Jenny Uses the 24R Router and PathPilot to Make Her Wedding Dress

Is anybody who isn’t a Harry Potter fan gonna
understand this? Ah…everyone’s a Harry Potter fan. Uh, Okay. So Jenny, what the heck are we doing here?
Well I am sneaking off to Florida to.. elope in about 22 days, so. Really? Yeah,
and I didn’t want to spend a whole lot… of money on a dress. It’s gonna be like a
three-minute ceremony. Do you? Do you? We’re done. We’ve been together
15 years so it’s not… all pomp and circumstance. So I ordered a
dress for $28.95 on Amazon and I’m gonna… add my own Jenny flair to it, using the
24R. I am clearing it with or mask I am flaring it with Oramask… here and I’ve got some gold paint. I’m
wearing a green dress, as a wink and a nod to my Packers, and
I’m going to be painting it in gold. We’re also going to be stopping by the
Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, so we thought we’d add a little
magic to our three-minute elopement. You’re a Harry Potter geek?
I’m a huge Harry Potter geek! What about Mark?
Huge Harry Potter geek. It doesn’t really get any geekier than we do.
So what are you putting on the dress? The front of the dress is gonna say,
“I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.” And at the end of the ceremony, we’re gonna toss off our Harry Potter robes… and the back is gonna say, “Mischief Managed.” That is too creative! It’s kind of fun, and you know weddings
are boring, and so we want to make it as… unboring as possible. I couldn’t imagine
you having a boring wedding, at all. Is Diesel going to be there? No, Diesel unfortunately is actually gonna
be staying with Matt Coppola, who is the other tool and die
maker… DIESEL!! …at Tormach so. Let’s make a dress! Let’s make a dress!
Whoo! So here I kind of blanked off the rest of the table, because I don’t want
to lose suction. I want the suction to focus just on this real thin transfer
paper, and so I’m gonna tape all the way around, get the air bubbles out and I am
using… the Tormach drag Knife. Okay, so the
blue part, the actual transfer part is about 3 thou. thick. The backing is about 3 thou..
So we’re only going to go about 2 thou. into the backing and that way, when I pull it
off…we’ll I’ll show you. Okay. But wait, how are you gonna get suction on
this spoilboard? It sucks through. Yeah yep. Okay. So yeah, we’ve got our
spoil board here, it’s not perfect, because we do have not a lot of suction
just enough. I’m gonna tape it down all the way around get the air bubbles out
and then we’re going to add the suction first. and get some
just towards the yeah kind of towards the edge there area and we’re going to
seal it all the way around awesome that were
so this isn’t like standard machining where you put a pizza and you’re gonna
indicate your part if it’s a little less precise the Matt although depth depth is
going to be really important like I said I’m going five foul down I’m going to
use Pat Pilate to tell me if I’m in the right ballpark for my x and y so I’m
going to bring it down kind of close to the part I’m using the DXF
conversational function for this so it’s just a DX F or a vector file I know that
my part is 19.61 inches and so I want to make sure that my papers at least that
you can see I started kind of off the cart lower left-hand corner for my work
coordinate system I’m going to look at it and say yeah that’s close enough I’m
on the paper I’m far enough over so now I’m gonna set my X&Y and we have this handy-dandy new little
regeneration feature up here so now I can clear all those previous tool pads
and I can look at it and say okay that’s about right if you’re not sure I like to
do this if I’m doing real quick stuff I will run around the part once and make
sure that I have enough material and I’ve got plenty of room here you can see
it I’m not going to be cutting anything off so I like to get a little real quick
little rectangle around my workspace that way I know that I’m not cutting any
part of the transfer off little post-it note three thousandths of an inch so I’m
just touching right there you can see I got some Greg right there and I’m just
going to tell it we’re at 3000 if we did this right we should cut just into the
top transfer layer and just a tiny bit into the backside I’m gonna just
regenerate this and we’re gonna hit go and see what it does
oh it’s important to note that I’m not turning the spindle on for this
operation I went back and changed my file the spin I just wiped out all the
spindle commands it’s important because it’s just a knife that’s dragging over
the surface it’s very similar to some of the other projects that we’ve done with
Dino Gregg I’m just gonna use the blue it
says I’m going to use the centerpieces of like the B and the a but I’m just
going to peel these letters away lay this on my dress so when I can’t
it means into the letters so so this is the completed product or the
completed dress I brought home those stencils I took her home and like a
classy chick I went and stapled it down to a big old chunk of cardboard and put
the transfers over and painted within the lines just like I did back when I
was in kindergarten so the paint that I used was speedball paint it’s a screen
printing paint and it’s actually activated by heat so what I did was
painted within the stencil and I did about three to four coats once it was
all dry pulled it up then I took a tea tea towel and I ironed it each letter I
ironed about four minutes or so because that’s what kind of melds it into the
fabric so during our very very low-key ceremony we had our Harry Potter robes
on and the front of my dress was I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good
just like on the marauders map from the Harry Potter books once it was all said
and done and I got the old ring at the very end we flipped up my Harry Potter
robe with our little mischief managed on the back so everybody has the best
intentions when they go and elope and our ceremony ran a little bit long it
was about four minutes and twenty seconds so we did we last next minute or
so to go do actual fun stuff but it ended up all in all being a pretty
fantastic trip and now I am Jenny be to the second power with our equipment kind
of one of my favorite parts of working at tormach is I find unique and
unconventional ways to use the equipment I don’t know if I would ever replace a
Cricut with the 24 hour but I did find it was a very suitable stencil cutting
machine and I have a feeling I’m gonna have more projects in the future just to
run the house for fundraisers that kind of stuff on our 24 hour and now I’m Jenny be to the second power and now I’m Jenny beat the second power


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