Jenny Slate’s Hometown Celebrated Her Engagement

-This is such a very exciting
time to be Jenny Slate. You have a Netflix special.
You have a new book. And congratulations.
You just got engaged. -I did!
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. -Was it fun?
Was it a good engagement story? -It was a very good
engagement story. He proposed to me in France. -Oh, that’s wonderful. -Isn’t that so romantic? And then — And it was —
It was very lovely. And then the
post-engagement period where you’re like,
“Oh, my goodness. It’s happening.” It’s still happening. Yeah. -Yeah, good.
-Yeah. It happened to me. That’s nice. And it continued from France
into the United States. -That’s great.
-Yeah. -It got through customs.
-It got through customs, the joy.
-This is really, though — This has must have been
so exciting for your hometown — very proud of you.
-Oh, yeah. -And — A local business took — -A business.
-Made the effort… -Mm-hmm.
-…to use their signage… -Yes.
-…to congratulate you and Ben. -Yeah. -Were you happy
when you saw this? -Okay.
[ Laughter ] I — I — Happy — -“Milton’s own Jenny Slate
is engaged. Congrats, Jenny and Ben.” -I know. First of all, I —
thank you very much. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. I grew up in this town in, like, a haunted house
in the middle of the woods. Stayed inside the house. Don’t know anyone from the town.
Okay? That’s nice. Secondly, Dairy
Freeze is like the holy place smack-dab between my parents’
and my grandparents’ house. And we were never
allowed to go there. And I would beg, like, every
time, like, “Please, please!” Like, riding in the car,
like, slamming on the window. And my mom would be like,
“You’re lactose intolerant! We can’t!” [ Laughter ] And so, yeah. [ Laughter ] The fact that, first of all,
this place knows that I exist is a miracle in itself.
-Yeah. -Then the fact
that I have overcome my lactose intolerance —
Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] An achievement.
-Yeah. -And then, of course,
the engagement to the man of my dreams,
you know — -Yeah. This really ticks a lot of boxes.
-Lay me down. I’m dead. -This whole thing, yeah.
-Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s usually where
it’s like, two-for-one hot dogs. “Do you like wieners?”
or whatever. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And they were like,
“You know, no. They’re going
to have to just risk that there’s two-for-one
hot dogs tonight. We have to promote Jenny.” -That’s right. They have
to promote my engagement. I’ll also say that this happened
on a day when I was in the town. And I’m really glad
I didn’t see it, ’cause I would have completely,
like, floored the car into the Dairy Freeze.
-Oh, driven — Yeah, like I would have been
like, “Oh, my God!!” [ Laughter ] -I want to talk about your book,
which is so lovely. -Thank you. -And I imagine
you agree to write a book first. And then you
have to write the book. And that must be
so overwhelming, that burden of pressure. -You know what? It is. And it is also a joy to write
a book, and I love this book. But I am a terrible
procrastinator. -Yes. I think a lot of people
in our field are. -Whoa, yeah. And also, at
the time, loved to smoke weed. -Oh, right, right, right.
-Yeah. So it was kind of like,
“Yeah, I’ll definitely do this. I’ll just, like,
take a quick break for one sec.” -Yeah. -Then like eight months pass,
and I wake up. I’m like — [ Gasps ] [ Laughter ] But, yeah, but it was lovely
to write it and also to decide,
“Hey, guess what? Got to stop smoking weed.” -Yeah.
-Yeah. -You also —
It very much strikes me as the book you wanted to write. -Yes.
-Which it must be so lovely to have that moment of just
taking control and being, “Oh, you know what?
I have things to express that other people would
never express this way.” And it seemed like
you really enjoyed yourself. -I’m really glad
that you say that. I did enjoy myself.
I think the book is funny, but it’s — It’s very sweet, which is kind of like an
interesting position to take in today’s world. -Yeah. No, I think we all
could use a little sweetness. I did want to talk
about the cover, because you kind of look at it,
and it looks sweet. And then you zoom in,
and you’re like, “Oh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen,
like, a hamburger on a cornucopia before.” -Yes, yeah. -There’s like a beer —
Is that a beer can? -That’s a beer can.
I asked for the bronto. -Yeah, the brontosaurus.
-And I’m pretty sure — -Yeah, there you go.
-I asked for the hot dog. -Oh, there’s the hot dog. -There’s a hot dog. Yeah. And then they just put a bra
and a beer there because… -Yeah.
-…that makes sense, as well. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -And when you saw that,
were you just — I’m always blown away when
artists, like, physical artists, when you ask them to do
something, and it comes back — I’m always just blown away by their skill
and what they can do. Were you so happy when you saw
the cover of this book? -I was. I was so, so happy, because, like, there’s a version
of this in my nightmare where it’s just like a bagel. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah. Just, like — Wait, what?
Just, like, a big Star of David, and they’re like,
“No, this is your book.” They’re like,
“Your book has arrived.” It’s just the Old Testament.


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