hi guys welcome back hope everyone’s had
a great weekend today is the sub per second
Arthur something like that and it’s time for me to put them up my Christmas tree
is you guys can see we already done one Christmas tree with already with some
gifts in here we just had fun with this tree it has no no match at all but jus
my favorite ornaments is this one and then this one right here these are my
two favorite ornaments on the trick everything else is pretty much home late
meeting so it’s but today’s base video is going to be deathly in a small space
on a budget so everything I got here was either about a Dollar General or the
Dollar Tree yes the tree was a Dollar General I think it was only 35 dollars
so 30 see it was only $30 so ah there is everything on a budget in a small space
goodness she can get a various pizza I feel it too the other day for five
hundred dollars and those are great trees but we did I see a tree for a
small space and I really like trees that has snow already on them but with carpet
I just that just does not will go good so that’s why I want to find everything
budget-friendly and then I started I started I took my kids out and we
decided to get the red and gold ornaments they wanted red and gold so
that’s what we were in decorate the tree all right so this street already has a
slice on it I like to use this lights already on because if one bulb goes dead
and a string of bulbs they all go that and I don’t like that and it just makes
it simple and easier as well so I got one that already has it on already in
all right let’s get this plugged in over here here all right there now I like to change
them out before I put it all together so then I don’t miss a spot this is the
knot right now when you sprays them out so
some people expert Christmas trees up right away say screaming some people
wait like the week before what are you trying to do what do you like to do I
usually like to wait a little bit longer but I thought hey it’s vlogmas
let’s get this started let’s get it going I know this is like I said not the fun
thing when I move I want to get like a big old 12-foot wet floor then I would
get my nice snowy because I love winter wonderland
all right so let’s show you I think instead of
like five six feet oh no oh five babies that’s to stand so
top five feet the trio’s i said all of this despise oliver general or the
dollar trees they do have some really nice great stuff on a nice little budget
but you don’t have to break your bank for christmas and so there was a tree
pretty much right now and all sprinted out once i get more into organ time all
right all right no brand reason other sizes
just gonna place them on everywhere so hope you guys enjoyed it was the night before Christmas I was
closing down for business in it’ll present shine when the bell on the
door jingled once more in in time almost came to Gaston but somehow I know and
maybe saudade but everything would change from now yes Romney’s my son it’s gonna be daiquiri nice Christmas we forgot what a mood in the coffee shop
just next door we talked for hours on end and somehow but wait for something true in the is from now yes Christmas they gee from this place business be decorate
three from Christmas all right yeah it says humming along I
think I have more gold when I do read but that’s okay
and I usually listen to Christmas music when I put on my Christmas tree I just
love Christmas music obviously I can’t hike this plane right now because I’m
never gonna copy right but I usually love I mean I love Christmas music so I
usually just have Christmas music playing all the time and I’m not doing
any of the back cuz I can’t walk around the tree so I find that kind of
pointless to put ornaments on the back but if I see that the front is over like
being too crowded then I’ll put some on the back but so I think everything in
here on this tree was less than fifty dollars so this is a Christmas tree on a
budget but my to my dream Christmas is to have a winter wonderland big old
white with snow and just silver just I like winter winter wonderland
type so that is like my dream Christmas tree I don’t have string what is your
nicest dream Christmas tree to look like let me know you guys like big ones like
smallest I’ve seen people have Christmas trees
and like every room of their house that to me is a lot like even in bathrooms
but I think you’re so cute though they all because each tree has his own theme small ones have so much cold but it is
coming I don’t even know if I’m going to use it all of them so so it’s not too
too much all right so I got these like I said couple years ago I’ll actually like to have real
Christmas trees I think real Christmas trees are so pretty
however they are hard to keep to maintain the end and human watered where
I’ll end you here Christmas trees catching on fire all the time so that is
kind of like no not what I want I’m in school with the big stuff plus with the
fake Christmas tree I can use it over and over and over again the real
Christmas tree obviously you have to throw it away or
plant it and I remember one year when I was a kid we planted our Christmas tree
which is really kind of cute and nice but I like to just have the fake ones
for now I used to live in another area where
winter did not feel like winter at all it was still like it was spent on
Christmas in my new years out on the beach
like little swimming I am drinking a nice margarita oh I miss how I missed
those days I do not Laye snowing not a snow person
I do not like snow how I wish I was at a beach right now there’s always away and oh this time of
year every time the snow is falling and it’s
cold outside to gather around the fireplace no one
cares about I’m so lucky to have a place that I can
come home to much just play around this is a face thumbs up hit that subscribe
button if you’re new to the channel thank you yes every time the snow is falling down
and it is cold outside we gather around the fireplace and no
one cares about

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