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[Music] I’m still whistling you’re right saying I do with custom sweets we’re sharing wedding cakes on a budget and three looks for your special day we have some makeup and hair tips and tricks plus a Bloody Mary a mimosa bar for your next big party we’re sharing some creative ideas with cocktails and mocktails from Market Square in downtown San Antonio this is si happy Thursday everyone oh my goodness is she going to be a beautiful beautiful bride we’ve got centerpieces here we’ve got the bar all set to go and we are gonna be learning how to decorate a copy Thursday everyone you know a lot of people do get engaged over Christmas I know my parents got engaged on Christmas Eve way back eons ago and of course that was just not even two years ago you guys are in my in my wedding photos to you that was the the classroom go back that was such a lovely wedding and just absolutely gorgeous bride so yeah in 20 years prior to that almost of the day oh yeah June 11th June 11th yes don’t try and screw me up June 14th that’s right that was Bonnie’s best friend Christie and my brother is the maid of honor and best man but it’s all about weddings today good afternoon everyone on my ghost rage I’m feeling or see the June 11th June 11th babe if you’re watching I totally remembered so share your wedding photos that sa live case that on Facebook and Twitter we’d love to show them throughout the show yeah and you know we’re getting prepared because of course you think of June is wedding month but you got to prepare for that right and get all set and where do you start how about cake because everybody loves good wedding cake oh yes rondall and from cakes go tours here today to share some cake ideas for all those on a budget cuz that can get pretty pricey thank you they’re pretty pricey and we have a lot of people who are hobby bakers and stuff and want to make it themselves so we have some tips here on just how to do it yourself if you’re wanting to save a little money and you’re having a more elegant wedding what would be the the best inside of a cake you know cuz a lot of people go with these extravagant different flavors to you we’re gonna do not just plain vanilla chocolate but well I would I would stick with a simple base like a vanilla is good but make sure you add a filling like on this bottom when I’m filling a strawberry we did caramel filling on the top and then yours over there has a raspberry filling so you can kind of switch it up to where if people are a little picky they have options right and then decorating of course because people just look at that and of course that cake that you have over there is absolutely fantastic but if you’re going to do all the fancy dancing stuff how hard is it it’s it’s not really that hard it’s time-consuming if you make a mistake I’ve said it before you eat it and you start over if you want to do some roses and you can just get a lot of pastry bag and little is that consider Rose tip it yes and you’re gonna make it a rosette so you’re gonna start little squeeze and make a circle there you go so simple kind of broken it’s okay squeeze and go all the way there you go oh no you can cover your whole cake like that too if you want and it just makes it look like a beautiful rose cake I know and over here over here what we’ve done is you’ve decorated kind of the started decorating theme the bottom layer here right and it you used a spoon yes so the pleated look is really popular this year with wedding cakes so what you can do if you don’t have a spatula of your own if you don’t want to spend that money you can use a spoon so what you’re gonna do is you just start on the bottom uh-huh hold it in one place and then just spin the turntable there you go oh and then I know it that easy and then you go out and go again and do it again and great and do something like that get a turntable get a turntable they’re so important that get a bench scrape as well I have it sitting up here it’s a very yes very important to have one of those as well is that for it is to scrape the icing to make it smooth okay if you do make a mistake or before you start this project you want to put your icing on and smooth it so you could just take this and going and okay absolutely first it looks a lot better than my life no it looks really good at least remember what you said yes you can eat your mistake and so from there you can totally just put some flowers on it or however you would like and those are so that’s so easy hmm okay and I know the tradition of course is to save your wedding towel oh look look yeah some of these cakes yeah you have to cut into those you had to cut into them cuz I don’t I don’t want you to throw it away if you don’t cut into it what I was gonna ask is I know the tradition is to save your wedding topper and eat it on your first anniversary and when Cakes been in the freezer for about a year that’s gross is there any tip well yes first of all cakes couture gives gifts to you with a free top tier on your one-year anniversary we say don’t freeze your cake because it’s pretty gross so yeah yeah and that’s it it’s just that easy so this weekend on Sunday we’re going to be out at Renault farms for the hill country wedding show and we’ll have cake artists there doing live demos and stuff as well and this is about how many different vendors out there oh my gosh we have about 50 different vendors that are gonna be there and this is not something where it’s just the ordinary it’s not ordinary right this is a behind-the-scenes most couples only get married one time so we’re gonna we’re trying to show couples what their wedding day is going