that as well. So you can see how the dress looks. It’s got a nice flow to it. It’s heavy. I didn’t need any
slip underneath there. I mean that’s up to you
if you wanted to wear one, but I didn’t even need a
slip because it’s so thick. And, because of the built-in bra,
you don’t have to have the extra bra. And then, as you can see in the back
how you can see through the lace. Then you have to be careful
if you did wear a bra that it wasn’t showing
through the lace up here. And then you’d also–the straps would
also end up showing up here as well because this is–you can see
through the lace up at the top. But, the built-in bra
comes, like, right here, so this is not see-through at all. And that is the dress in
the size 10 in chocolate brown. Thanks for watching my video. I hope this helps you in deciding whether or not to purchase
this dress for your formal event.


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