Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning

(people cheering) – [Bud] Over the last ten
years, over ten million hours of volunteer service work has been given to this community, through the students, faculty, and staff here at Fresno State. – I do feel like there
is a culture of service that exists here at Fresno State. And if you ask people around campus, “What are some of the things that Fresno State is known for?” One of the things that I think
a lot of people would mention is our commitment to the community and our commitment to service. – [Bud] We realize Fresno
State is such a major resource for this central California area. And if we’re gonna be a good citizen and do unto others as we’d
have them doing to you. And one of the things we gotta do is help Fresno State be what it can be. – [Chris] There is no
doubt that Fresno State has made a commitment to
service and service-learning that’s well beyond than
many other universities across the nation. I do think that in many
ways we’re a leader, and that’s thanks to our administration, to our faculty, certainly to our students, and to people like the Richters. – I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned in my time here at Fresno State, as both a student leader
and as just a student, is don’t let fear hold you
back from what you’re doing. There’s always gonna be
a need for people who are passionate and
invested in a community. – [Chris] Service-learning
experiences make a difference difference for our students that they are more likely to stay in school, and much more likely to
graduate in four to six years if they have at least one
service-learning class. – [Erika] This has opened
so many different doors. I really can’t thank the center enough for providing that space
for students to grow, because no one, I don’t
think anyone comes in with this idea that, “Oh yeah, my voice is important on campus. I am an advocate for service”. But when you leave that’s
exactly how you feel. – [Chris] We have over a million hours of service every year, that there are about 200 service
learning courses every year with nearly six thousand
students taking one of those courses each year. Those figures are all important, but the stories behind
each of those students’ experiences are equally important. – We were taught that this
community is a very nice place, good place to live. And that you can’t keep
taking from a community without putting something back in. (triumphant music)

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