to look like we’re gonna have a fashion show DJ underground with dancing joy is gonna be hosting we’re going to do behind the scenes makeup you’re gonna see those vendors coming up Tassie’s gonna be there with her mobile bar serving drinks we’re gonna be yummy cakes and food and the best part is it’s free it’s free it’s bring you bring your family bring your friends it’s totally free it’s a lot of fun okay I love your cake you can totally add flowers to it as well are you gonna taste yeah now you’re into it that one has the raspberry very here he’ll be will we will taste there you go alright well if you would like more information on case coat or and of course that great wedding show there you go it’s okay there you go [Music] isn’t it good oh and add a little bit of raspberry and now it’s perfect oh my gosh oh my gosh mm-hmm thank you so very much appreciate that all right still ahead on sa live ad that personal touch to your big reception from weddings to anniversary will show you the DIY centerpiece ideas and next on I say live restaurant we continues we’re getting a sneak peek at the specials you can get from pico de gallo soap a with us [Music] welcome back to our wedding special and for your big day you definitely want all your stylist on the same page when it comes to Bridal hair and makeup and joining us today is Kristi feeling from clam on divan and our beautiful bride-to-be Razzie and yeah this is I mean it’s all about what the bride looks like right most important person in there exactly it’s their it’s their day to shine it’s their a special moment um so one of our most requested looks that we typically get is a very soft we’re gonna take a look when it comes to the hair so what we’ve done today is we’ve already I’m of course you can see her beautiful veil I’m gonna remove the veil so we can actually take a peek at her hair right here okay okay if you go so it’s just very soft and romantic it cascades down her back that’s another thing that we always take into consideration is the type of wedding gown that the bride is going to be wearing because obviously with this low-cut on the back and you need that just kind of like you said just cascading down down her back like that because this is what everybody’s gonna be saying when she’s standing up there at the altar absolutely and this is just a really a popular ceremony look so what I want to show you today is how easily we can transition from a ceremony look into a reception look and the reason we do that is because um you know going into the reception people are gonna be hugging you we don’t want to be tugging at the veil that’s why we also remove the veil we’re gonna be putting in a pin as well just a really pretty decorative pin mm-hmm grab some bobby pins from your things for being my assistants okay I have to bring you some weddings with me good for something over here so this is how guys feel with me you just stand by and hang on a bobby pins right and and like you said this gets it out of the way it’s not gonna be daily and even though that hairstyle is so gorgeous it just makes it like you said a little bit easier and you might get kind of warm in a reception hall or something like that right absolutely and it’s fun sometimes to just change it to be able to change it up and like I said just really showcasing the back of this this bridal gown is just stunning okay and now also with the makeup for the ceremony you’ve gone with that nice soft look but also kind of changed that a little bit and makeup artists Brittney Jackson is here and this wants to be kind of glammed up a little bit too as well right yeah so right now like you said we have a really soft look on her for the ceremony we definitely want to do something that is simple light and elegant and timeless so that when you look back on your photos 20 years from now you’re not gonna wonder what you did and for the reception we really kind of want to just bump it up a notch so I’m gonna add a little bit of death to her eyes just in the crease area and that’s gonna kind of just bring a little more attention here we really kind of want to make it more of like a party look for the reception since a lot of the times more towards the nighttime and I’m gonna be taking photos usually with a bunch of people you just kind of went a little bit more of like a defined look most of the photos with the bridal party after the ceremony gonna be taking with the wish yes okay and like you said this just got and it freshens it up and yes absolutely and then to the lips a good tip to kind of just bring the attention to the lips and make it look really glamorous and pretty it’s just to add a little bit of lip gloss right there in the center and that just gives it more of like a glam look and then you also control everything if you if somebody hires you you’re gonna be taking care of all the makeup all of the hairstyles for the entire bridal party correct absolutely we have a pretty large team so we can handle up to three weddings in a weekend’s just this past December it was our largest wedding to date we did over 44 services that’s equivalent to almost four weddings at one time so we handle all of that for for the bride we create the day up schedule so it’s just stress-free for the bride everybody just shows up and they just would glam them up okay and you’re also going to be at the Hill Country wedding venue this weekend and we posted a link on our website and by the way Tassie’s beautiful beautiful Razzie pardon me beautiful beautiful dress is Lord design from celebrations in New Braunfels and that is an absolutely gorgeous dress and again they are gonna be there this weekend as well which is a free event so ladies thank you very very much and again if you’d like more information on glam on demand go to sa live.com and click on the as seen on si live tab all right still ahead on si poor host poor horse mobile bar chairs their mimosa and Bloody Mary setup sure to please all your guests and next on the show starting that Valentine’s Day shopping at James Avery has a preview some of their hottest items this season a with us [Music] just a few short weeks until Valentine’s Day and if you’re hearing wedding bells are just searching for the perfect gift for your sweetheart a friend or one of your kids James Avery has something for everyone on your list and Lindsey Avery talked Nettie manager of strategic initiatives for James Avery is here with me today and I tell you these little it’s so incredibly popular we’re so excited that the biggest store is here in San Antonio what makes James Avery a great gift for Valentine’s Day thanks Fiona what’s so special our customers are able to shop local we’re headquartered right in Kerrville in the hill country and they know that they’re buying something that has a lot of attention to detail is handcrafted and that’s gonna last a lifetime and you can go in and shop for a loved one but you can also shop for your girlfriend’s for kiddos we really have something for everybody so it makes your shopping really easy for the valentine’s holiday as you mentioned across the board what are a few James Avery gift options for family or gal pals absolutely so we brought a bracelet that styled here kind of our galentine’s bracelet for some of your girlfriends you’ll see the new pinata charm that’s enameled all of that’s done by hand by our artisans in Kerrville that’s really neat and adds a hand touch I think that’s gonna be really special yeah it’s so fun for your girlfriends and another bracelet that’s a little bit more heart and love themed is shown here what says Valentine’s more than hearts loves pink and red so we’ve got a few new charms the beautiful charm which I love that’s engravable on the back you could give that to a girlfriend or a loved one or the love an am old angel charm is also new and that’s for protection faith and love the design has that aspects to it oh look at that there’s a nice close-up so you can see it now what other pieces you have for our viewers at Texas Texas France absolutely yes we have a lot of Texas options being from Texas our customers just love representing their home state so we have some new items the Texas strong just came out it comes in sterling silver as well as 14-karat gold and the cactus charm that we’ve had for a little bit we paired a ring with and that has been a customer favorite it’s already gone viral in just a few weeks so some Texas items and then what goes better with Texas and turquoise kind of that southwestern feel so we have some new earrings too new ear hooks I brought with us today as well as the tassel I know that’s on my wish list for Valentine’s Day hit 10 statement necklace is such a great gift that any woman can wear and pair it with a lot of different things so and we of course some other great pieces that make great gifts yes the adorned elephant set you’ll see kind of front and center the bracelet as well as earrings and the necklace over here on the trapeze are such great pieces they come with they come made of bronze and sterling silver so that makes it really dynamic you can pair it with all different kinds of metals and matched with all of your jewelry and one of the greatest things about James Avery is that if folks can put their own personal touch on pretty much anything I love that our customers really love that aspect too whether they put their initials to stand for themselves or a loved one their favorite colors with gemstones all of those are really great options to personalize as well as some of our changeable bracelets and necklaces a new one came out for Valentine’s Day it’s one of my favorites it’s right over here you’ll see it it’s the vintage heart slider and that heart actually moves up and down so you can wear the necklace as a lariat however you want the link and then the Foggs on the ends are changeable so that you can mix and match all of your charms however you want to style it okay I think that one’s gonna be a great gift as well for the Valentine’s Day holiday and of course tell folks where they can find at all right so we have a lot of options Fiona mentioned our biggest store in San Antonio we have 15 stores in the San Antonio Hill Country area as well as online James Avery comm and in Dillard’s and we have some great social media platforms where our Facebook and Instagram followers really show how they personalize their jewelry I think it’s so neat the way our customers show the way they style so that’s also a great place to check out our jewelry there’s the hashtag by James Avery to use for that and for more information about James Avery jewelry and other great gift ideas for your Valentine just head to James avery.com thank you so much thanks Fiona all right still ahead on the show now you can make your special day even more beautiful with these gorgeous centerpieces and whether you’re going to have a cash bar or open bar these cocktails and mocktails will wow your wedding guests we’re shaking and stirring things up next on sa lie [Music] you welcome back everyone well when it comes to entertaining a big party maybe a wedding reception poor horse mobile bar has you covered oh yes now see Grantham owner joins us today with a few ideas you can take in for your next big party or wedding and we are doing cocktails and mocktails word how to do the mocktails right what I’m starting with first over here though Oh so we’re doing a sangria I’m trying to do everything that you can probably prep yourself or stretch your alcohol money so one of those it’s so expensive for the wedding bar like very expensive and like people think that beer and wine is the cheapest way to go but it’s not really wine only has six pot glasses per bottle and then there’s only 12 bottles per case so think about how many 250 dollar cases you need for a party of 200 people for six hours it gets up there so make sangria it’s super cheap you’re adding in juices um and you’re putting it over ice and a little nine ounce cups and you’re stretching that out and you melt a little bit yeah it makes it a little bit like sangria everybody likes sangria so we’ll start with a little bit of the Merlot we’re gonna do them were low today but really if you like it sweeter you could do a pinot noir if you like your whole bottle woohoo actually you’re gonna put two whole bottles in this one yes if you want make it faster and yeah isn’t that the old bartenders trick but it is swirling air in there correct actually you’re aerating the wine at the same time mm-hmm you could throw some brandy in there if you want there’s so many different recipes and you’re put some cranberry juice okay orange juice mm-hmm an apple cider yeah about that not much you could actually grow a little bit more than that okay there you go a whole bottle of apple cider and a half a bottle of orange juice okay oh my god that’s it I mean you can get these at Oscar or something like that by the truckload almost exactly and it’s a lot cheaper than wine is okay so then you would just throw in your garnishes of whatever fruits you put in there and and kind of spike it up there beautiful right product yeah and then throw a mocktail yeah I decided to go with instead of doing tequila we’re going to or rum we’re gonna do coconut water okay um so you’re gonna put about an ounce into you’re shaking ten okay they’re your perfect squeeze half a lime okay well put some pineapple juice tell me when and you are available for all sorts of outdoor parties you’ve got this mobile little bar that’s three mobile bars and your input a half an ounce of that so I’d be about half of this um and we’ve got three mobile bars two horse trailer bars and one margarita truck story we can do cocktails on tap and we go to any type of party so corporate private or wedding indoor or outdoor Sandra or outdoor and we have we do it without our bars as well all right and this is the perfect mocktail yeah and you have got a mimosa bar yeah both mocktails and yeah so with our mimosa bars you getting do mimosa bars you could you Bloody Mary bars and you can do hot apple cider cusp Ike’s cocoa I mean there’s just unlimited things that you can do that sounds really good and and you found it a new non-alcoholic yes right so the non-alcoholic champagne is no Seco and all you’re going to do is just throw in your champagne and while you’re making that you’ve got a deal for some of our viewers today right I’m sorry you have a deal for our viewers today yes actually if they go ahead and book with us during the season then we’re doing three hundred dollars off of our mobile bar for a four hour event okay well for more information on poor horse mobile bar and to get more information about that deal that Tesla is going just click on the as seen on si live tab great ideas Cassie thanks appreciate it all right are you sending in those wet make pictures earlier we asked you to share the love Suzy says this is 40 49 years ago oh my goodness 1970 look at that beautiful couple keep them coming @s a live case at on Facebook and Twitter and coming up after the break we’re gonna show you some creative centerpieces for your next big gathering or weddings stay with us [Music] all right creative with a personal touch that’s what Jill McCarty from Couture events by Jill tries to do for every party she booked and she is here today to talk about centerpieces and some of the different trends from traditional to maybe just something that you like your own taste right absolutely yes because centerpieces don’t have to and it’s not something to really distress over because nobody’s looking at everything hit the bride right necessarily but this is just a little accent piece right right the day should be about the bride and the groom can’t forget about the girl right bill is kind of the classic centerpiece here just the flowers right even without the love of the candles around right so hydrangeas are very popular wedding flower and it’s very classic very traditional candles of course are very popular at weddings and they bring a great ambiance to the reception and of course you don’t want something to where you are gonna have to go you know and right doing this number tennis match trying to see the people across the table from you right exactly so the the vase is bringing a nice height without being distracting from the guests at the table and then this example right here is more than that kind of personal yeah on your flower absolutely so this one here is a non floral centerpiece and the trend of 2019 is to make everything very personal so we’re kind of getting away from traditional a little bit and it’s like for instance this this teapot here is actually my grandparents anniversary pot so to me that’s very special so just throw in some flowers in it and you just kind of make a base and build on it so for a very personal centerpiece and then like going back to our beautiful bride Razzie and the classic dress that she had on this would be a nice kind of complement to that with a little bit of those pops of colors right exactly okay yeah and purple is actually a really big color for a trend for 2019 too so this one yes so I brought some pieces for you guys so that you can change it up a little bit and we can kind of show everybody how you can get different looks so you can do anything you can take away the space I brought I brought the globe there and some different vases say that you can change it up and just make things very personal if you don’t want the candles and you don’t want these flowers here and you don’t want any flowers just take those off and you’ve still got this beautiful and even picking this up you could go something just as simple and delicate as that yes actually that’s a rose that broke off of this centerpiece here so I just stuck it in a glass and I figured hey kind of brings the two together and your advice is if you want to do it yourself get somebody to help you and make sure they do it so you’re not stressing out absolutely yes so if you are a DIY bride and you want to do it yourself that’s great I say we I say go for it but make sure that you bring somebody in that’s going to help to decorate and take care of all the details the day of so a day of coordinator a wedding planner it’s the perfect way you actually can save you money of long-run yes absolutely and real quickly before we go this is the color right of the season in coral the color of the season and Jill’s you’re gonna be out there at the big wedding event in the the Hill Country wedding show this weekend and more information on super events by joget as they live.com a classy non-si live to have great advice thank you very much thank you [Music] welcome back to ese live couldn’t make it through the show without some food eat drink and give chillin areas Restaurant Week has officially begun in pico de gallo is here to give us a taste of what you’re cooking up and Gilbert de la Paz what are you making we are making Jalisco um shrimp mm-hmm um dished over a bed of chorizo grits and you said this is one of two entrees that you’re serving on the special yes very special dinner menu has almost a choice of two appetizers that you could choose from and there’s also two you could go ahead get started with your shrimp there it says upstairs and two entrees and we also have two desserts to choose from okay so and this one is our seafood you know entree mmm there were that you’re gonna start there okay you got you did exactly what I need you to do salt and pepper the shrimp and have always fell away and a hot pan there yeah that’s smokin baby and this shrimp will saute like really quick that’s one thing the seafood you don’t want to overcook it yet all right there’s nothing to it horrible then you’re doing great Mike so yeah you let that salt taste good like to say such a really quick okay then we’re gonna toss it with our arm it’s a tequila Chipotle glaze mmm that’s an I’m gonna get started over here with our chorizo grit go ahead I’m sorry so I’m taking some of our homemade chorizo that we make in-house mm-hmm and we’re gonna go ahead put that in there let that cook up some and while you’re doing that cuz sticking with the wedding theme you guys also container and or host exceptions right yes we’re extra busy starting already the year with our Restaurant Week and also our catering we have on-site catering and off-site catering we also have some bake banquet facilities mm-hmm so we can either go to you or you could come to us all right trip done now do this go ahead yes that’s our tequila Chipotle glaze you want to make sure to coat all the shrimp with that okay it’s really big on flavor and so our grits here real simple buttered grits some some chorizo we make our own but you can buy this at your local grocery store you put that is cotija cheese it’s a version of a Mexican Parmesan yeah so really quick I like I said any reservations um yes we are you know asking for you to call ahead and reserve a table and let them know you want to participate in Restaurant Week which is a great fundraiser for go ahead just pour it on top might get it yeah and it’s a great fundraiser for : Aria : our is an organization that helps raise arm funds for culinary students and their expenses by having these arm fundraisers throughout the year and the nice thing is you get a set menu with the appetizers the entrees and a dessert and they’re great way and for $35 for $35 and a great excuse to go try something new as well as well as you know the old staples like pico de gallo and some of the new menus that you have that exactly delicious and of course Restaurant Week is week is now through February 2nd and if you’d like more information cute linaria si org or of course you gotta go to La Familia Cortez dot-com thank you very very much all right tomorrow and I say live what’s better with you then breakfast and a hot cup of joe we’re all about coffee tomorrow with sweet spots in town to grab a cupid latte and even popping star beauty tips yes coffee add a lot more more coffee creations all that tomorrow at 1:00 we will be back [Music] the lifestyle consultant scott de falco is here to share the secrets of his amazing new technology and change the way you see yourself in the mirror this technology’s amazing we don’t do secrets here and si lie like saddam is certainly not a secret taking social meeting in the country by storm I have not stopped going since the last time I was here and you know why because of my good buddy Richie dual members nickname Richie and it’s this live video that we have that’s made him so famous and really has made Plex a durham really really popular what he just did Fiona’s rub a small amount of clicks hidden under both eyes don’t change the channel don’t blink because in two minutes right before your very eyes both of them will disappear I know and you watch it happened in minutes which is amazing the product was in the room when we shot this video we were just we were floored it was really really incredible I mean you see it happening where it just starts to get rid of those lines around the lips and lines around wrinkles of the neck as well and of course the bags under Richie bags eyes okay in this of course works on everyday people – yes everyday people and the great thing about it is that with our new and improved formula not just is it working quicker but it’s working on all the problem areas of the face as you’re gonna see with the before-and-afters and this is great Fiona because it’s not just the under eye bags like with Richie it’s like you said the forehead lines the crow’s feet the left lines are on your mouth and that loose skin under your neck you can get with the normal signs of aging or maybe somebody that’s lost a lot of weight they feel great about themselves but then their skin can get loose under there and they get insecure again about their appearance you’re seeing it right there on your screen it is working on that problem area as well and doing it in minutes and look at that I mean this is no surgery no downtime you get results in minutes and you know real people are letting folks know how well this product works yeah they are and great thing is it’s just the cream completely topical no painful injections no expensive doctor visits and I’m gonna bring up a word people are familiar with called collagen because that’s what what is responsible for the elasticity in your skin over time is that degrades that’s why you get the sags and the wrinkles that’s why people normally will go to the doctor for those painful expensive injections now they don’t have to completely topical and as you’re seeing what Richie in the before-and-afters Fionna it works in minutes yes and we have some testimonials right yes we do I could have 20 hours of sleep and people always say oh you look tired which I’m 58 expect gravity to hit so when I saw Plex the Durham and I saw the advertisement I definitely had reservations when I first came in to use the product and looking in the mirror I could definitely say it’s a winner and I think every woman in America would want to use it but though they were young and I’ve had bags from the time I was 28 years old it’s at 58 and weights from 75 to get the whole facelift but maybe with Exeter and I won’t even I love Veronica a Vitesse sucks doesn’t it gravity hitting it gets us all overtime for you and it really really does now a Plex in Durham while we’re making it easy because the key signs of aging you know they’re really really tough on people and getting old is great you know your concrete taking on life you’re conquering life it’s fighting those key signs of aging that’s the problem but Plex in terms making it easy and it’s not just regular people and professionals that are that are using it as well when I first looked in the mirror I thought I was looking an 8 by 10 photograph of myself about 10 years ago and I think if someone is working with the public in sales marketing outside it’s good to have that edge and I think flex it Durham could perhaps give you that edge it doesn’t work and I do see the results why not give it a shot what have you got to lose hi guys my name is sandy Marin AZ I’m a professional hair and makeup artist and one of the number one question that I always get in my chair is can you make me look younger so we had a few people that we applied it to and some of them at first I was like oh I don’t know if this is gonna work and I was so impressed how fast efficient and how well it really worked now I could really say to people yes I can make you look younger so how does it work with makeup yeah I get that question a lot real simple process Fiona put plexidrone on a clean dry face waiting ten minutes then your makeup is normal the greatest thing about plexi I’m not just how quickly it works how long it lasts gonna get you through six to eight hours of your day so a whole workday or maybe a special event at night all right there is of course Richard oh jeez Ritchie bags no more Fiona yeah he’s really gotten famous from this video he didn’t like the nickname at first but now he embraces it because this is a rock star and there is of course the SI live special on the screen 50% off plus free shipping that’s right you see it correctly 50% off plus free shipping get rid of those lines and wrinkles goes call 866 that’s 800 693 92-86 or head to Plex adam.com yes we asked you earlier to share those wedding pictures Sharon shares this 146 years they’ll be celebrating at this part and I was so grateful for 21 years in March what a beautiful couple Samuel says not mine but my lifelong best friend’s wedding to my cousin needless to say love to walk ahead o recreating that fantasy human I was an intense scene Amanda loved my beachy wedding hair by Christina Oh wonderful and the glam on demand and Mayan Riviera beautiful picture yeah this is bought from Barbara Jackson 36 years on February 12th that’s just around the corner congratulations Barbara to celebrate their anniversary and then Valentine’s and Tom’s my parents Berlinda and Thomas una de 31 years May 23rd 1987 got married and their admission Rose had a beautiful oh that gorgeous dress with the paint on it there’s a fun show today tomorrow get ready for some coffee oh yeah psyched up have a fantastic day everybody and there’s our beautiful bride she’s getting married in April [Music]

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